Indecisive Gold Wher Kask

Ore, lumpy, unrefined as if straight from the mine forms the rather dumpy appearance of this gold wher. Her face is short and squat, a bit flat along the planes of the muzzle and littered with brassy contaminents within the yellow metal. Her torso is blocky, while the points of her limb and wing joints jut out at odd angles over the cover of a brassy discoloration. Small, stubby wings winkle heavy wingsails in dull bronzed hues along the rough, thick skin of her back. Her tail is fat and bulbous and the tip tends to drag downwards as if damaged in her extraction. As a final insult, a fine layer of dusty brown has hardened over the crust like hide to dull whatever metallic sheen she should show to a muted shade.

Around her neck is a thickly padded metal and suede collar, the rounded, short spikes dark against the hide of the gold Wher. The leather of the collar itself has been dyed a deep, vibrant shade of violet, the dark color standing out against the golden hues of the wher's hide. Thick rings dangle from the collar, allowing for a lead to be attached to it, so Kask can be led when necessary.

Egg Name and Description

Squalid Egg
Rotting, falling apart where it rests with its siblings, this egg is in the last stages of decomposition. Seeming to be sliding into looseness, slack bits of shell look rottenly soft and ready to burst open. Lumps of sand and other debris, also seem to cling to it.


Dam Gold Fasask
Sire Bronze Iriversk
Builders Egg by Bey, Wher by Kathryn
Bonded to Kanta
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