Sample Application

If you're curious what sorts of things we ask in the candidate application, here's an example.

This application was used in the Fall 2018 search at Xanadu. The current application is likely to be different. During the search cycle, you can fill out the current application on game by typing SEARCH ME and following the instructions there.

If you have any questions, find someone with 'SearchCo' in their @doing on game and ask them!

More information about search can be found in the help section search.

Fall 2018 Application Questions

  1. List the colors you wish to Impress, or if you are Stand Only please note that here. You will have a chance closer to hatching to refine your preferences if you change your mind after being Searched.
  2. Please describe your level of familiarity in playing on this type of game, and with the Pern theme.
  3. Please list any Alts that you wish SearchCo to know about.
  4. What is your character's sexual preference? Valid answers are Heterosexual, Homosexual and Bisexual. Please note: metallic dragons will not Impress to homosexual characters.
  5. When are you usually around? (Please include time zone.) This will help us schedule candidate events.
  6. What's interesting about this character?
  7. Why do you want a dragon for this character?
  8. What interests you about Xanadu Weyr?
  9. Are you hoping for anything in particular out of this candidacy? Is there anything you hope to avoid?
  10. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or one hundred duck-sized horses?
  11. Anything else? Questions, comments, things we didn't ask about but you think we should have… whatever it is, it can go here!
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