Search and Candidacy: The Hatching

Hatching Day will be announced on bboards and put in the XAW motd. Make sure you know what time it will be for you (messing up timezones is a terrible way to miss it!) and if you can't attend, find someone willing to puppet you. If you do not have any able to puppet you, let the Weyrleaders know via @mail (include a temporary password for your character and don't forget to set it) and they'll see if they can find someone. The info below MAY be updated. Be sure to review it before Hatching Day.

NB: Watch the +bboards, your @mail and the +events for the Hatching Date!

You do NOT need to have your candidate's robe described. However if you chose to @desc here are some guidelines:

ICly there are a great store of these in the lower caverns so you are unlikely to have to make one new. They are very simple - a sleeveless, shapeless white robe that comes approximately to just below your knee, without adornment of any kind. (Note: that means no embroidery, no pattern in the fabric or anything else.) You may wear a plain white fabric belt with your robe. Hair should be tied back and you may wear sandals. The Sands are hot enough to be quite uncomfortable for bare feet but they will not burn. There should be nothing else on you - not jewelry, not knots, not -anything-.

Please, also, drop all objects in the barracks.

Make sure to set your idle message (@idle me=I'm at a Hatching, I might miss your page in the spam!) but do NOT page lock yourself. If you do, you won't get the Impression message from the dragonet if you Impress. Do quiet your knots if you like but you don't need to.

On the Sands:
You will be instructed to form a loose semi-circle around the eggs. The sands are big — they will not be crowded. When dragonets are wandering about, /stay out of their way/. They don't mean to hurt anyone but if you aren't the one they want, they won't notice if they knock you over or hurt you. Don't think about food — there is no food on the Sands. Do stay calm. The people in the galleries will be able to see you but you won't be able to see them: this is to reduce the spam.

Also, please keep your poses under 6-7 lines in length and do NOT use @emits. Each pose should have your name at the beginning to make it easier to read. @emits can only be used when you are posing a NPC Candidate — in which case, please put the NPC's name at the beginning of the @emit.

At Xanadu, we will not mention your name in the pose of a dragonet of a color you are hoping to Impress. If, for instance, you have said you do not want to Impress blue but do want to Impress brown, we may mention your name in the pose of a blue dragonet but will NOT mention your name in the pose of a brown dragonet.

NPC dragonets will be distinguished from PC dragonets by these things:
a) They will have a shorter then average desc.
b)They will Impress in a pose immediately after hatching.

Currently, it is undecided how many PC dragonets will impress. Xanadu is allowed up to 6 PC Impressees this cycle. This maximum is decided by the Wizards, not Xanadu!

If you do not Impress, please stay on the Sands until one of the Weyrleaders ICly gives you leave to go. Afterwards, if you'd like to talk to the Weyrleaders, please let us know and we will schedule a time to meet with you for the following week.

If you Impress: (how to tell, what to do)
If a dragonet is Impressing to you, it will pose doing so using a few descriptive terms (Dragoneth stops before a tall male candidate with bright blue eyes) and then you will get a pose in your mind, like you did during egg touchings.

(NOTE: To be sure no one misses it, there will be an OOC private message preceding the pose; see +cand impmess to find out what it will look like.)

If this happens, pose your response. This pose MUST begin with your name. If you are changing your name, begin with your PRE-IMPRESSION name. Include your new name if you are changing your name. Finally, your character must say the name of their dragon ALOUD. (For example, 'Tarzan's eyes widen as he looks down into the the eyes of the Baby Doll Green Dragonet. Now T'rzan, he calls out her name joyfully, "Janeth!").

Then, the Weyrlingmaster or one of his assistants will pose escorting you to the side of the sands. There is a separate room for you to go to, the exit being 'congrats'. Make sure you take your dragonet with you when you go! (pick him/her up before exiting). Once there, you can continue to watch the Hatching but your poses can't be seen on the sands.

After it's all over, you'll be escorted to the barracks. From now on, you're in the charge of the Weyrlingmaster and his assistants. After the hatching you'll want to take a few minutes to examine your dragon to see what he or she is all about, and check out our weyrling resources:

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