Lady Holder Ryeira



Rye is a tall woman, though perhaps considered short by Bitran standards at 5'8". She has a delicate build, almost to the point of being considered frail. She takes great care with her skin, doing her best to stay out of the sun to maintain her pale visage. If she should spend an overly amount of time in the sun she easy burns, so when she does venture out she is seen in broad rimmed hats and veils.
Her eyes are the slate blue like a new formed storm cloud on a sunny day. Her long raven hair is usually held up in some rigid formed braid or another, giving her a rather harsh appearance. She rarely smiles, always looking rather serious. She is prone to wearing rather subdued colours while dressed in the latest fashions.


Rye is the eldest daughter of the younger sister of Lord Bitra. She was raised as a proper lady. Molded to be a match in a lesser political marriage. Her lessons were those of needlework and other gentle arts as well as the running of a household and the duties of a Lady. In those early days she did fight the restrictions, wishing to do naught else was run the fields with the children of the hold and ride the runners in the stables. Her father tightened the restrictions as she grew, giving her more duties and tasks until she had no more time for such frivolity in the end she was formed into that perfect daughter. Though she did occasionally sneak out to find time for a ride.
As she grew into a beautiful young woman Her parents did go into negotiations with various holds from all of Pern, trying to find a good match for their daughter. It was finally decided that the Heir to Rubicon River Hold would make a suitable match and on her 16th birthday she was betrothed to a man she would not meet for another two years. On her 18th birthday she was bundled on a ship with all her belongs, her dowry and a small staff to attend her betrothed and be married officially. While not pleased with the arrangement she remained a loyal daughter and went as duty dictated.


The move was quite a change for this sheltered woman. A lady from the cold north suddenly deposited on the sandy shores of the Southern Continent, to a man she had never met, to be guided by a mother in law who she could never please. That displeasure grew as turn after turn the couple failed to produce a child. During which time the couple endured the rumours of the family and the hold over their lackings. When at least Rye did she had the gall to produce a girl instead of a proper male Heir. At least her husband showed pleasure in this birth.

The fragile support she had built with her husband nearly fell apart when he was nearly killed in an attack that killed his father. With great relief of the hold Leonidis did recover and the couple were confirmed as Lord and Lady holder of Rubicon River Hold. It was not long after that the Lady announced she was with child. The child proved to be a healthy male child in the end, Lyerdes, heir to Rubicon.

Life continued on at the hold amoungst its storms, attacks and such but Rubicon weathered it all. It was some five turns later that disaster would strike and in the worse way. It was the height of fishing season and the main ship was filled with the men and woman of the hold including Leonidas and his brothers to lead it. It was to be a sevenday long fishing voyage to the deep waters of the seas as was done every year without incident. But this time they never returned. Not a firelizard amoung the crew did return. The lady Ryeira called upon the help of Weyrwoman Niva and Xanadu weyr but scant evidence was ever found of the ship's fate: a weathered board thought to be from the ship, the odd barrel.

For months did Ryeira hold out hope, until hope was finally lost. Almost a turn later she was called to conclave to confirm her as lady holder, but because of her supposed cool nature and her Bitran blood the council thought it better that she would lead only till Lyerdes came of age and a warden be put in place to ensure his affairs were protected. Lord Gaerwyn was chosen, a manner who was as formal as Ryeira's own, rigid and unbending. He was thought to be the perfect foil to Ryeira's old unbending formality. Some even took bets on how long it would take before he suffered some accidents at the cliffs of Rubicon.

No accidents did befall him and the pair worked in relative harmony, his formality endearing him in the Lady's eyes and each day they did meet over the business of the day, then each day they went upon their own business. The second anniversary of her Lord's death did pass before some noticed a change in the pair, most noticeably Ryeira. More and more she relaxed about him, finding herself favouring his company, desiring of it until one night in a weopon's practice did finally it became evident that the feelings were mutual. At first both did fight it, but the battle was quickly lost. They were discreet in their meetings as best they could. Would it be scandel? Would it be accepted? Finally though they could keep secret no longer and the Warden did propose to her and she did accept.

They were married not long after the announcement of her nuptials and the whispers around the hold say that such a rush was not only desired of the couples but needed. Does the fortunes shine upon this new couple in a babe, or will it be lost like so many others she had lost before? Will the conclave Approve of their 'hasty' union? Do they care? In the sevenday following their union, they got missives of both support and disaproval but the former seemed to be more in abundance. It is right for a couple to rule, and they can fault that this pair would rule in the interest of her son and heir, Lyerdes.


Name Relation Location Position
Lord Gaerwyn Husband Rubicon River Hold Warden
Ryna Daughter Rubicon River Hold Child
Lyerdes Son Rubicon River Hold Lord Holder Presumptive
Lord Bitra Uncle Rubicon River Hold Bitran Lord Holder
Lord Leonidas Husband Deceased Rubicon River Lord Holder


Very Inebriated Bronze Dionysos
Stockily built, this bronze firelizard has the stolid build to meet most challenges in life. From his broad, blunt muzzle and thick head that is heavily attached to a short neck and thickset shoulders. The rest of his body is solidly made, with heavy haunches and thickly muscled forearms and legs, leading to the strong bone and broad almost blunt talons capping his feet. His wingsails shadow along his back, broad membranes that cover across his 'spars and seem to be dazzled in a brilliant bronze hue across the surface and hiding deeper shades underneath. A final splash of bright bronze is polished across his tailspade, deep metallic glimmer coating his hide in a rhapsody of appearing dapples.

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