Meirath and Draukaith's Eggs

So Much Waste Egg
This egg looks bloated and overly full, squatting on the sands with a broad base and rounded tip that make it look like a water balloon. Careful you don't jostle it too much, something might burst! There's a yellow tinge to the shell, one that soaks in heavily at the base with a shade of dark amber, then arcs through a bright straw yellow all the way to the faint yellow stains that mark the pale top.

It All Turns to Shards Egg
The tattered edges of a dull pink ribbon overlap each other as it wraps around and around this egg's shell, swathing it with a coiled mass. The ribbon joins to a thicker smear of dull yellow that runs over the top and down one side, mottled and spotted as if mold were growing on that part of the shell. At the very base, a blob of lumpy brown plops against the sands like a stray log dropped from this egg.

Watching you Sleep Egg
Whatever Nature's design of this ill created shell, it looks as though it abandoned its work. The shape and appearance of this unforgiving sphere is far from perfect. Angry sanguine veins branch out across this gelatinous orb, reaching throughout its wrinkled surface of smoke and sickly yellow hues. Rich ochre radiates from within a raised bump upon the surface, growing darker as it reaches within the center where it ends in the darkest of black, devouring all light that touches upon it and anyone who dares to stare too long into its soulless depths.

Cracked Like An Egg
Rough corrugations cover the surface of this egg, the shell wrinkled in on itself like crumpled laundry. Maybe it didn't develop properly? It's one of the largest eggs on the sands, a wet grey shade like the bucket of water used to mop some particularly dusty cavern… and the string mop that's been soaking in it, draped in convoluted tangles along the shell. A larger crack runs through the center of the egg, those folds not crossing from the left to right halves. Perhaps this egg began as two under-developed ones, now smashed together inside their crazed shell.

Cutaneous Cage Egg
Medium sized, there does not seem to be much to this egg at first glance but closer inspection reveals otherwise. Variations of tones stretch out across the shell, subtly stitched together in a near seamless patchwork. Light to dark and dark to light, there is no beginning and no end as it stretches from pointed tip to rounded bottom. Rosy peach blends to ochre, then shifts darker still to variating shades of brown. It's not unlike leather being stretched over framework, but surely that can't be the case for an egg, right?

Key to Carnal Desires Egg
This egg is almost unremarkable compared to the others nestled about it. No disturbing markings or oddities to it. Perhaps that's what makes it stand out, when noticed? Because the smooth shell (too smooth, maybe), is nothing but an all around fleshy pink hue. Nothing more, nothing less and so seemingly unassuming in its simplistic nature.

Road to Salivation Egg
This imposing wad of moist and fleshy tissue is as close in shape as an egg should be, though the texture of it might make you think otherwise. Gristle and fissures scatter across the bright red surface, intermingling with clusters of smooth rosy nubs that are rough to the touch. At a closer glance, that bright red is made of a sea of tiny fingers that threaten to reach out to the observer. A sheen covers this meat vessel from the fleshy apex where it pools in glistening rivulets down to the base and shadows below.

Digest the Venom Egg
One of the smaller eggs of the clutch and seemingly not a perfect oval, shadows fall heavily across the rough, veined surface of this fragile shell, creating shallow dents here and there that may or may not be an optical illusion. It might have been meant to be a rich, vivid red at conception, hints of brightness breaking through darkness in slim and dainty rivulets that travel primarily around its middle, yet what look like ruptures in a wine-red surface too soft to truly crack reveal a spongy mess of garnet and mahogany that threatens to escape and explode. But, of course, it won't. To the touch, it reminds one of sandpaper and gauze by turn, but it will not rupture all over curious parties. …Will it?

Tick Tock Time Runs Out Egg
Darkly red, this egg seems to lean no matter how it's propped up, thumping over from its irregular base. Even when it's almost steady, the top is still off-kilter, marked by a pair of raised blisters that mar the surface. From there, faint tracings in bruise-purple and blood-red reach down around the shell to surround the swollen mass and sustain the fragile flutter of life within this erratic lump.

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