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Welcome to Candidacy at Xanadu Weyr! This information is also available on game, but is located here for your reference.

Congratulations and welcome to Xanadu Weyr!

While on-line time is very important to that final decision of impression, we really don't expect you to be on 24/7. In fact if you are approaching being on 24/7 we hope you'll turn off your computer and go do something else for an hour or six. If you are going to be away for any extended periods of time (if RL intervenes, computer problems, vacation etc) we would appreciate it if you could let us know somehow, with an @mail to SearchCo. The impetus is on you to show us your stuff however, and it's much better if we see you out and about role-playing with everyone, than tucked away constantly with one person or idling in the barracks. RP is what helps us get to know you. Along those lines, we strongly encourage you to post your logs to the wiki! We'll be reading them to see what happens when we're not around.

Please take the time to read through the Candidate section on the Xanadu webpage ( as it contains a lot of very useful information. And remember to set your &pos to Xanadu Weyr Candidate and @link yourself in the candidate barracks.

Chores are set daily ICly by the Headwoman and her assistants, and can be found on the chore board in the barracks. Those of you with crafts will be permitted to spend much of your chore time on them instead, though you'll still be expected to contribute. There will also be various lessons and side trips, designed to educate you in your potential life as a dragonrider and keep you busy and out of trouble in some combination.

The hatching date will typically be set according to '+help search schedule' on-game; as hatching day marches closer we'll be asking for you to let us know which date and which times would be best for you to attend the hatching. The exact date and time will be set dependent upon when the majority can attend.

Your input is valuable to us and as such we encourage you to comment on your fellow candidates, both good and bad (scomment/xaw <name>=<text>). You see a side of things that we may never get to see which is why we value candidate comments a lot. If your comment is something you do not feel comfortable having shared with the entire SearchCo, then please at least either page or @mail the Senior Weyrwoman and the Weyrleader to let us know.

Candidacy is not a competition, there is no prize to be won. It is a time for meeting people and having fun. There are many ways to develop and RP a character; being a rider is only one of the ways you can do it. We were once exactly where you are, and if you need us then we're here for you, don't be afraid to page us or ask for time for a chat.

Your SearchCo: Citayla, F'yr, K'vir, Ki'lian, V'ro, R'hyn, and Risali

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