Touch the Eggs: Spring 08 PC Clutch

From a Forgotten Realm Egg


Many would describe this egg as plain — after all it is rather simplistic in its chosen patterning. Five bands of colour stripe the fairly large shell - black, blue, green, red, white - each one resting peaceably next to the other and no one colour more prominent than the next. It is up close that the oddity of the egg becomes apparent, because it's only on close inspection that the variations in colouring can be spied. Each coloured stripe appears to be made up of millions of tiny scales, invisible at a distance and rather unsettling up close — almost as if the shell itself were alive.

Restless Voices come in waves, a continual assault into your head. First warm and then cold, bright and then darkness. The last seems to settle longest, almost uncomfortably sure of itself. You. You will tell me everything. NOW.

Restless Voices flash lightning bright sparks across your mind, tugging up some of your harsher memories and making you relive them. This was what it sought apparently, as there is a sudden feeling of interest as is searches for the times of the most hurt. As it finds your vulnerabilities?

Restless Voices wrap around your mind. Warm, cold, warm, cold, light, dark, warm, bright. Faster and faster they swirl, but there seems to be some sort of pleasure to be gained from this assault. The being has found something that it sought and it retreats, pleased. But why do you shudder as the link breaks?

Behold the Pink Book Egg


Perhaps more red than pink, this egg is certainly a sight to behold - if not for the vivid colouring then for the crease that seems to run right down one side of it. An egg with a spine is an odd thing indeed, and the trail of golden flakes that run the length of the crease seem to only enhance the image of this egg belonging more on a bookshelf than on the sands. The thick magenta colouring that coats the rest of the shell glistens as if permanently anointed with oil, a slight ripple in the shell near the base adding to the cream-like effect.

The Grape and the Grain swirl up in your mind, a faint burn of alcohol aiding the laughter that soon rests there. You came to see me? Wonderful! Come in, come in! You can come in can't you?

The Grape and the Grain want to know everything about you. Quickly they rifle through your memories, flashing image after image in front of your face and expecting an explanation for each. Faster and faster the images blur till there's a sudden mental hiccup, a flash of colour, and the touch breaks.

The Grape and the Grain are slow in returning, creeping back almost apologetically. Don't be mad. It couldn't help it. It got carried away that's all. It won't happen again. Promise? There's another hiccup, smaller this time and not as likely to cause a headache, then the touch fades leaving just a hint of wine behind.

Plucked from the Wallow Egg


Rather unremarkable, this egg merely appears as if it is a well-shaped section of a particularly secure sand dune, egg rounded gently, not particularly larger nor smaller than the clutchmates with which it sits. And yet, despite the sandy-hues of the shell, within it there is subtle variation - near the bottom the shell seems particularly silty as gray intermingles with the peach hues, like a thin layer of rich soil has been left behind upon the otherwise barren desert. As the shell curves upwards, the coloration lightens, before near the very top it is quite pale, a sun-beached dome with no signs of even the toughest greenery to give a sign of life.

Stinging Sands and Winds are silent - no howling, no whistling, in fact not even a whisper. The great calm before the storm settles over your mind, sheltering you as if behind thick stone walls, protecting you from the noise and the fury of the sands which stretch around you. And then, there's a flash of lightning, purple clouds billow up amongst your thoughts, spiraling around you in ever increasing circles. Yet, despite the storm forming overhead all your senses are overcome with heat, great, ever present heat.

Stinging Sands and Winds have begun to pick up a little speed of their own, as the clouds continue to spread, purple mingling with golden lightning, yet with each moment the winds pick up, carrying the khaki hues of a desert dune upon them, fighting the cloud, pushing them back, holding off the storm. And then, the winds turn their attention to you, spiraling around you, protecting you from the raging fury that threatens to break, instead tucking you further into the warmth.

