Dragon Writing Guidelines

These are basic guidelines - nothing here is set in stone!


Need the following components:



  • Keep them around 200 - 250 words if you can.
  • May have an egg theme (this can be a lot of fun!)


  • Three to four of these.
  • Try to keep each one of them around 170-200 words (some do get really spammy but it makes for melty-brained candidates).
  • Usually evocative of both the egg teme AND dragon to be. These are fun if they can include as many of the senses in them as possible (sight, scent, taste, touch and sound).


The mindtouches will all start with this.

NPC Dragons

(Options for writing NPC Dragons goes here)


Need the following components:



MINDVOICE (Drawn from the mindtouches)





  • Egg
  • Dragon
  • Name meaning




DESCRIPTION (what you see when you look at the dragon. Nothing about how he moves or his grown up build should be here. You do want to give a general feel for the dragon's build (ie stocky, well-proportioned or sleek, etc) as well as the coloring here:

  • Keep them around 200 - 250 words if you can.
  • Find a Description Theme - one thing - to base the desc off of.
  • Remember you are describing a body - know your dragon body parts (but you don't have to describe every inch of them!):

-Neckridges (or just 'ridges)
-Tail (has a fork near the end)
-Wings (parts include: wingbones or spars, wingsails or webbing, leading or trailing edges)
-Forelegs or forequarters
-Hindlegs or hindquarters (haunches)
-paws, toes or talons and claws

  • Use a logical progression: Rather than jumping all over the dragon back and forth, what you want to do is progress from the head - muzzle, headknobs, neck, neckridges down to the body - shoulders, back, tail - then wings torso and flanks, ending with the underbelly, legs and finally claws.
  • Metaphors are good - but not too many. It can be sort of poetic or evocative of the theme
  • 3 lines would be a little sparse - players when they look at someone's dragon, really don't want to get hit with a huuuuge wall of spam, either. 8-12 lines is probalby what you want. Avoid extra-wordiness by omitting phrases such as: 'evidently', 'predominately’, further’, ‘in nature’, 'continues with’, ‘both which’, ‘similarly’ and ‘seemingly’
  • Avoid powerposing phrases like: 'he menaces the onlooker' or 'she makes those who look at her feel awe'.
  • Watch for flow - avoid repetitive phrases and state what the dragon is instead of what it is not.
  • Avoid run-on sentences, mis-spelling and grammatical errors (please proof-read carefully!)

RP TIPS: (personality)

Should include:

  • Overview (The way the dragon moves goes here as well as an overall summary of its basic personality) - 1 paragraph
  • First days and early growth (how the dragon moves) - 1-2 paragraphs
  • Weyrlinghood - 1-2 paragraphs
  • Adult/Wing - 1-2 paragraphs
  • Flights - 1-2 paragraphs
  • Summary - 1 paragraph - includes why the dragon chose this candidate - 1 paragraph

- Separate all the sections with %r %r
- There is a hard limit (it cuts off at around 4850 characters with spaces)
- You may use RPTips #= <blah> and RPTips2 #= <blah> (to check them it is check #, check2 # and check 3 #

  • Write in the style you are comfortable with.
  • Spammy dragons - while some people LOVE them, this CAN get intimidating to new SCo folks fearing they can't live up to that 'high standard'. Sometimes this will result in some elaborately-written ones and some plain ones. Then folks might feel that theirs was 'not thought out and given the effort the others were'. Don't be reluctant to collaborate on this if you are sparse on wordiness. Other Co members are usually happy to assist.
  • Be careful not to state absolutes where interactions with other the Weyrling dragons are concerned because it's power-pose-ish. Collaborate with the other writers to see if the interactions mesh with differing dragon personalities.
  • Some questions the RPTips should answer:

Why did the dragon pick the candidate in particular? What did it see in that person?

How does the young dragon handle handle Weyrling lessons and Wing exercises?

Flights - does he or she form attachments to the winner afterwards or just love 'em and leave 'em?

Is he or she friendly and talkative with other dragons and makes close friends or is he aloof?

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