Weyrlinghood: An Overview

This provides a general overview of the guidelines for Weyrlinghood. Weyrlinghood on PernWorld is conducted at a rate of 12:1, meaning that for each day that passes, 12 games days pass, resulting in an accelerated rate of growth for the dragons. After weyrlinghood, each weyrling will have the opportunity to age up should they wish to keep the same age of Impression, or to remain the same age as they are, to avoid inconsistencies with other PC relatives. Please note: Any weyrling who will not be over 13.5 turns (male) or 15.5 turns (female) at graduation MUST age up to that point, to ensure that they were ICly old enough to Impress the dragon of the given age.

Of course, any questions can be directed to the Weyrling staff or the Weyr staff. Please, don't hesitate to come to us with any concerns, we want this weyrlinghood to be great!

For quick reference, a calendar has been made listing the start dates for each 'week' of weyrlinghood fo the current PC weyrling group.

First Few Weeks

There are a lot of things to do during the first week/first few months of your dragon's life. In character, you will be learning how to take care of your dragon and the bond between dragon and human will strengthen as you learn about each other. It is during the first few weeks that your dragon's personality starts to form. While dragons have a pre-designed personality that comes with them, this personality is only a guide, not a rule. Feel free to alter the personality or discard it completely. You can also add depth to it as time progresses.


The dragon will need to be fed quite often during the first few months/weeks. Just about any time the dragon feels hungry, s/he should be fed, which initially could be as often as 6 or 7 times a day. Weyrlings will be instructed to make sure they feed the dragon responsibly - a dragon shouldn't be allowed to choke down food or overeat. If a dragon overeats, s/he can have serious medical problems, such as bowel obstruction or a bloated stomach, both of which would result in rather disgusting IC consequences. If you wish to have this happen, please consult your Weyrlingmaster Staff to work it out.

A weyrling will also need to help replace all the meat that the dragons consume. Small dragons cannot hunt for themselves until they begin to fly. Weyrlings will help the Weyrlingmaster Staff butcher the meat and chop it up into bite-size pieces, though relatively large chunks as the dragons age, for the vats every day, until the dragons are able to hunt for their own food.


Dragons, while growing, will need to be bathed often, to keep them clean, particularly while they're unable to go between to relieve themselves, as well as to avoid any dry hide from their growth spurts. At Xanadu, there is a Weyrling Beach which is restricted to weyrlings, and a great bathing location for the smaller dragons. As they grow larger, the weyrlings may chose to recruit friends or weyrbrats to help with the task, though it is recommended that you ensure that your lifemate is comfortable with your choices ahead of time.


A dragon also needs to be oiled regularly and frequently, especially when they are growing. Dragons grow quickly the first few months, and their hide will constantly stretch with them, causing itching. If they are not oiled, it can crack or grow patchy. This can cause problems, especially later for going *between*. The intense cold could get into those cracks or patches and hurt terribly, or even kill the dragon. Generally after a bath, a dragon should be oiled - at the minimum any stretched or itchy areas should be handled immediately.

The Weyr has a large supply of oil, barreled for use by dragonriders and Holds to keep the dragon's hide supple and free from blemish. When the oil is used up, which it will be, do to the numbers of weyrlings and the growth of dragons, these vats will need refilled often.

Dragon Bonding

The first week, most importantly, will be a very confusing time for any new rider. There is a new being searching through the mind of his/her lifemate, broadcasting emotions and perhaps putting his/her rider into a position where one thing cannot be distinguished from another. A weyrling might find that their emotions are stronger, more uncontrollable, accented by empathy shared with the dragon. Role-playing the confusion of this situation might lead to trying to control the surges and feelings, and how to live with them, or dealing with your new lifemate broadcasting hidden thoughts and emotions. A recently hatched dragon will have a tendency to sleep a lot, which will give a weyrling time to make sure food is cut and ready, and time to tend to other chores. Between chores, classes, and duties to your lifemate, you will not have a shortage of things to do.


Until the dragons are old enough and strong enough to fly and can *between*, they cannot dispose of their wastes like older dragons. It will be possible, after a while, to persuade the dragon to deposit these wastes in a more appropriate place, but until then, weyrlings get to shovel the muck. This includes cleaning the wallows where the dragons rest.


It is crucial that riders have a basic understanding of both reading and writing, as well as basic politics on Pern. Thus, as weyrlings, the new riders will be tutored to a basic level of literacy, if they haven't already achieved it, as well as instructed as to the various powers that be on Pern. Thus, Weyrlings will be responsible for knowing the names of the major Lord Holders, Craftmasters, and Weyrleaders.

Helping Around The Weyr

After the first few months, during which the weyrlings will be doing mostly chores associated with their dragon's care and comfort, the weyrlings will start helping with other things. There are numerous duties that can be assigned to weyrlings, some of which will come during the course of the training period. These jobs include: kitchen chores nd running errands around the Weyr or to other places after they can fly.


Please remember to be respectful to those higher in rank. Weyrlings' immediate supervisors are the Weyrlingmaster and Assistants. The Weyrlingmaster is like a Wingleader. Assistant Weyrlingmasters are like Wingseconds. The only leadership above the Weyrlingmaster are the Weyrleaders and the Weyrsecond. Weyrlings are not required to salute every time they see a rider, but it is appropriate to do so when you are called to attention, or summoned to meet formally. Just seeing a rider around the Weyr, such as in the Living Cavern, or if a rider walks by does not mean a weyrling must salute.

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