Egg Touchings

Candidates will ICly spend more time with them than we RP on-cam, so keep that in the back of your mind when you RP how you've been spending your days (i.e. chores, craftwork, egg touching, free time, etc).


ICly the queen's rider will always be there - the sire's rider may also be there. (maybe off to the side on the platform) as well as the AWLMs (they'll be out there on the sands circulating and keeping a close eye on you lot). ICly the AWLMs will have gone over the rules before you enter the Sands (basically no running, no horseplay or being loud).

No one is to RP having been out on the sands without the weyrwoman or AWLMs there. This won't happen and the clutching queen will eat you.


  • Outside of Touchings, the Sands are still off limits.
  • If the SCo member is alone, they may only invite 3-4 people to touch at a time.
  • Please ask before joining a touching.
  • For touchings the weyrwoman or AWLM will set. Please wait for it before posing in.
  • Please have a look at
  • Please see +help for commands in here.
  • There is no pose order.

Running an Egg Touching

+Tnext <#>=<candidate> - Sends the candidate the next pre-set touch for egg <#>

+Tsleep <#>=<candidate> - Sends a 'sleepy' message to the candidate for egg <#>. This should be used only if they have used up all the pre-set touch messages and you don't feel like whipping up another on the spot.

+Shoo <name> from # - Removes <name> from Egg #. In case someone has to scoot but doesn't untouch!

Thea's Helpful Hints

It's easy to lose track or froget how many egg touches the candidate has recieved. I use a notepad to check off egg touches as I trigger the command like so:

Soriana Kale
+Tnext 1=Soriana +Tnext 10=Kale
+Tnext 1=Soriana +Tnext 10=Kale
+Tnext 1=Soriana +Tnext 10=Kale

This way when I've done three for each, I know there are no more for that egg and also which eggs they've touched.

  • The eggs' mindtouches are spammy - when the code is triggered these will be emitted to the Search Knot
  • Consider a spawn window to kick the mtouches on the Search Knot to a side window.

If you use Simplemu:
1) Click on 'Game'
2) Choose 'Add Spawn Defenition'
3) For the Window Caption You can put: 'Knot' or just leave blank
4) For Pattern strings to filter to spawn window you need to put: [XanaduSearch]*

  • (Having both [Xanadu Weyr]* and [XanaduSearch]* can help a lot)
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