Polite Blue Wher Hysk

Indigo wars with navy over the hide of this little wher, enshrouding him in his own personal darkness that sadly does nothing to mask his true form. Everything about him droops - nose, eyes ridges, neck ridges, even his wings appear to have a permanent downwards cast to them. His forelegs are twisted, giving a rather bow-legged silhouette, while his back legs and tail are merely short and stubby in turn. His torso shades more towards midnight, though there is evidence of permanently flaky skin there where the colour seems to dissolve into a myriad of black lines.

Egg Name and Description

Gnarled Wher Egg
While clearly an egg this twisted brown shell is contorted almost out of reach of recognition. Huge twists of shell mar the sides, swirls of black giving them an almost rotted look at the tips, and the whole egg appears to twist back on itself near the top giving it an uneven, and unpleasant, hunch.


Dam Gold Fasask
Sire Brown Dusk
Created By Cai
Bonded to Hyrlon
Hatched July 7, 2009

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