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Weeks 1-4

General information: Here

  • Week #1 (Jul 25-Jul 30)
    • Feeding, oiling, cleaning and basic dragon care.
    • Communicating with your dragon telepathically.
    • Short trips to local outdoor areas (meadow/beach/clearing) in groups.
    • Weyrlings to caverns/baths for necessities while babies are sleeping
    • Headwoman may bring boxes of clothing from stores for new Weyrlings OR Weyrlings may pay quick visit to Stores to rummage.
  • Week #2 (Jul 31-Aug 6)
    • Bonding Excercises
    • Obstacle Course Excercises
    • Swimming
    • Play - Giant Ball - Tug of War - Wrestling
    • Basic talon care
    • Fitting for Uniforms
    • Haircuts
    • Weyrling/dragon pairs ok to explore the Weyr on foot.
  • Week #3 (Aug 7-Aug 13)
    • Uniforms arrive (think scrubs/protective clothing) - wearing is optional.
    • Classes/Studies begin - Rider Etiquette - Pern Politics 101
    • Basic Dragon Anatomy - muscle groups, strains, sprains, numbweed
    • Dragon Strengthening Execises continue - leaping, tumble-roll to feet, etc (in preparation for ground hunting)
    • Weyrling Workouts - running, weights
    • Beginning now, a glass of wine or a mug of ale (nothing stronger) is acceptable as long as it does not adversely affect your dragon!
  • Week #4 (Aug 14-Aug 20)
    • Basic Dragon Anatomy - Wing Structure
    • Classes/studies continue - Dining Etiquette - Dance: basic steps - Broad Pern history
    • Dragon Stengthening Exercises continue
    • Weyrling workouts continue
    • Ground Hunting Prep - visit feeding grounds - watch mature dragons make kills
    • Dragons can walk to a distant area to do their business most of the time, reducing the need for mucking (yay)
    • Discreet romantic interests allowed.

Weeks 5-8


General information: Here

  • Week #5 (Aug 21-Aug 27)
    • Weyrling lessons are more intense - advanced Pern Politics - Memorizing knots and leaders of all areas - Understanding and using maps
    • Basics of Weyr hierarchy and function
    • Formation Theory - how formations work, different standard formations
    • Unmounted formations - weyrlings on foot
    • First ground hunting (this may be messy and/or unsuccessful at first)
    • Goldrider training classes with the Senior Weyrwoman, one of the juniors or all of them.
    • Physical training intensifies: running laps, easy obstacle courses twice weekly, weights, extra workouts if your character is still unfit
  • Week #6 (Aug 28-Sept 3)
    • Lessons continue: Cavern Management - Etiquette of Hold Visits - Introduction to routine paperwork
    • Strap maintenance, keeping them supple and clean so as not to chafe the dragon (oiling, cleaning, using saddle soap to not crack it, checking for weak spots, etc), replacing any padding when it's worn out, etc.
    • Making first straps
    • No more food supplementation - dragons will be catching all their own food on the ground. Old/young/slow beasts will be isolated for this purpose if needed.
    • Basic dragonhealing lessons as dragons get injuries from hunting - torn claws, maybe occasional goring or gouging or strain
    • First time mounting your dragon - still no flight, just on the ground.
  • Week #7 (Sept 4-Sept 10)
    • Lessons continue - Firestone, how it works, what we use it for now - Weather - Deeper study of Xanadu area maps
    • Weyr chores begin: Help with Weyr guarding - Night watch patrol with wherhandlers - this should carry through to Graduation
    • Mounted formations on the ground
    • More intense physical training: Firestone sack slinging, advanced obstacle courses, running on the beach is now a daily occurance.
    • Exercises that focus on wing muscles in preparation for flight.
  • Week #8 (Sept 11-Sept 17)
    • Dragons' first unmounted flights - This is one we would love to see RPed, so hit up a member of WLM staff today!
    • Self defense training: Hand to hand/staffs - with pads at first.
    • After first flight, dragons can be taken to another area to do their business more easily, meaning no more mucking at all.
    • Practical test on dining and visiting etiquette as well as dance - A Weyr-wide dance will be held and the WLM staff will grade the weyrlings on their aptitude.

