Mischievous Green Wher Frosk

Yellow green touches the heavy hide of this green wher, the lighter hues pooling even as her hide gathers at her joints, dripping down each of her long, seemingly twisted, muscular limbs, losing ground to the dark muddy hues of her paws. The climb upwards is thwarted by the drab olive and asparagus green stripes which rule her back, some narrower, some wider, as they work their way down her short, muscular neck, over her thick shoulders and haunches, and continue to color her body all the way to the end of her short, fat tail. Stubby wings, spars of olive and sails of dark myrtle, extend over her body, casting her short headknobs and large muzzle into fern green shadows, setting off her large, faceted eyes and sharp, cream teeth.

Egg Name and Description

Spotty Wher Egg
More round than not, this wher egg is covered with huge splotches and blots that mar the surface and seem to even sink down below. Occurring in various shades of ecru and taupe, the two colors war for dominance across the shell, although it seems that they are pretty evenly matched as far as area goes.


Dam Gold Fasask
Sire Bronze Dusk
Created By Ari
Bonded to Fros
Art by Cursed-Sight
Hatched July 7, 2009

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