Search: An Overview

If you are familiar with the books, then you already know that after a gold dragon has clutched her eggs the other dragons of that Weyr go out about Pern to find suitable candidates to stand at the Hatching. How they find these candidates is this: the dragons 'sense' a certain something in the people and they are asked to come back to the Weyr and stand. Since our dragons cannot sense this in people, we strive to make it as close to the experience of the books as possible, while still being able to realize what we are looking for in a dragonrider player. We do this in the following method:

1. An application process. Any interested party may fill out our application to be considered for Search. This can be done on game by typing SEARCH ME during our OOC Search period.
2. An OOC questionnaire. All applicants will be asked to fill out a questionnaire, and may also be interviewed by members of the SearchCo, to go into the application in a little more detail and to get a better idea of the wants of both the applicant and the character. This questionnaire will cover multiple topics including likes and dislikes in dragons, as well as character preferences.
3. A Candidacy period. Usually about 3-4 weeks long, depending on when the Candidate was searched, it allows the Search Committee to see the potential dragonriders in close quarters and help us in the final decision making process. The candidacy period focuses on having fun, and developing ones character through RPing with the other candidates and members of the Weyr.

Unlike in the books however, by the time of the Hatching, all Impression decisions have already been made - thus it is important to show us who you are leading up to the hatching.

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