Search and Candidacy: Starting Up

Welcome to Candidacy at Xanadu Weyr! Listed here are a few things you'll want to do, now that you are a candidate with us!

The first thing you'll need to do is '@link me=here' while you're in the canddidate barracks, if you decide to have your character sleep in there ICly. If you want, you can @create a cot and please remember to @set cot=DARK.

Second, update your position in your +finger and perhaps put something into your @doing about being a Candidate (though changing your @doing is NOT required).

Third, add a line to your description about your knot - it is a 'single white cord', nothing more.

Practically speaking, Xanadu is in a temperate climate. It is NOT tropical. Make sure your clothing description is suitable!

Please update your +info, +sheet and character page on the Xanadu wiki.

You should take a look at the projects board and pick a project that interests you, to complete over the next few weeks. All projects are due no later than a week before the hatching!

Last of all, please read Sample Final Questionnaire and be considering your answers. You may keep a document on your computer and be working on this, but do not send it in until we distribute it via @mail. Be aware that some of the questions may change or new ones may be added. Please check over the one we @mail before sending yours in!

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