Meet the Eggs Fall 2010

These are the eggs for Kilaueth and Isterreth's Fall 2010 clutch - Enjoy!

Coils of Energy Egg
Dull silver snakes round and round over a field of white. From acme to sand hidden base the coils wrap, offering peaks of the pristine whiteness beneath from time to time. A rather plain egg with a wider mid-section then most where the coils seem to be gathered more tightly, overlapping each other until the appearance of a ridge is offered. To make it stand out all the more the poor ovoid seems to lean to one side even when standing straight and tall, and that needle like tip seems ready to lead the egg towards a fall.
Battling All Blazes comes to you through a vast field of dense smoke, cloying and thick and yet it doesn't seem to be choking you at all. Gentle hands filled almost seem to be checking you for injury, seeking out those hidden aches and pains while probing softly into your memories and thoughts, putting bandages on those it can while trying to ease the pain of others. The smoke curls about you, guiding you along to safety, checking to make sure you've both made it through ok. Creeping through the flames is a slow growing heat, flashes of dark orange breaking through the smokey grays but yet you are safe, protected and kept outside of the flames.

Battling All Blazes steps forward before as the flames grow higher and hotter, pushing you firmly back. Flashes of yellow and silver block your path should you try to get closer to the flames. It now seeks to openly explore your memories, pushing deep to find those that trouble you the most, it treats you with gusts of cool air across your brow, a comforting hand mental touch so you know all is well and that nothing can harm you now. Carefully it eases out of your mind, showering the flames down until there's nothing left but fragile wisps of vapor that vanish quickly leaving your mind at ease with troubles and fears pushed aside for now.

Battling All Blazes reaches out from no where, leading you through the ashes of the past. While a lot has been lost, a lot ruined, it tries to show you that there are so many new paths that you can follow and perhaps this young mind will be the one walking along beside you as guide and friend. It does not hover over you, but lets you wander around knowing it is there. It pushes aside the large pieces of debris, helping you find those special memories that are well worth saving while trying to keep you away from the ones that aren't. Slowly though it drifts back from you, knowing that it must let you do so much on your own. One last fond mental pat then it's gone, leaving you to your thoughts, perhaps making you wonder and perhaps look more deeply into those things in your past that could be gotten rid of.
Riding on Rainbows Egg
Pretty pink swirls dance around the shell of this medium sized egg, twisting with tendrils of turquoise and wisps of yellow as they stretch from one end of the shell to the other. Colors intermingle, switching places time and again, like a rainbow stretched and pillowed on top of itself to create the very shape of the ovoid. Along one side, a series of golden splotches appear, a large spot reminiscent of a star set amidst a crescent moon, shapes imperfect but distinct to an imaginative mind.
Fairytale Wishes sparkle with tinges of gold and silver, metallic hues glimmering in the perfect rays of sunlight that stream through the delicate mind. A flair of pink streaks through the mind, a little bow, a polite touch, and then a fleeting pass at your thoughts. Good day, good person!

Fairytale Wishes continue to sparkle cheerfully, like many candles on an elaborate chandelier, a careful dance weaving in and out through the strains of your thoughts. A dip, a touch, a polite question, never probing too deeply, nor assuming too much, a ribbon of green interwoven, with a splash of pink, a flower offered sweetly.

Fairytale Wishes flares up, and then seems to begin to dim, a distant chime echoing through your thoughts. There seems to be a moment of panick, as the gold and silver sparkles seem almost unbearable to look at, before the blue is gone, the silver and gold not long behind it, leaving no trace, and your mind empty.
Quick Draw Egg
Dark grays wrap around the front of this egg, while a red banding encompasses the gray and wraps around the back. It doesn't seem to stand out at first, being a rather dull egg and of rather small size, until closer inspection. Deep within the gray are darker gray lines that are hard to see from far away, they swirl and fall back on themselves, seeming to make a picture of some kind if even if it's not immediately apparent as to what that picture is. The lines are rather jagged and seem to be poorly made, as if the hand making them was a little shaky and unsure of what it was doing.
Tinkling of Bells runs around your mind in a sudden rush of colors, and you're not quite able to see it clearly at first. There's a creeping sensation at the edges of your mind and just when you think it dissapears, you feel a sudden pounce on your mind as it searches for any information. Name. Date of birth. How old. When was the last time you had a check up? A clipboard seems to materialize, jotting down various notes and pieces of information and stores it away for a later date.