Weeks 9-12

General information: Here

  • Week #9 (Sept 18-Sept 24)
    • Growing pains — between flying and getting to their full growth quickly, dragons are bound to be sore!
    • Dragonhealer lessons: How to deal with aforementioned pain. Massage, soaking in the hot springs, baking it off on the sands
    • First aerial hunting - again, messy and possibly unsuccessful
    • Formations: Weyrlings on the ground, dragons above them in the air for short stints
  • Week #10 (Sept 25-Oct 1)
    • Studying for exams
    • Aerial hunting practice continues
    • Making real, permanent riding straps
    • Lessons on first mounted flight which happens soon - may include tandem rides with other riders to get used to the feeling.
    • Physical training for both dragon and weyrling in preparation for mounted flight (bulking up of necessary muscle)
    • Testing unmounted dragons on take off and landing, weyrlings mounting and buckling all straps without flight.
  • Week #11 (Oct 2-Oct 8)
    • Exams
    • First mounted flight
    • Weyr chores: Reorganizing the stores
    • Pulling possible items aside for new weyrs next month
  • Week #12 (Oct 9-Oct 15
    • Dragons are now at 70% growth. Growing is much slower now, but it is still important to oil.
    • Lots of flight practice
    • Weyrlings all get their weyrs
    • Some RP ideas: weyr-warming party, 'yard sale' where current riders bring out stuff they don't want any more for the weyrlings to pick through, feeling lonely at night alone, sneaking back into the barracks to sleep.
    • What you do in your own space is your business, and all romantic restrictions (and discouragements) will be officially lifted at this point. Pregnancy is still not allowed, as your young dragon must continue to be your main focus.

Weeks 13-16

General information: Here

  • Week #13 (Oct 16-Oct 22)
    • In-flight etiquette: How to deal with airspace, greeting other riders, landing in populated areas, etc.
    • Tandem flight practice with another weyrling & an experienced rider as a transition between ground formation and full weyrling wing aerial formations.
    • Learning and then practicing the proper methods for loading cargo, and passengers.
    • Night classes - Navigating by stars, relying on your dragon's superior night vision.
    • Communicating by hand signals lots - of practice during formations
    • Adjustments to living on your own, lack of major restrictions (ICA still equal ICC - this might be fun!)
  • Week #14 (Oct 23-Oct 29)
    • Discussion about how each wing works, talking about future professions. Some light shadowing with wings you are interested in.
    • Part of this is gaining a mentor (experienced rider) and talking to them about their job and life. These relationships should extend throughout weyrlinghood and beyond. These will be assigned by the WLM staff, but if you have a request let us know!
    • Inspections of new weyrs by WLM staff to assure that the Weyrlings aren't living in filth and/or without the basics
    • Full aerial formations as a wing
    • Weyr chores now also include transport of people and cargo and/or delivering messages within the local area
    • Firestone and flamethrower lessons: Explanation of the properties, how to use it, and what we currently use it for (controlled burns as one example)
    • Practice actually chewing firestone and producing flame, eventually target practice
  • Week #15 (Oct 30-Nov 5)
    • Survival Camp - Caspian Sea islands
    • Test accumulated healing knowledge about how to cope with possible out-of-weyr injuries both big and small.
    • Use what you have to work with in the wild, how to call for weyr assitance, what to do if your lifemate is knocked out, etc. - Can be team-building or singular.
    • Hunting in unfamiliar areas
    • Outside of survival camp, Weyr Duties: Sweeps/Messages/Deliveries/Transport extends out to local areas that can be reached by flying straight.
    • Start gearing up for *Between* lessons during these duties, emphasizing creating a picture of the location from the air, as it will be used in ensuing lessons.
    • Imaging Lessons - Finding a 'safety image' to between to in crisis (generally Xanadu's star stones), how to properly use another dragonrider's image, how to properly present an image, etc.
  • Week #16 (Nov 6-Nov 12)
    • First hop *Between* in-weyr.
    • Visit the Cave of the Entombed Weyrling
    • Learn foreign *Between* destinations, especially weyrs, crafts, and major holds.
    • Begin farther trips *Between*, always with supervision, including visits to major holds, weyrs and crafts. This will reiterate the prior-learned etiquette and information learned about the places and their leaders, as well as solidifying the imagery.
    • This will include at least one visit to another PC area for cross-area RP.

Weeks 17-18

General information: Here

  • Week #17 (Nov 13- Nov 19)
    • Wing shadowing - Queen's Wing/Policy, Transport, Technology, Search and Rescue, Crafter and Weyrling. Weyrlings having to fly at least once with each wing, or attend a wing function to see how each one works.
    • Additional time with your mentor talking about future goals, any concerns, and likely the upcoming mating flight talk.
    • Free days reserved for *Between* practice which is now done solo as long as WLM staff are aware and in contact.
    • Mating Flight talk - dragons will not attain full growth until next month but some males may start to chase any time.
  • Week #18 (Nov 20-Nov 26)
    • Full growth is attained this IC month.
    • Outside of the official lesson, talk of IC worries and concerns about flights, gossips and rumors, past flights, repercussions, etc.
    • Greens may begin to rise any time this IC month.
    • Graduation on last day. You will receive full rider knots and will be considered 'tappable', though it may take another few IC months for everyone to end up in an official wing, and these riders will continue to work with the WLM staff until that time. This may include 'filling in' for any of the other wings as needed.
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