Search and Candidacy: Rules

In the past the rules for Candidates have been fairly strict: Candidates were closely supervised as a group by the AWLMs and the Headwoman. They had no choice but to live in the Candidate Barracks – both males and females together and they did chores set for them by the headwoman. They weren’t allowed to be disruptive, fight, drink alcohol or have sex. Pregnancy would be (and still is) reason to dismiss a Candidate from Standing for the current clutch. They couldn't (still can't) leave the Weyr without a Rider escort once accepting their Candidate knot.

HOWEVER. We often get older characters and those who are already well-established in their crafts that get Searched. So for Xanadu’s Search cycle this time we’d like to do something a little less traditional and more relaxed as far as rules and how the Candidates would be handled ICly.

Living in the Candidate Barracks is optional. Well, in the beginning it is. If they already reside at Xanadu Weyr and have a room, bunk in the Resident’s Dorm or their own cottage they will not be required to move into the Candidate Barracks. Outsiders may opt to live with a family member or friend if they wish or may bunk in the Candidate Barracks. When the eggs harden, Leadership will restrict Candidates to the Barracks so they don't have to be hunted down at a moments notice. Some folks may choose to move in early, just to avoid the rush and get the good bunks!

Note: If you are not ICly sleeping in the Barracks but you’d like the whole ‘hanging out and bonding thing’ still have reason to have your character in there regularly. (You can even still link yourself there for OOC convenience!) Candidates will have classes (etiquette, Pern history and basic Dragonhealing) which will have been taught off camera at tables in there. So you could conceivably be just post-class or studying. There will also be Candidate projects in there as well.

Chores outside of your craft are not required. If a Candidate has a craft they will continue in that craft if they so desire, finding work amongst the craft supervisors within Xanadu Weyr. They will not be required to do menial chores outside of their craft as long as they are not idle. If the Candidate Coordinator, Headwoman or the AWLMs finds Candidates loafing around however, they will put you to work!

Sex is not prohibited. Candidates may have sex if they are DISCREET and PRIVATE about it. There is to be no barracks sex or sleeping together in bunks (whether opposite or same sex) and the no pregnancy rule still applies. ICly the Infirmary offers herbs that prevent pregnancy and there is always the opportunity for the occasional hop *Between* as a precaution.

NOTE: Please use this IC freedom wisely. NO IC Minors or Apprentices should be RPing that they are being sexually active - period! There really should not be 12 and 13 turn old characters RPing that they’ve been having sweet, sweet sex and talking about having done it. 15 turns old is the general adult age on Pern, so please stick to this rule of thumb. The Apprentice rules of no sex still applies even while you are a Candidate. This means if you ICly break this rule and it is found out, you WILL ICly (and hence OOCly) loose both your Candidate knot and your Xanadu Resident's knot and be sent to the Crafthall to answer to your craftmaster (please see +xawhelp crafts or for more information). Also – I shouldn’t have to say this but – this is not a license to RP TS. The goal of Candidacy is to see you out RPing with the people you hope to Impress with! And please - do not have adult scenes in public rooms!

Alcohol is permitted. Alcohol is limited to wine or ale and at a reasonable amount. The no drunkenness rule still applies.

There are no Curfews. As long as Candidates show up for their studies, classes and chores on time, there will be no curfew. Any Candidates out in the wee hours of the night causing a ruckus will ruin this for the entire group, so please be aware that the Candidate Coordinator and/or the Headwoman will come down on those who do this.

Candidates will be respectful Unless specifically asked not to, they will refer to riders and ranking folks as Sir and Ma’am.

The only rules are:

Be respectful
No drunkenness or carousing
No pregnancy
No fistfights
No leaving the Weyr without a rider escort

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