Sample Application

This application is merely for reference - all applications must be filled out on game by typing SEARCH ME.

If you have any questions, they may be directed to any person with 'SearchCo' in their @doing.

More information about search can be found in the help section search.

.Section One: Game Wide Questions.

1. What is your current email address?~

2. Please list the three letter knot alias of all areas to which your character belongs.
For instance, a minecrafter posted to Telgar Hold should enter 'MIC TEH' and a resident of Fort Weyr would put 'FOW'. If you do not belong to an area, please put 'NONE'.~

3. What colors do you wish to Impress? Please rank the colors and be as detailed as possible about your preferences.~

4. What is your character's sexual preference?
Valid answers are Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual. This is only relevant if you are applying for a metallic dragon — metallic dragons will not Impress to homosexual characters.~

.Section Two: Xanadu Weyr Questions.

5. What is your access like? Is it constant? When are you usually on? What timezone are you in? Do you expect any extended absences within the next 6 months?~

6. Why would you like this character to be a rider? If you don't Impress, what are your plans for the character? Will they continue in their craft, move onto another weyr or remain here and develop the depth of your character and try for the next hatching (next October)?

7. What experience do you have with Candidacy? With Weyrlinghood? Do you have any experience with basic coding (ie: puppet controls, building)? This is only so we know if we may have to spend extra time addressing these issues.

8. When you were a child, what did you dream of being when you grew up? What does your character long to become or do?

9. Is there a particular scene or plot that you have been involved in here or else game that you are particularly proud of? What was your role, and why does it stick out in your mind?

10. Do you have anything else to add, that wasn't covered here? All dragon information will be covered in a subsequent questionnaire to the candidates.~

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