Weyrlinghood: Week 6

Detailed Summary

As the last segment of weyrlinghood concludes the dragons reach their full growth and maturity and their riders are hopefully not far behind. As a pair, the focus of these final months of training is on practical experience and reviewing what you have learned to ensure it has taken root, if only just barely. The most exciting moment, barring graduation itself of course, is moving out of the barracks and into your own private weyr.

Your Life This Week (Briefly)

Betweening! All of you should now be comfortable with manned flights, and will have been doing elevator duty for a while. This means it's time for the next step - learning to between. It's at this point that the class is most likely to lose a member, so the weyrlingmaster, the assistants, and anyone involved in the class will be pretty solemn and serious about the whole thing, and after the talks about all the weyrlings who've been lost, so will you be, too. They will be telling you detailed stories about the names, ages, personalities, likes, dislikes and families of some of the weyrlings who've been lost, in an attempt to hammer into every brain, human and draconic, that it could happen to YOU if you don't concentrate very hard during these lessons. Once you're done with learning to between, you can leave the weyr in pairs, but definitely not break rules, not overnight, only for short visits places. An hour or two. You'll still have plenty of other duties to fulfill!

RP Ideas

Betweening! After your initial lesson around Xanadu Weyr, each day you will be taking longer jumps between, and more of them, building up your memory for the different locations.
Weyr warming parties, decorating, hunting down old furniture and hangings from the storage caverns, and fixing up what might have already been in your new weyrhome.
Graduation approaches — try and speak to some riders about what's involved in the different wings, think about where you'd like to be!
Contemplate your freedom, laze around a bit. You're at that final part of your weyrlinghood where those who are behind are madly catching up, and the majority of the class are relaxing. You know, those final few days of school where there's no real point in starting anything much? That's where you are. This is your last chance to learn anything you're not sure of.

Note about weyrs:

New weyrs! ICly you should be looking the empty ones over, choosing one and planning on moving in right after Graduation. You'll be thinking about decorating, perhaps finding and tagging stuff from the storage caverns and making the decision who to weyrmate with, if anyone. You'll likely be planning weyr-warming parties and looking forward to the ban on alcohol being lifted!

Weyrmating is generally understood as the informal association where two or more riders decide to move in together. You'll be housed in the Weyrling Barracks until Graduation and technically won't have Weyrs yet ICly, but if you want to go ahead and change your +sheet to reflect your choice of weyrmate, feel free.

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