Green Zask

Desc: Hues of somewhat yellowy-green colors the hide of this wher, from her ugly broad face and flattened headknobs all the way down her body to the very end of her thick, stunted, spaded tail. Faint stripes of laurel green show on her hide, emphasizing her squat neck and her founded, barrel chested body. Haphazard splotches are found all along the hide along her back, areas of darker hide which slide along ridges in a random pattern. Legs are perhaps a bit too long, giving her an awkward gate, particularly given her oversized feet of mantis green, the same hue speckling her stunted wing.

Wherhandler: Zafirah
Personality: Proud
Hatchdate: D13 M12 Y2691

Egg Name and Description

Ridged Egg

Pale white, a chalky sort of color all over the misshapen shell of this egg, it is only distinguished from its clutch sibs by the concentric ridges that surround it. Paler shades slide between the ridges, a contrast of color in white.


Dam: Gold Fasask
Sire: Bronze Iriversk

Credits: Ari

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