Search and Candidacy: Chores

ICly candidates who are in a craft are expected to be productive members of Xanadu Weyr and pull their weight by working in their own craft under the Weyr’s journeymen and masters. Candidates who don’t have a craft would be assigned chores and all of them would work for 6 days out of seven. Late afternoons and evenings are considered free time and all Candidates have a rest day (day off).

Both craft duties and chores (which are randomly assigned) will take up your morning hours, while the afternoon would be taken up with classes (Pern history, etiquette, basic dragonhealing). If there is a group of illiterate candidates, then the harpers will spend short amounts of intense study with them, to ensure they have basic skills.

Candidates are not drudges or slave labor. They are not there to wait hand and foot on dragon riders! Your chores are assigned by the Weyrwomen and the Headwoman and no one else. The general chores you would get assigned to are simply things about the Weyr that need doing. When there are no Candidates, ordinary residents do these jobs.

Here is a list of general chores:

  • Caverns Cleaning Duty
  • Feed and groom Runners
  • Firestone Sorting/Sacking
  • Kitchen Help
  • Laundry and Mending
  • Mucking Duty
  • Peel Tubers
  • Polish Furniture
  • Run Errands
  • Wash Dishes
  • Help Wash Dragons
  • Weed Garden

There is a Chore Roster located in the Candidate barracks that updates itself once a day - please feel free to check that for ideas!

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