Uncertain Green Wher Andsk



Hard jade plasters the head of this green that is mostly made up of hard blocks, lumps and edges of uncut stone. The head looks a little smashed in the front where the nose looks too small for the rest of her head, long head knobs stick out awkwardly on the top of her head just to make her look a little more abnormal. Her broad shoulders look like unpolished peridot with stubby legs attached to it, giving her an uncoordinated little waddle when she walks. The rest of her follows very quickly, placed together almost randomly at the very end as an afterthought then the correct design for a wher. The thick, olive body has another stumpy pair of legs clumsily attached at the rear and finished up with an overly long tail that always seems to curve annoyingly to the right. Last of all are the wings, too short and stubby for any length of real flight and is more of a joke as they were placed on to try and imitate the graceful sails of their cousins.
A leather strap, attached to leather that goes around shoulders and up along this wher's chest, sits comfortably between rough jade shoulder blades. The design is very much harness-like, with the bottom of the leather marked with softer underhide where it touches with the green skin. On the strap that lays between the shoulder blades is the intertwining colors of the Minecraft, while a metal plate embedded in the leather reads 'Andsk'. At the juncture of shoulder straps and leg straps is a small metal loop, looking where a leash should be attached.
During the daylight hours this Wher wears a thick leather and wool blind over it's eyes. On each side of the blind, three leather straps loop around her jawline and both headknobs; ensuring that it doesn't slip and expose her photosensitive eyes to light.


Andsk is an uncertain and shy little thing, prone to sticking close to her handler when dealing with others.

Egg Desc

Lumpy Egg
Lumps and pocks mar and curve over the surface of this white wher egg. Ungainly as it rests near its clutch sibs, it seems a forlorn bit of certain ugliness. Pale white over the lumps, it darkens in the holes, becoming a near beige.

Name Uncertain Green Andsk
Dam Gold Fasask
Sire Bronze Iriversk
Handler Andreia
Created by Bey and Lya
Minecraft Hall
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