Search and Candidacy: Egg Touchings

Yes, there will be egg touchings. If it important to you, please keep an eye out for announcements for scheduled touchings and Search Co will try and make sure there is at least one at one of those times. There will also be impromptu touchings when there are a few Candidates on.

Egg Touchings on PernWorld involve more than simply wandering from one egg to the next - instead we have 'talkie' eggs. When you touch an egg, you will receive a message back from it, to help you determine which eggs you like based on more than just looks.

During touchings, be polite to the dam and sire (who will also be on the Sands). Sometimes the queen will be quite pertective of her eggs and possibly irate. Stay quiet, move slowly and don't raise your voice. Even if she is not online (in the case SearchCo is running the touching, the queen's rider will ICly be there.

OOCly when you arrive for an egg touching session please wait for others to get there before posing in. The person running the touching will begin with a brief rundown of how-to and then set a start pose. Please wait for this before posing you are moving out to the sands! Your first pose should include something about greeting the queen's rider, bowing or nodding to the gold and bronze on the sands along with touching your first egg.

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