The Hatching

How to help run a Hatching for someone who has never done one on PernWorld:

ONE HOUR BEFORE THE ACTUAL HATCHING: +lannounce (Do this while OFF the sands or it will not work) the beginning of Barracks RP with a set of eggs rocking and dragons humming. The SearchLead may delegate someone to do this and run the barracks RP - perhaps the WeyrLeader or one of the AWLMs.

  • Please - No use of OOC while on the sands (everything said on the sands emits to the Observation Level)
  • Consider quieting the XAW knot during the hatching.
  • Consider using a spawn to kick the Search knot to another window so you don't lose the called commands in the spam.
  • Each hatchling will do 2 sands wandering poses and 1 public impression pose,
  • The SearchLead will be calling the triggers on the =sxw so please make sure you're not quieted on the Search knot. I do recommend doing 'xaw +quiet' before the hatching starts to cut down on spam.

Basically for each PC dragon, we'll do the wobble, crack and hatch pre-set emits, 2 sands-wandering poses and one public Impression pose, usually pre-written and tweaked if need be, right before you emit them. One sands-wander pose will be right after the pre-set hatch emit and then the others as needed. The private impression message is trigged when you do the +impress command.

Hatching commands:

+Hatch <#> (this poses the EGG - I'll call it x3 - the 1st will wobble it, 2nd will crack it, 3rd will hatch it)
+Pose <#>=<Pose> or @emit <pose> (poses your HATCHLING)
+Hatchstatus (to see what eggs/Candidates are left)
+impress <#> (impresses your hatchling to Candidate)

If any of you cannot make it, please let the SearchLead know (and @mail her the sands and Impression poses) and she'll assign your dragon to someone else for puppeting.

For AWLMs and V'dim

For escorting the Weyrlings off the sands:

Please page the new Weyrling to 'take <HATCHLING>' then give them the exit to the Side of the Sands(#8580RJs), which is 'congrats'. They can still 'see' everything that happens on the sands from there.

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