Searchco Commands

These commands may be found in-game at +help searchco commands:

can .who/<weyr> — this will list all the people who have registered an interest in Search at <weyr>.
can .who colors/<weyr> — this will list the colors desired by all the people who have registered for <weyr>.
applist/<weyr> — lists all the people who have registered an interest in Search at <weyr>. It will tell you if an applicant has an application on file,if they are set Search_OK and if they are a Candidate.
searchlist/<weyr> — lists those applicants who have been set Search_OK.
candlist/<weyr> — lists Candidates at <weyr>.

showquestions/<weyr> — lists the questions on <weyr>'s Search App.
showapp/<weyr> <name> — displys the application of <name>.
svote/<weyr> <name>=<yes|no|abstain> — registers a vote on Searching <name>.
svotes/<weyr> — displays a table of Search votes.

scomment/<weyr> <name>=<comment> — records <comment> as a comment on <name> if <name> has registered for Search at <weyr>. NOTE: 'scomment/<weyr> <name>' will also work for Candidates although they can not see comments and can only comment on other candidates.
listcom/<weyr> — shortlists all the comments on the <weyr> DB.
showcom/<weyr> <name> — shows comments on or by <name>.

showcq/<weyr> Lists the questions on <weyr>'s questionnaire
showcan/<weyr> <name> Displays the questionnaire of <name>.
ivote/<weyr <name>=<yes|no|abstain|gold|bronze|brown|blue|green> — registers a vote on Impressing <name>.
ivotes/<weyr> — displays a table of Impression votes.
myvotes/<weyr> — displays all of your votes for <weyr>.

Please see Searchriding for the commands related to adding Candidates - they differ from the on-game commands in the files

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