Tinkling of Bells leisurely stretches out within the egg with a rather loud yawn, oh, you're back? There's a quiet swishing noise as if a tail wiggles back and forth through non-existant air. It snuffles at you with curiosity, as if seeming to realize something and then there's a loud flop. The clipboard appears yet again, although this time it seems to dig deeper into your mind. What was your first pet? Did it have a name? Did you treat it well? Do you like animals? More questions linger at the edges of your mind and the presense only stays still long enough for the answer before it disappears in a flash of colors.

Tinkling of Bells crashes and scrapes at the edges of your mind, a sense of overjoyment fills the presence and before you know it, it pounces at you in a hurried fashion as if happy to see you. More questions seem to file into its mind, if having forgotten to ask. What is it like out there, do they treat the animals well? Do they get regular care and routine checkups? There's a pointed yawn and the presence seems to turn around in a complete circle and flops down where it is. Soon it retreats from your mind as it falls asleep where it lies.
World of Possibilities Egg
Oddly angular, this egg appears to have a dimpled surface and looks a little unfinished overall. Its shape could not be called oval, even by the generous, but what it lacks in form it makes up for in color. Cherry red buffets against bright yellow, white dances with grassy green, dull gray intermingles with royal blue, and all link together to build up this unusual egg. Thin threads of silver, out of place yet seeming somehow right, wend their way through the blocks of color, adding a hint of the future that lurks behind the present.
Visions of Sugar Plums creep into your mind, slowly at first, almost as if wishing to keep hidden and simply observe from afar. There's a slight mental tugging, a nudge against your own self-identity, a check to see if you might be the one that they seek. Contact fades slowly, but the overwhelming feeling that you're being watched remains.

Visions of Sugar Plums are more forceful this time, entering your mind with a more definite action. Your past is rifled through, one particularly unimpressive moment lingered over and shown back to you. Was this you? Did you do this? Though it does not demand an answer there is a feeling that somehow this will decide something for it. Somehow confirm your identity.

Visions of Sugar Plums return more insistent than before, and this time there is no memory that they are unwilling to stir up. A sharp metallic tang accompanies the mental handcuffs being snapped into place as each of your past indiscretions and bad decisions are paraded out for you to see. The charges read, the mental restraints suddenly vanish, releasing you back on your own recognisance, and as the touch begins to fade there's a sudden blast of fire followed by an almost apologetic return of the being hidden behind the shell. Whatever just happened, it didn't mean to do it.
Outlook Not So Good Egg
This small obsidian egg seems out of place where it lies, and perhaps stranger yet it appears to be almost entirely spherical, any point buried beneath the red sands that surround it. Near what can only be vaguely designated as the top is a thin silver band segregating another perfect circle of shell. In the top circle lies a watery blue triangle, its surface speckled with white flecks that could almost become words if it was squinted at long enough, but whose meaning, if there is one, is obscured for the moment.
High Explosives and Electricity fizz in your mind, swirling with barely concealed excitement. There's a sense of waiting, of anticipation, then a sensation of pressure that is gone almost as soon as it begins. Then… nothing. Silence. Suddenly, as if from far away, there's a faint pop followed by raucous laughter before the touch fades completely.

High Explosives and Electricity reset themselves in your head, busily zipping around, getting into places and almost taking over your entire being. Slowly there builds that feeling of anticipation once more. This time! A count down starts, 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… a pause, and then once again the pop, a fizzing feeling, then that faint ozoney smell of something gone wrong. The laughter is slightly subdued this time, still amused but frustrated.

High Explosives and Electricity reform slower this time, taking their time, getting into position. It's almost a feeling of trepidation that accompanies this touch, a feeling that failure is definitely an option but not the preferred one. Silence falls, but the touch holds firm. The countdown begins again. Then it happens! A whoosh, a sudden feeling of heat, and glee - pure unadulterated glee. Finally the being retreats, happy.
Master of Deception Egg
A rather boxy egg, some trick of design has given this ovoid an almost cubic build. The apex and base are shaded in pale, silvery gray, thin lines of black picking out edges and creases, though the shell itself remains smooth. Rich, royal midnight picks up where metallic hue ends, encasing the entire belly of the egg in a dark, almost menacing shade. A single rectangle of soft, glossy blue, centered on one side of the egg, seems to contain a pair of spindles and an odd sigil formed of pale violet lines - a stylized, inhuman face - beneath the glossed surface. Though at a glance it seems but one unassuming egg amongst many, there's a hint of malevolence and a sinister charisma that suggests that one might call this egg unpretentious, but one could never call it unchrosomatic.
Rhythmic Dissonance is heard before it is seen, a single note, soft and steady. Within moments, it is joined by another, then a third, creating a singular chord that sings through your mind, kicking up mental vibrations that shiver across your thoughts, kicking up colors that shimmer brightly as they radiate upwards. Rich rainbow hues swirl and eddy, sifting through thought and memory to pluck them forth into a gyrating dance as the music slowly builds.

