Eggs and Mindtouches (Fall 2014)

Let's Split Up Egg
Swathed in bright, eye-catching colors, this egg is hard to miss. The shell is wreathed in a light blue that verges on turquoise, with a curling wave bright green cutting through it at the egg's bulging middle. If that weren't enough to draw the eye, a splotch of orange seems to have splattered itself on the side of the egg, in a shape that almost seems to resemble a flower. The color appears again higher up on the shell, twisting and bending in ways that almost seem to resemble some kind of writing spelling out just what this psychedelic ovoid is all about. But what does it say? It's a mystery!

Dem Bones Egg
At first glance there seems to be utterly nothing fancy about this egg. It's ovular, hard, and of average size. It does appear to be slightly bigger on one end and a bit heavy to one side so it tends to tip over despite the best attempts to keep it upright. The color of the egg overall is a yellowed ivory color like a sun-worn bone. Come to think of it, on closer inspection it does kind of look like a bone. There are faint, shallow impressions and pits in the egg's surface. As the light falls right, they catch the shadows and seem to give the eerie impression of a bleached skull sitting in the desert sands.

Kiss Of Red Egg
This egg is a little on the small side and particularly long and narrow, almost daring to edge on pointed at one side but never quite going that far. The color is a smooth gradation of monotone, pale greys and darker greys with a gentle sepia blush like the colors of an old photograph. Along one side of the egg is a smudge of scarlet, bright and red against the other tones, like someone with too much lipstick on had given it a run-by smooching.

Someone's Been At Me Egg
Right at the tip-top of this egg - at least, so long as it's standing up properly - there's a wedge of creamy yellow. It's quite an attractive color, really, framed with an ordinary sort of white. Eggshell white, one might say, though at least there's a few crumbs of that golden hue to brighten it, tumbling down to where, as the egg widens, it turns green instead, a worbled texture that's all quite green but differs in shade enough to give it a bumpy sort of look despite being smooth to the touch. The dividing line between white and green is skewed diagonally across the egg, and on the side where the white dips lowest, it's crossed by a streak of red like an arrow pointing toward that bit of gold on top.

Just Beneath the Surface
This mostly blue egg first appears calm and tranquil, perched on the sea of sand. Hints of color are vague. Distorted colorful shapes stretch and blot across the egg's pebbled surface. One spot that catches the eye looks to have several figures swimming above a kelpy garden, but hard to tell if they are man or fish. Another splash draws the gaze towards a spidery image in red, limbs seem to be thrashing about, causing a sandy cloak of invisibility to form. Deeper into the ocean blue depths, formations begin to rise up from corals reefs and crustacean covered boulders, resembling a mighty underwater amphitheater. The bottom of the egg seems to have been dipped in the blackest of ink, marring the otherwise flowing tranquility of the sunken world. Rising up from the inky pool, a shadowy finger stretches upwards, mingling with the kelp-green wavy tendrils as if trying to hide in the submerged harvest: Watching, waiting, planning.

Harmony 101 Egg
To look at this egg, one might think of a clash of personalities. It's an erratic display of colors all dashed up against the shell, tripping over each other. There's a generous helping of regal purple spread across the upper part of the shell, nudging up against a riotous splash of a boisterous blue at the peak. This melts into a sweet, soft pink which abuts a steadfast, true orange at the egg's sturdy base. A dash of red zings up the other side, loyally sticking to its hue without blending in. Through all of this haphazard, mismatched coloring twines a thread of magenta which studiously interlocks the chaos in a way that's almost magical, creating harmony out of the discord.

Infinite Possibilities
The shell of this ecto-green egg seems to pulse with some inner light, like a heartbeat summoning the unwary. A shimmer tugs your gaze to it, like a heat haze on a hot day, expanding across the rounded curve to make the egg 'grow' slowly right in front of your eyes. If you were to blink or look away from the ominous egg for even a split second, you'd swear it was a little taller and wider with each energy sapping tremor, til it would appear to be as tall as the cavern it resides in. Larger than life! But from one moment to the next, maybe a shadow passed across your vision, the egg shrinks back to normal size. It's quite innocent really. Not an ancient evil entity manipulating weak minds at all.

The Secreto de Oro egg
This egg is a curious one, settled there within the sands and kept nearly hidden from view by the other eggs as if trying to hide. The shell is smooth, no deforms found across the hard surfaces, color is a rich green that flows from the top nearly fully around the whole bottom side of the egg. This color varies when light hits it, sometime rich green and other times lighter tendrils of what look like pale yellow and faint orange here and there. There is one thing that does stick out somewhat, a golden trail though it is hidden well and only caught with the right bit of light hits to make it gleam and glitter. Not everyone can find the trail of gold that rests upon this egg, it is a mystery as to why it is there as well.

The Cimarron Alma egg
The egg is one of speculation among plenty that have seen it. It has a strange dark brown color that flows across its surface, the brown looks almost black near one end while a blaze of white appear upon the very top of the egg. It's surface has small little bumps across the center, almost like dirt bits that would take someone forever to shake off, just enough to be felt but barely anything that could be called seeable. Small marks are found across the center of the egg, the color sometimes pale yellow, other times white, a few roan and fawn that seem to move in small groups. Though of course shells don't move but the way the patterns rest upon this egg there is an illusion of movement that is just enough to be caught.

Wrecked Egg
The shape of this egg is reminiscent of a boulder. It is round, in a sense, though what would be smooth and curved sides are misshapen in places. Pushed in here and there as if the impacts of something hard has made permanent indentations in what was once a soft and pliable shell. Beaten. Pounded. Bullied into a shape it was never meant to be. But it still is an egg. Beyond the beaten bruises, it still is a thing that homes a creature inside. Its surface is slate gray with fissures of white and a darker gray jaggedly seen across the surface, causing it to appear rough to the touch. It sits like a stone on the sands, quiet and unassuming. But somewhere beneath its gray surface, there's a colored glow subtly peeking between the cracks, like an aura of something glorious waiting to break free.

Nothing to See Here Egg
A single teardrop sits on the bicolored sands. Sad. Forlorn. Forgotten. The blue shell of this egg certainly does look like a tear with its rounded base and oblong shape that narrows towards the peak. It has a smooth, almost glossy look, as if it truly consists of the salty substance that true tears consist of. Although the liquid-like appearance is only a facade, the gloomy appearance is not. The aforementioned shell indeed is blue, but at first glance it may appear to be the sort of gray one sees on a stormy day. An egg caught between two colors, but neither one fights for dominance. Instead, they've found an easy compromise, as if the battle was too much of a hassle to bother with. This in-between color covers the egg in its entirety, uniform in tone, causing it to be hum-drum in appearance. Ordinary. Commonplace. Completely unremarkable in comparison to many of its brethren

Side by Side Egg
A large, squat sort of egg, chubby and almost round at the base but stretched up a bit to make the right shape for an egg. It's mostly grey with one big oval of white, as though the whole thing has been dipped in grey dye save for a bit used to hold onto it. Set in the white there's a series of grey chevrons, two rows of them pointing up toward the top of the egg - and there, set in the grey, there's a pair of white spots with black flecks positioned such that they somehow manage to give the impression of eyes. They're likely watching you, or would be if they were anything more than random spots.

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