Stinging Sands and Winds continue to build, and yet it seems that you are untouched by their impatience, as they swirl and twist. And then its as if they are carrying you aloft, pulling your experiences from you, looking to share in each and every aspect of them, enjoying every twist and turn. And then, you're returned to the sands in a flurry of motion, the mind retreating to its egg amidst its sandy wallow as the reality of the sands floods back into your mind.

Spiral Tower Egg


The soft hues of sunset paint a backdrop upon the curvatures of this egg. The sands blend into the golden orange-reds as they rise from the purple-black clouds. In the foreground, a blackened landscape juts into a cliff, a dash of green moss hither and fro upon the rocky surface. Seemingly a part of that cliff is a structure that rises boldly into the foreground: black, twisted, and decidedly sinister. At odds with the serene scene of a setting sun, it bellows cold and dark out to the lands below.

Cold Calculations is a storm. Lightning strikes and thunder rumbles off in the distance. A light rain begins to fall as a heavy mist descends upon you. The dark sensation of one disturbed builds: a roiling anger with form taken in dark spiral clouds. The sky brightens as lightning strikes and the brassy tones of thunder seem to be a voice full of anger, but whatever may have been said is lost admist the tumultuous scenery.

Cold Calculations turns to a heavy, thick mist as the rains subside. The landscape is obscured and only dark greys and black can be seen in brief patches of light brought by the occasional bright yellow flash of lightning. A rumble of thunder begins and as it passes, there's the sensation of a growl.

Cold Calculations turns to a silence: an eerie, worrying silence. Soon a dense rain begins to fall all around you and the thunder reaches a crescendo in which it is in time with each strike of electricity all around the darkness at the center of it all. The eye of the storm. Pure, white hot anger sears through: sharing a simple, yet strong annoyance at being bothered so.

Transformed by Greed Egg


The hodgepodge of hoarded metallic hues smattering the shell sets this otherwise ordinary egg apart from its siblings: silver at one end, gold on the other, hints of copper and bronze in between. One notable diversion from this scheme is a golden ring that mars the silvery portion of the shell. The texture across the metallic swaths mimics coins and links, with occasional metallic deviations forming larger circles or goblet-like shapes. Strewn haphazardly across the mingling metallic tones, and further disrupting the texture, are emerald green splotches, sapphire blue specks, ruby red spots, and glittering white speckles.

Disobedient Aloofness hovers over you, as if peering down a non-existent nose, pondering you head to toe, brushes of oceanic blue washing over your consciousness. And then, there is a distinctive mental *push* - how far can it go? Will you stand up to it? As the pushing sensation increases, the blue hue darkens to the navy of the deepest depths, hiding away the red and white sands of Xanadu.

Disobedient Aloofness pushes hard, ignoring any possible attempt to evade it, instead it continues to try and rummage through your thoughts. Looking here, looking there, before taking whatever memory comes to mind and beginning to weave an elaborate tale, changing molehills into mountains with each and every step, blues darkening to violets as it continues to investigate.

Disobedient Aloofness suddenly finds a spot of treasure in your thoughts, a horde of epic proportions, and it is there that it spirals in, despite any misgivings you may be experiencing. For a long moment, it almost wallows in your thoughts before suddenly the violet is overcome by a flash of yellow, and then the presence is out of your mind without a trace.

Imperial Magistrate Egg


Turquoise and cerulean blend in a pattern born of intricacy, bold waves and curves flowing into a picturesque mosaic of aged marble over the shell of this rather large creation of Kilaueth's. Each stroke and line varies from the one that preceded it, creating the impression of soft, dusted blue mountains that meet the swirls descending from the heavens above. Below churns the sea, its once brilliant jade dulled to a faded patina, an echo of dynasties bygone. But the brilliance of the predominantly blue shell is no match for the sudden flare of luminous, sun-touched hue that shines from around the middle of the egg - golden fury personified, undulating shapes take on the forms of guardians of some long forgotten age, furled protectively about the ovoid as if to cradle it in their fiery grasp until they are needed no more.

