Selfish Gold Wher Tisk

A permanent sneer seems to reside upon this wher's face as mustard brushes over her short muzzle - nostrils forever flared and teeth forever exposed - while large faceted eyes perch precariously beneath twisted, gnarled headknobs, each turning their own direction. Twisted muscles reside beneath the thick hide as it darkens to goldenrod over her stubby neck and wide shoulders, continuing over her wide torso and down each twisted, crooked limb. Darkened goldenrod takes over her haunches, over her lower back and tail, emphasizing the shadows, the twists and curves of her body, and the offset shape of her backend. Saffron sails dare linger between each twisted spar as her wings remain somehow attached to her back, albeit at an odd angle, most every part of her form skewed from center.

Egg Name and Description

Squalid Wher Egg
Egg or pile of rubbish lying in the cave? At first it is hard to tell, the shell looking more like a jumble of driftwood and seaweed than having any real form. Closer inspection does reveal it to be a proper egg, though malformed, discoloured, and looking just dirty in general.


Dam Gold Kask
Sire Bronze Aesk
Created By Ari
Bonded To Tig
Hatched July 8, 2009

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