Welcome to the FAQ page for Search at Xanadu Weyr.

Many of the questions (although not the answers) have been copied from other Weyr's FAQs. Anyone is welcome to copy questions from here.

Who picks the Candidates and the Impressions?

There are two possibilities as to who picks the Impressions. Either the SearchCO will pick Impressions, asking for advice from the candidate class, and occasionally the Weyr at large, or the Impressions will be chosen randomly. The method used is the choice of the clutch dam, and the SearchCO as a whole.

Who is/will be on the Search Committee?

The Search Committee (hereafter referred to as SC) is made of players who have a character at Xanadu, are not applying to become a Candidate with any alt and who have volunteered.

Will it be a random hatching?

Xanadu hatchings may or may not be random. It will be announced in advance how Impressions will be chosen.

Will I be logged? What might be logged?

Your RP may be logged so that SC members who haven't been able to to RP with you can get an idea of what your RP is like. We will not log RP that is not in a public place and we will not log OOC data unless it is evidence of an offence. (IE, saying sexually explicit things on the PG-13 rated Xanadu knot.)

What colors will there be? Will they be PC?

ICly, there will always be greens, blues and browns hatched and there would usually be bronzes, and the possibility of a gold. What colors are PC is determined by Candidate preferences. If there is no one in the list of those chosen to Impress who wants to Impress a blue, there will be no PC blues.

Should I go (color) only?

This is your choice. People will always be given their first choice of chromatic if they are impressing a chromatic. However, someone who has a metallic (gold or bronze) as their first choice and a chromatic as a second choice may be Impressed to their first chromatic choice rather than metallic. It is recommended that you do not put any color in your preference list which you would not wish to Impress and if this means that you go (color) only because you only want to Impress (color), that is fine.

I've heard from people who say they didn't get their first or second choice for a dragon? Will that happen to me?

In this and future Searches, people will only be given their second choice if their first choice was metallic and they were not chosen to Impress a metallic. People will not be given third or fourth choices.

What do you look for in an applicant?

Generally, we look for a well thought out character concept, an understanding of the Pern theme, genuine interest in RP and a desire to stay at Xanadu Weyr.

I'm trying to work on my character concept. How old are most of the Candidates usually? Is there anything else I need to know about my character description?

Most Candidates would be 15 to 20 turns old. However, Candidates are accepted as young as 12 for males and 14 for females and as old as 25 for males and 30 for females. Candidates must be physically healthy — no deformities or disabilities are permitted. Candidates should also be in reasonable mental health. Severely depressed or psychotic people would not be Searched.

What relevance has sexual preference?

Anne McCaffrey has said that only heterosexuals Impress metallic dragons. Thus, if your character is homosexual, they are not allowed to Impress a metallic dragon on PernWorld. Bisexuals are allowed to Impress a metallic dragon but it is preferred by the administration that they do not.
If you are not applying for a metallic dragon, your character's sexual preference is irrelevant.

Do I have to live at Xanadu before I am Searched to have any real chance?

Not by any means! Many of our current riders were located outside of the Weyr before Search. However, make sure to check the Search policies of your area first, and to get permission from your area leaders.

Can I apply if I've already Impressed on PernWorld with another character?

Yes. The only exception is that if you already have a gold riding character on PernWorld, you may not apply for another gold.

How many people will be Searched? Impressed?

The number of people Searched is variable but is usually between 8 and 15. It may be less or it may be more, depending on the quality, quantity and activity of the applicants. It is unlikely any applicant will be turned down without particularly extreme reasons.
We may impress 6 candidates each hatching, though whether all the slots are used depends on the applicants..

Do you need to get your area admin's permission before applying for search?

Yes. Xanadu will not Search anyone who hasn't got permission. Permission is defined as a @mail from your area admin stating that you have permission to apply for Search at Xanadu Weyr - You may have them send it directly to us, or forward us their response. If your area admin is idle, or does not exist, permission will be assumed.

Can I apply Stand Only?

Yes. If you wish to apply Stand Only, fill out the application in the normal way but put 'Stand Only' in place of your color choices. Do fill out the information about dragon preferences since we allow Stand Onlies to change to real Candidates at any stage before the final deadline for color preferences.

How much time do I need to spend online?

We would expect Candidates to spend at least four hours online a week. More is better, up to a point — appearing to live online is not considered desirable. We want our Candidates to have lives beyond the game. If you are applying for a metallic, eight hours online per week would be thought minimal.

Is the on-game Search Application all/what I need to fill out?

Yes! The on-game application contains our few, but important questions for our potential riders. However, an additional candidate questionnaires will be distributed during candidacy, to gather what you would like to see in your dragon.

What if my character has children? Is married?

It's alright to have one or two children so long as they are old enough to be fostered. That means, weaned. However, if you have three or more children, it would be deemed inappropriate for your character to stand because of maternal (or paternal) obligations.
No married person is ever Searched. No riders ever marry. (They may weyrmate but that is different to marriage)

What if during the process I change my mind about something I tell you?

Please let us know that you have changed your mind! We'd much rather know than not. Generally, a email or @mail is fine.

I'm fairly new to Pern games. Am I too new?

This is a subjective measure. There are people who have been very new to Pern and Pern gaming who have Impressed and others who wait years before they Impress. Generally, Xanadu doesn't consider the absolute length of time you have been playing Pern. Rather, we look for things like a reasonable knowledge of the theme and common sense.

I'm new to MUSHes, is it a problem?

Everyone was new, once. If you've never played a MUSH before, we do have a handy resource, available here. If you still need more help? We're always willing to get you started - that's why we have candidate coordinators!

All this is a lot of stuff to remember. It sounds like it is hard to Impress. Is it?

That depends who you ask! :) We try to make things as fair as possible and we try to give everyone a chance. In the end, just be yourself. Stressing out over things and working maniacally won't 'earn' you a dragon. Being someone it is fun to have around probably will. Some people find this easy, others seem to find it hard. If you want some help, please feel free to ask. That's what the admin and SC are here for.

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