Misty Benevolence gradually makes its presence known in the soothing sound of bubbling water, adding imagery steadily. Warmth begins to ensconce you as though Rukbat has only just risen, but the light itself is somewhat obscured by the nebulous mist that has settled within your consciousness. Soft, warm notes drop one-by-one as though plucked on some distant harp, bringing with them a sense of curiosity and an eagerness to know something of you. Why have you sought it?

Misty Benevolence permits the mist to begin to dissolve, sending a soft, refreshing breeze through you that seems to momentarily lessen the discomfort of being on the hatching sands. But it isn't all mildness and flowing waves of peace. For as it gets a better sense of who you are and why you have come here this day, there's a sense of something beneath the calming exterior - something not quite judgmental, but measuring nonetheless — do you meet its standards?

Misty Benevolence begins to withdraw after a time, dimming its inner light into a cool dusk and sending you a final, soothing breeze in parting. Whether it will deem you worthy of receiving what you seek remains to be seen. For now, there is simply a warm pulse of reassurance and the gentle bubbling of the brook, a sound which lingers softly even when all other contact from this being has faded.

Smoke and Mirrors Egg


Deep curling gray encompasses this egg, twirling around in a long forgotten dance across the shell and over the top. Along the bottom, glimmers of a pale golden-tan seep through, almost as if one could see the sand itself through the shell; rotund bottom sitting heavily in it's mound as it ascends into colors of turquoise and royal blue. The colors speckle along the gray in smaller dots, giving off an impression of holding their own sort of sheen, like gems hidden in soot filled floors. White intermingles across the mid-section, flowing out in swaying clouds, almost as if wings set against a storm. As the twist and twirl of gray tips to the top, a sudden whorl of darker gray bedecks the surface, much like the formation of a tornado. The twirl ends in a black spot right at the middle of the gray, giving the illusion of an eye staring outwards from the shell.

Thief in the Darkness stirs in the night filled mind, peering from the depths of an unknown hiding place. Whispered sounds float through your mind, like a conversation in another room, loud enough to be heard and yet soft enough to not make out distinct words. Colors of soothing gray and white suddenly explode in your mind, pilfering things that seem to be there, sorting through information that at one time might've been lost. Suddenly, the voices stop, and the smoke retracts to it's hiding place— an unheard inquiry is heard from the voices, but it's nothing you can make out. A tendril of the smoke comes from the hiding place, much like an arm, and softly soothes over your mind, before retracting entirely and leaving nothing but darkness.

Thief in the Darkness hides in it's shadows, curling in the deep abyss in thought. A question comes forth, but the sound is muted to the point that you can't hear it, almost as if cotton has suddenly been stuffed in your ears. A quiet 'shhh' comes from that sound and the twirl of smoke tendrils come over to you, almost sneaking towards you, before presenting colors of of light. It shows memories from previous things— either other minds that have touched it before, or maybe things that it has developed, itself. Each memory glimmers like a gem, and flashes of them pass through your mind, songs of an ancient time and place which are not distinguishable. Then following these, other emotions follow— Love, sadness, loss, adventure… The inquiry comes again, and it seemingly asks if you know these, these feelings that seem to elude it. Will it possibly know love? Adventure? A sudden yearning explodes from the grey, covering all other aspects of feeling. Will you show it this, these things that it may never know? For all it knows is dark, and shadows… Loneliness and sadness at the loss of never experiencing these things…

Thief in the Darkness feels your lingering touch and suddenly bursts away, keeping just in your mind's eye view as it skitters into the recesses of darkness. Do you see it? That glimpse of gray fog? It sprints away again, almost in a playful manner in doing so. Then suddenly, it stops. Subtly poking on your thoughts, it wonders what it's like to you, to be free? Maybe one day it would know, but for now, your mind is it's freedom, and it makes a mess of this. Turning back to you, it wraps your mind in the thick blanket of swirling, twisting smoke, scrutinizing more memories as it does so. Millions of whispered questions filter through your mind, but none of them are distinguishable from the next… Much to the smoke's disappointment. It suddenly gives you something close to a tender mental hug, before releasing you back into the darkness. An ebb of smoke stays there, almost in yearning… Praying that maybe, you won't forget them? Before an emotional sleepiness settles, and the smoke ebbs away entirely.

