Welcome to Xanadu Tinyplots! Feel free to contribute, no matter how large or small the scope of your TP idea. This is to help people who don't like to run things but want to see something done, like to run things but don't have any particular ideas, coordinate if TPs will run into each other, or any other help it can give!


Name Status Area Affected Who should run it? Comments Contact
Example! Where Things Stand Xanadu Weyr (Options are: your name, someone else's name, "volunteer", your name + say if you need more help…) A little bit about what the plot involves and where you see it heading! Maybe if it needs permission from someone in particular or if it already has permission. Your name!
Weyr Scouts Idea Xanadu Weyr, Beholden Areas Anyone! To both foster continuing relations with the holds and skills outside of dragonriding for the weyrfolk, groups of youngsters (or others) are encouraged to go train with volunteer members of the various beholden areas. Possibly to earn badges, like scouts. Examples: a sevenday out on a ship from Black Rock Hold, or hunting in Ressac Beach Sea Hold's forests. Successes or failures may then ensue! Haya
Hold Olympics Idea Rubicon River Hold Group of volunteers Since Rubicon's a unique, Greek-esque, culture that holds games of skills every once in a while, why not hold one. And invite Weyrfolk to come participate. See how they fare against the hearty Rubiconii. Haya
Xanadu's Museum Idea Xanadu Weyr, Haya Haya, and anyone who'd like to participate As her Senior Journeyman project, Haya anticipates facilitating the building of an Ancient museum on Xanadu's grounds. However, there are those opposed to technology out there, so some trouble could arise for the project — should she even be able to get it off the ground. Could use: people on either side of the argument for/against technology. Haya


My name is… I'm willing to…
Example NPC, Run TPs, perform random acts of kindness…
Haya NPC, run TPs, come up with TPs, wiki for you
Soriana Ohaithere. The things, I can do them!
Innes NPC, run/develop TPs, perform random acts of destruction

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