Eggs and Mindtouches (Fall 2013)

Bundle of Imperfections Egg
It's easy for the mottled colors of an egg's shell to give odd impressions at times. The heat of the sands wavering faint blue until a myriad of individual points of light shift into something the eyes recognize. There are the greens of distant trees, the outlines of ornate archways, and the outlines of buildings. It's a splash of blue that takes up most of the egg's surface, though. It's the sort of palette that draws the mind to recognize familiar sights. The contours outline human faces, with all of their imperfections. A girl with a too big nose, or a man with scarred features - the images seem different to everyone who looks at it. It's all up to interpretation. Whatever images linger on the surface, something more interesting surely lies beneath.

Sea of Tears Egg
At first glance, the shell of this egg appears not solid, but liquid. Night-dark ripples, silvered by moonlight, lap at the edge of a shadowed forest slumbering 'neath starry skies. Silhouetted against the heavens, stark black firs stand sentinel over a lake of shimmering waters, fed by neither springs nor streams, but wept into being long ago. Abandoned, limpid and unstirred, it has been forgotten by all but one.

Big Blue Box Egg
Though still rounded, this particular egg has a solid, boxy sort of shape. From its stout, heavy base, its sides rise in something closer to straight lines than the curves that might be expected, tapering abruptly at the top in a blob of white. Flowing down from there, royal blue coats the shell almost entirely, interrupted only by light, square-like splashes that roughly resemble small windows. Perhaps they are meant for the life inside to peer out at potential partners? A dark line runs down between two of these shapes, lending the appearance of doors that might spring open at any time to release whatever's inside. Covered with grain-like striations that run the length of the shell from top-to-bottom, this egg looks nearly wooden as it stands tall and inviting in the sands.

Never Born to Regret Egg
A sea of lilac and lavender and hints of grass green covers the base of this egg. Standing out in stark contrast are deep, rich dark brown streaks that overlap, taper and bend in such a way as to lend the illusion of the rising trunks of ageless trees. Flecks and spots of green give the image of sparse foliage, the thicker leaves and canopy hidden beyond the tip of the egg's shell. Light spills from the broad curved midsection of the shell, cloaking some of those trees in a fine and ethereal mist and maybe, just maybe, if one peers close enough they will see the slender white figure of a mythical beast — or was it just a trick of the eye?

Rolling in the Deep Egg
This great egg has a smooth and symmetrical shape. It is taller than it is wide, with a sturdy base and rounded tip. Its shell is marble-like both in color and patterning. Aquamarine. Royal blue. Deep gray. They swirl around the surface as if racing, dancing, to an unmarked finish line. Wisps of thin silver curl throughout, far brighter than the other hues and etching a shapeless pattern. Its bright formless designs at a glance seem to shift and move like an unruly child unable to keep still. It challenges the colors darker than itself, stirring the pot like a stick to paint. Greenish gray gather as storm clouds. Turquoise rolls like the raging waters of a storm at sea. Or maybe, it's merely the angle of the light and the positioning of colors that plays tricks on the eyes? The undulating storm stills. Nothing has really moved at all. But right there, just beneath those swirled colors of beauty, are tiny marred markings etched in deep earthy hues. Blurred zigzagged cracks spider-webbing beneath the surface, like hidden veins seen out of focus.

Lord of the Castle Egg
Once upon a time, there was a great castle that fell to ruin within a dark wood. The splashes of color upon this egg seem to recall those frightening childhood tales. Dark streaks of green and black form shadowy crevices where creatures might hide, lurking to scoop up unsuspecting passers by who dare to wander this far into the darkness. Stormy gray is offset by a streak of yellow, like lightning arcing out of the sky, casting light down upon castle ramparts. Paler stone-gray splotches outline craggy spires. Tattered swipes of pale blue form impressions of old flags now left to molder. Flecks if red and orange glow from the windows, as if someone might still be living in these cursed halls. Only the brave of heart would dare disturb what lies within.

Dare to Gain an Immortal Soul Egg
Blues such as those found on a clear summer's day sky just hours before final sunset coat the top portion of this egg, broken only by wisps of white where a few clouds linger. Below, a vivid swath of green heralds a grass cloaked ridge of sunbaked stone that rises steeply upwards before sheering off to overlook the rolling waves of the sea-green ocean below. Winding away from the cliffs is the shoreline itself, a beach made of smooth sand that from the angle seen seems to invite you to come forwards and tread along the fine line between land and sea where the waves wash up close and behind them leave swirling patterns of seafoam in their wake.

Great Green Egg
A very round sort of egg, and a very green one. It's not all one shade, instead dappled with different shades of green in a complex overlay that evokes a sense of pattern and meaning without quite revealing what it's meant to be. Near the bottom, pale green streaks might be a ring of flame - or perhaps they're blades of grass, and the round blotches just above are little flowers nestled amidst them. On one side, a pattern of light and shadow might be a face - but whose? Is that shaggy hair, or a gauzy dress? There's no telling what lies inside, though the other side of it holds a pair of pale green spots, a darker splotch between them giving them the appearance of spectacles - though there's nothing to be seen but green.

Light Our Darkest Hour Egg
Standing taller than one might expect, this imposing egg shines with a metallic-seeming exterior. Randomized and mechanical-looking shapes — coated in cardinal, silver, and royal blue — armor this hulking ovoid, looking as if they could be reordered at will to form something new. But what? Clearly, there's more to this egg than immediately meets the eye. A gilded, sphere-like shape graces the center of one side-face, an eerie sky-blue light appearing to shine from within its center. Radiating out in a faint starburst pattern, this faux-glow may pull the eye in, lending the promise of something truly magnificent contained within. Though this egg is quite large in size, it is also exceedingly curvaceous. Be careful when touching: you wouldn't want it to accidentally roll out of reach.

One Thousand Eyes Egg
The surface of this egg is etched in feathery whorls of iridescent olive arching gracefully to the apex in gilt-chased curls. Peeking out from amidst the pinion-shapes are circlets of lime, filled with gold and centered with a bullet of teal-edged blue. There appears to be thousands of them. Eyes? Perhaps they are watching you!

Tears of Ink Egg
Foreboding darkness. This egg is glossy and pitch black. An inverted mirror, for its surface is glossy enough to be reflective, but an egg so soullessly black seems nearly evil. This one is relatively small and shaped like a drop of ink squeezed from the tip of a pen. A teardrop egg, and perhaps it's fitting for its shape to be reminiscent of what one does when sadness and fear grips the heart. But subtle beauty lies within the deep obsidian. Hope within hopelessness. Within the gloss, made as if with the tip of a tiny blade, are intricate patterns. Some blocklike. Some curvy. Like the hieroglyphics of another place and time. So slight the figures are that from a distance they are near invisible. But up close, if one takes the time to look past and through the obvious, there's an entirely different shell to be seen.

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