Weyrling Class
Junior Weyrlings
Name Pre-Impression Name Dragon Color Dragon Name
Ajral Fealty to the Bone Empress Green Navenath
Avi Averil Wallflower in Bloom Green Mirieth
Kasle Toss of the Dice Blue Dovirauth
Ly'iir Lyubomir Regret Nothing, Until It Is Too Late Brown Khoszeth
N'ye Nyvex Like No One Ever Was Brown Satoth
Sh'y Shiloh Against All Odds Blue Kovagath
H'rra (NPC) Hirryaw Burn For Me Bronze Ellylldath
A'rion (NPC) Anarion Guardian of the Pass Bronze Syldoth
Ae'lus (NPC) Daelius Fly No Higher Bronze Ikeroth
O'lin (NPC) Rolian Fearless Firebrand Brown Niyrith
Nevale (NPC) Static Storm Blue Zuvirenth
Kataka (NPC) Acolyte of Air Blue Vaangth
Rhase (NPC) Rohasei Study What's Sacred Green Ulayth
R'ahl (NPC) Rahloan Candied Wickedness Green Vierath
Senior Weyrlings
Name Pre-Impression Name Dragon Color Dragon Name
There are currently no PC Senior Weyrlings at Xanadu

Weyrlingmaster is NPC C'con.
AWLMs are Nailii, M'tras and Ila'den.

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