Simplicity of Color and Form Egg


Its own inner glow seems to give this timid sapphire orb a drawing warmth. Deep royal blue flushes outward from the base, softening to icier tones towards the acme where a starburst of white appears. Adding to the brightness is a constant appearance of glistening wetness that clings stubbornly to the surface to add movement and more to the shell that is all a figment of the imagination..or is it. As if added as a second thought to give something more to this eggs appearance is a faint blushing of gold flecks that capture the light no matter which way it is peered at.

Loyalty Without Boundaries is the unwavering strenth that will surely grow as time passes. Already this young mind is searching for soemthing or someone. For not it comes to you with a quiet ease, brushing against your thoughts but not digging deeper. No it waits, waits for you to give some permission that it might look deeper into what makes you who you are. Will you allow it? Can it seek in you what it itself might find that it in return needs?

Loyalty Without Boundaries welcomes you with a growing warmth, a knowing or perhaps a remembering. it taps against the surface of your memories, calling up ones that seem to bring a hing of hurt, upset, or pain only to have it reassure you, to ease away all that discomfort with it's own growing inner strength. It cares, it knows that there is a give and take to be done. What else can it give back to you? With that notion there is a warm lingering rush of security and peace before it with draws to wait and see just who you will react.

Loyalty Without Boundaries receives you with a warm brightness, a certain joy in feeling you outside its shell. Blues, browns, greens, and soft golds mingle together, wrapping around you to protect you from the heat of the hatching sands. Witht hose colors comes the soft pull against your thoughts as it wishes to know what you are thinking about. It looks again for what makes you tick, that spark that makes you so different from others. There is no judgement, just a curiousity to know and learn more about you.

Loyalty Without Boundaries urges you right from the start to be who you are, who you know you are deep inside and no one else. In this time together it is your biggest supporter. it opens up to give you a showering of its warmth along with a moment of keen laughter as it shows you that it is not solely staid. No it knows when it is time to play and laugh, to be carefree and soak in the joys to be found around it. With it's laughter comes a bouncey tune, lively and bright, dancing over your senses before fading back along with the mind as it leaves you to ponder over this and perhaps return again to it.

Shores of Honah Lee Egg


This egg would surely be overlooked if one didn't expect to see it there. The surface of this egg mimics the sand it lays in. Single grains of brown and bronze, flecks of gold and white cling to the shell like iron flakes on a lodestone. As unassuming as this egg is, one might wonder if it is a trick of the eye rather than part of the clutch.

Childhood and Autumn Mists tinker into your mind, a sweet and happy swirl of copper and green rushing exuberantly to every corner of your being. It takes you up like a new toy, pleased to have you. But like all young minds, it soon grows bored and sweeps away.

Childhood and Autumn Mists slide cooly back to curl sleepy tendrils into the corners of your mind, fused with the scent of cherry blossoms and sea foam. Dandling in your mind, it searches for happier memories of childhood, snatching those precious memories and showing them back to you like a proud child displaying a drawing. This game complete, it recedes to review what it has taken, coveting these images for itself.

Childhood and Autumn Mists break into the recesses of your mind like waves over the shore, all blues and golds and flashes of dappled sunlight. It wraps within your being, taking you in light a tight, warm hug. Happiness and joy swamp you, flooding you and leaving you with a sense of well-being. As soon as it came, it is gone, leaving grayness and shadow.

Childhood and Autumn Mists will come no more, a stillness, a blackness, has overcome this energetic mind. Gray morning light and falling grains of sand are all that remain.

