What we look for in a Candidate/Impressee:

  • Some ability to RP - or the willingness to learn
    • This means there should be at least one scene RPed and logged so you can decide what you think.
    • What does ability to RP mean? The answer is here
  • Willingness to RP with a variety of people
  • OOC cordiality and good mush manners
    • What are good mush manners? The answer is here

How to vote:

  • You may vote any time after you have read the apps (showapp/xaw <NAME>)
  • If you haven't have time to RP with them just yet - skim a few logs of theirs on the wiki first.
  • To vote for Search: svote/xaw <name>=<YES|NO|ABSTAIN>
  • To vote for Impression: svote/xaw <name>=<YES|NO|ABSTAIN>
  • To vote for color dragon: svote/xaw <name>=<BLUE|GREEN|BROWN|BRONZE|GOLD>
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