Suspension Post

B'rdian, Wingleader of Galaxy, is known to his fellow colleagues as a task master. He has grown a reputation of driving, sometimes relentlessly, his wing riders to meet his high expectations. Their performance during search and rescue operations has been phenomenal since he took the reins, with the odd bumps in the road. Even so, B'rdian knows how to coach his wing riders to become the best of the best.

Oddly, suspensions are not that -uncommon- in the Galaxy wing. B'rdian has been known to hand them out to riders who are disorderly or even tardy. He makes it known that Galaxy is not for the faint of heart nor the irresponsible.

Thus, in recent news, the rookie of the wing has been suspended, for a sevenday! It has some talking of the brownrider's irresponsibility, who had just been seen in an argument in the caverns with a fellow wing member only nights before his suspension. There are no hard facts on why the suspension had been given out, only vague rumors surrounding the former-sailor's attitude and failure to follow a direct order. Maybe it has to do with the incident in the caverns? Did his greenriding wingmate demand a punishment?

Whatever the case may be, most believe it justified and some are starting to whisper if Ers'lan is suitable for Galaxy. Isn't this his third strike with the Wingleader?

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