Elusive Wonders Egg


A dark thick cover of a deep forest green engulfs this egg, the color flowing as if viewing a rainforest canopy from high above. The shades swirl in varying shades of green as the surface seems to be changing the farther it creeps up the egg. Small amounts of gold, as if bright yellow eyes were staring out from the canopy, fade into the forest. Light lilac and bright canary yellows blossom and speckle the shell. At the top of the egg the green fades and the shades mix as if the forest has slowly come alive.

Newfound Wisdom with gentle touches of white and green enter your mind, probing for new found knowledge and shuffling along. Pressuring through your thoughts this wise mind is looking for greatness, searching to the depths and pressing into memories to find what makes you tick. Seeming displeased it pulls away, leaving with it a smell of fresh rain.

Newfound Wisdom has quick flashes of gold and green tease you before retreating. A big day is coming, and it must be prepared pressure and feeling of great anxiety. This mind has waited long for the one it seeks, lilac blossoms and comes alive as it shuffles through your memories. Prodding gently, it must know your past so that it may better know the future. Finding a memory it holds onto it, judging with tendrils of smoke. Deep coppers of interest and the sound of air being pressed downward, great force and blowing leaves as the mind retreats, pleased for the moment

Newfound Wisdom emerges from the shrouds' of trees, deep gold and white flow in like a river studying you the master must find a student to teach so that the knowledge learned will not die out. The one is seeks must be very special, without warning it clouds your mind with forest that would put Ista's to shame. Trees everywhere, concealing the mind though you get the eerie feeling like you're being watched, stalked and flashes of yellow come through like a million eyes are watching you. Retreating slowly, examining your thoughts and sinking back for a great battle is coming.

Ancient in the Jungle Egg


This egg appears wrapped in dense foliage, twisting about it's ovoid form in a fashion that gives the impression it might have sat there for thousands of turns. The intense greenery is woven about in an intricate pattern, oldest layers in the richest of emeralds, brightening to brilliant spiraling tendrils of lime. The younger layer almost appears to stretch out from the egg, as if you could reach out a hand and pull it off. But the surface is smooth and flat to touch. As one wanders around the egg to inspect this illusion there can be seen small gaps in the layers of vines, exposing the dull brass of tarnished gold. A larger gap nearest the resting base reveals a boldly carved eye with a hollow that once might have held a precious stone.

Jubilant Emerald Feathers burst into your mind with the euphoric sensation of being tickled — reaching up from your toes into your belly with deep-felt laughter and spirals of geometric color. They spread onward to your chest with breaths of rapturous joy and triumphantly shoot like adrenalin through your arms and into your very face. There they linger with kisses… like soft feathers, radiating a heat like that of passion-or simply strong drink- before slowly slipping back, pulling you with ever failing strength until they leave you with a drifting breath of longing.

Jubilant Emerald Feathers reappear in equal strength, blasting forth like a mighty wind over your skin before spiraling through your torso in vivid bursts of greens, golds, reds and sky blues. The colors bounce ping about your mind like many glowing marbles before all colliding into an elated explosion, as a firework, in a myriad of sparkling color which drifts down, blinking and out. The falling sparks tickle you here and there along your skin and within your mind, pulling up your happiest memories with the returning sense of longing before drifting into an enveloping darkness. Once again you are left bare in thought.

Jubilant Emerald Feathers hesitate a mere moment before plummeting down upon you in a rush of molten emotion. Streams of copper, silver and gold run down your thoughts, pooling in the greatest accomplishments of your life with a sense of awe and trickling into heartbroken gaps in efforts to fill them with joy. Coming to the present they linger at the edges of each thought with anticipation and excitement before falling off the edges in a victorious battle cry all the way down to an explosion of multicolored feathers that slowly drift into blackness. One, a single emerald feather, floats up before your mind's eye in a gentle breeze of gratitude. It wafts across, under your nose, as if a playful joke, before dropping, quill first, in a spiraling dive into oblivion.

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