Rhythmic Dissonance grows, building slowly in a deep rumble, before an abrupt crash of sound sets your mental ears to jangling. Caught in a whirlwind of color, thoughts and memories flare like tiny points of fire through the dancing, spinning hues. Beneath the sharp-edged wail and whine of music, a steady beat drones, the deep-throated rhythm measuring the time and adding an odd regularity to the spiraling motion of hue and shadow. After a final crescendo of sound, the cacophony gradually drains away, fading into the distance.

Rhythmic Dissonance is soft now, faintly heard above the throb of your own heart, the chords falling away one by one until all that is left is the steady beat of that deep-voiced rhythm, marking time with the pounding of your blood. Colors slow, still, releasing the firefly-flames of your memories and thoughts back into the keeping of your mind until all that remains is the afterglow of pleasure that comes from a performance well-done. With one last strike of the drum, all falls silent, colors receding until there is nothing left but you.
Child's Whimsy Egg
A rather egg-shaped egg, this perfectly oval ovoid seems almost a child's representation of what a dragon's egg should look like. As though pieced together, several different blobs of color slap against each other, melting together to form a solid whole. Across the top, rich red bleeds downward into the belly of the egg, bright blue on the left and sunny yellow on the right - a thin strip of green marking where the two colors meet in the middle. Along the base, velvety purple and neon orange wrangle to cover the foot, muddy brown blobs indicating points where the two colors mingle grudgingly. Matte from top to bottom, the egg seems to absorb the light, giving it an almost pliant appearance - as though a single touch will leave behind an imprint.
Iridescent Wings flutter forth from the darkness, shimmering gold and blue, green and violet as they swirl around your mind, dancing on an unfelt breeze. One by one, they alight, tickling feet trailing over thoughts and memories as they sift curiously through them, ever moving, ever touching. Foreign giggles sound, soft, delighted laughter echoing in the reaches of your head as feather-light fingers cheerfully rummage through those sensations that stick with you, even when the exact recollection has long since faded into obscurity. Abruptly, wings shimmer and buck as they spring aloft once more in a spiral of giddy color before fading away to nothing.

Iridescent Wings burst forth in a shimmer of light, tracing abstract designs across your mind as they wheel and dip, chiming bells accompanying their movements. Spiraling in a slow dance, they spin and twirl, leaving behind after images as the sparkling hues which grace their surfaces burst forth into light, then fade away to dimness once more. Like a fireworks show, they paint pictures in your head, leaving stylized echoes of themselves in random patterns across a black velvet backing. Slowly, the trails grow fainter, the explosive display eventually becoming nothing more than once more memory as the wings rush into darkness once more, leaving only the faintest of glows to mark their passage.

Iridescent Wings return, a rainbow of hues as they dance playfully through your head, tugging and teasing at you to join them in their gleeful ballet. As they move, shimmering sparkles follow, painting glittering streaks across the depths of your mind, a living, breathing picture that flickers between your memories - a face, an animal, a draconic visage - ever-changing as the wings shift and glide, laying down trails of glitter in their wake. Slowly, they once more fade away, leaving behind only the fairy-dust drawings to mark their passage through your head, before those, too, die away into nothingness, and you are alone once more.
Whimsical Practitioner Egg
From a dragon's-eye-view, this egg would seem quite bland, mundane. Sterile white marks it as rather uninteresting from that angle, little to make for any in-depth conversation with only faint stains of who-know-what here and there; pinkish, brownish, even yellow, they're faded and somewhat uninteresting. However, from a lower viewpoint, shapes begin to rise from the bland white background along the bottom hemisphere. Caught in some half-imagined shadow, they're hard to distinguish, but get close enough and they become somewhat more familiar. Is that…a sphygmomanometer? It's circular and bright red with a white face and seems to be set in some sort of a cuff, and that next to it could be a pump. But why would that stethoscope next to it be bright yellow? The shapes are all so bright and cheerful, so rounded and bubbly, it's hard to take it seriously. And yet, short and oddly flattened as it might be, the egg still somehow manages to be somewhat…whimsical.
Courageous Voyager is there. Probably. Possibly. It's hard to tell, but there's something there, something pondering you, weighing, wondering. The sands fade, eventually, into darkness. Still the mind waits, lurking in the shadows.

