Social Green Wher Jansk

Brilliantly green, this wher's hide has the depth of color that shows only in the finest of gems, although for her it only seems to highlight the imperfections of her form. Even odder, are the randomly placed patches that cover her from nose to tailtip, scattered in size and placement over her hide in slightly varying shades of green. Her face is lighter and somewhat broad, although her nose is slightly squashed and one of her headknobs is tilted at an awkward angle. The rest of her body is short coupled and somewhat heavy, perched on legs that seem far too spindly to support her weight and it leaves her feet splay footed and wide. Her tail is as spindly and thin as her legs, offering no balancing help whatsoever, although it remains that same brilliant green and matches the bright coloring on her short span of wings that she uses to help her walk.

Egg Name and Description

Bumpy Wher Egg
Only vaguely oval, this egg has oddly shaped protrusions and bumps that mar the surface, leaving it rather lumpy and lopsided looking. Even its coloring is uneven, streaks and splotches of ecru and tan seeming at random over the white surface of the shell. Toward one end, the bumpy areas increase and the shell seems weaker there, more fragile.


Dam Gold Fasask
Sire Brown Dusk
Created By Bey
Bonded to Janelle
Hatched July 7, 2009

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