Weyrling Class Calendars

Here at Xanadu, we try to cater to as many tastes and flavors as humanly possible!

As such, we have several different lengths and paces of weyrlinghood for your consideration. During search - and perhaps once you reach weyrlinghood itself - you will be asked what type and length of weyrlinghood you would prefer. These guides are intended to assist in your decision, as well as in your participation in weyrlinghood itself if and when that time comes.

Weyrlinghood Type Basic Weyrlinghood Length Optional Weyrlinghood Length
Accelerated Weyrlinghood 6 Weeks N/A
Traditional Weyrlinghood 9 Weeks Junior Weyrlings 4 Weeks Senior Weyrlings
Hybrid Weyrlinghood 12 Weeks Junior Weyrlings 4 Weeks Senior Weyrlings
Extended Weyrlinghood 18 Weeks N/A
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