Courageous Voyager are suddenly it's there again, Minutes, or perhaps it's hours, or days having passed. Curiosity comes to the front of your mind with a rush, followed by a burst of color and sound so vibrant as to be painful. The pain fades quickly though, the presence patient. Clearly, it shares something dear to it, because every little detail is attended to with loving precision, every flower multihued and every bit of bark the perfect texture.

Courageous Voyager fades and returns yet again. The fact that everything is colored wrong, way too bright and way too rainbow-y to be real doesn't really strike you as odd, it must simply be somewhere you haven't seen before! Then a path seems to unfurl within the scarlet-lemon moss of the jungle floor, a question — a challenge — is clear within the mind you share: Will you take it?
Innocuous Fuzz and Buttons Egg
Quite rotund, this egg looks strangely…soft. It almost looks like it has /fur/, but that just can't be right. A warm, dark brown in color, the subtle variations in shade from near-black to honeyed brown do indeed look like fur, but up close it is just as normal as any other egg. Five paler tan-shaded spots seem almost velveteen, while the tan spot nearest the apex of the egg is marked with a large black spot that looks almost like a button; matching a pair of them situated slightly above it. From a distance, the effect is of a large, round animal face of some sort, the body sporting four tan paws…it's not a canine, but what can it be?
Moonstone and Mystery are subtle and careful - when your fingers brush the shell, it seems as though nothing at all happens, until you try and pull away. Suddenly, a silvered mist springs to life all around you, thoroughly disorienting. Just as quickly as the mist sprang to life, though, it seems to be banished with a flourish, and you stand on a high tower, staring at a land divided, far away from the familiar sands.

Moonstone and Mystery glow once more, thickening the fog, and solidifying the images in your mind. To one horizon sprawls a land of fire and smoke, the very air seething with danger and malignancy. Opposite it, fields of rolling bright green grass and bright wildflowers stretch, birds sing and peace reigns. As you contemplate these two divided places, the presence within the egg waits calmly, patiently.

Moonstone and Mystery glimmer, briefly, lingering there on the edge of nowhere. Eventually, having given you time to ponder the situation, it arrives once more in a swirl of candescent thought and poses a deceptively simple question: Which would you choose to champion? How it expects you to answer isn't clear, but the question hangs still in your mind, even as the light touch disappears.
Amidst the Darkest Night Egg
From afar this egg looks more like a big rock than an egg at all, and if it wasn't so precariously buried in the sand with the rest of the eggs someone might mistake it for a good seat. It has a smooth, round shape and is a rather non-descript shade of black. Upon closer inspection however, the egg's shell of solid black is hardly that at all. Instead it's been covered in thousands and thousands of tiny specks of different color. Orange, green, red, purple, and every color in between; as if someone shrunk a group of painters to tiny proportions and had them speckle paint over the shell's entire surface. Certain areas even seem to work together to form distinct patterns similar to the way a group of clouds might.
A Force Unseen creeps into your mind as you touch this egg. Its existence is certain, but it is elusive. It is elusive by nature, and any force you exert to attempt to discover it only renders it that much harder to actually see. It darts across your memories and feelings like an insect moving from flower to flower, picking up bits and pieces of the information that make up you as it goes. It is infiltrating you! And leaving hardly a trace of itself as it moves.

A Force Unseen has slowed the rate of change between memories somewhat. Instead of rapid entrances and exits, it is taking the time to absorb the memory and the feelings associated with it while also taking long breaks of silence in between. And while it does this, it is bending and conforming to those feelings. A happy memory makes it feel happy, a sad memory leads to sadness, and so on. There is a desire to make its wavelengths of mind the same as yours, and to blend in with the memories it is discovering within you. However the gaps between its surges are widening. Has this presence left you?

A Force Unseen makes one final explosion into your mind! There is a fleeting moment where you can feel its entire being clearly. It is just a split second, but there is a rush of feelings that are imprinted into your memory before the presence fades completely this time. Just one single announcement of exit, one second of clarity, followed by solitude as you are once again left alone.
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