Search Riding

Searchriders are often, but not always on SearchCo.

SearchCo Searchriders

  • Calling dibs:
    • You may call dibs on one Candidate.
    • Please bbpost your dibs to #51 (or ask a SearchCo member to do it for you)
    • Dibs expire after 3 days, then the Candidate is up for grabs.

After the candidate is ICly searched, the following commands OOCly add them as a Candidate (can be done from anywhere in Xanadu):

*search/<weyr> <name>** (turns <name> into a Candidate)
*+ncandidate <name>** (adds their position to the XAW knot as Candidate and generates the Welcome to Candidacy letter)

Non-SearchCo Searchriders:

  • Page SearchCo for a Search_OK name. You can ask to search a specific person you know is applying, but note that someone on SCo may already have claimed them - or they may not have been selected for Search. SCo will not tell you whether or not a specific person is Searchable; they'll just tell you whether or not you can. You can also just volunteer to search whoever SCo needs searched - this tends to make SCos happy, because it gives them one less thing to figure out.
  • After you've RPed the Search, page a SearchCo member to run the code adding the candidate for you.

RPing the Search:

  • Please do not search a Candidate in front of a non-Search_OK Applicant
  • If we have a large number of Search_OK folk, you may be asked to Search more than one person at a time.
  • ICly, the dragons are the ones who detect rider potential. You're free to be somewhat flexible with your scene, though! Ultimately, the new candidate should be given a white knot, told the rules for candidacy, and brought to the candidate barracks.
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