Trader Rhasmir

At a Glance

Full Name:

23 Turns

Birth Place:

Nilamir, F, -2T, NPC
Arhiamir, F, -3T, NPC
Alomir, M, -5T, NPC
Rholamir, F, -7T, NPC



Prone to broad, smirkish grins and wicked looks, Rhasmir resembles many lads of about his age. Full of mischief and well, less savory ideas, it would seem that he fits in perfectly among the niche of troublemakers that most Weyrs seem to accumulate. His grey eyes sparkle with mischief, set beneath oft-quirked eyebrows, while his hawklike nose seems entirely too prone to crinkling in wry amusement. He has a smattering of freckles over a face that seems reluctant to tan, freckles which then travel down the majority of his body in a faint, but persistent pattern. His hair is long and remarkably tame for a boy, but perhaps he's just fastidious — it's a handsome shade of dark copper in the sunlight, considerably dimmer and more brown under glowlight, and falls thickly about the nape of his neck, usually unbound. Tall and coltish, there is little elegance as yet about this lanky lad. He moves purposefully but without much grace, frequently remembering a moment too late where a door jam is or that a door isn't quite tall enough for him; as a result, he's frequently bruised and battered. Apparently he hit a growth spurt late, or maybe he's just one of those men who'll never quite grow into their frames.

He seems to rely on a wardrobe that doesn't vary much; black pants are his trademark, as is a dark grey vest. The color of the shirt under the vest can vary a little, but it's rare that it's any color other than white while he's working. He does, however, own quite the assortment of colorful shirts — that he does show off now and then, just not often. For footwear, he sports a pair of thin black leather shoes, not much good for hiking but they work otherwise. He is well-pressed and generally well-groomed most of the time, though he doesn't take it to extremes; he's just learned by habit to keep himself tidy, more than likely. The only ornamentation he generally sports is a ring on one of his thumbs, a bulky ring that appears to be carved out of some sort of bone. Its' face could be a skull or a ship or a wherry…it's not really obvious unless you get up close.



Rhasmir was born to a family of traders; small yet, but strong all the same. Their living was made on providing entertainment and various goods, with a small herd of quality runners to supplement it. His grandfather and grandmother were the leaders of the whole shindig, while their two children, their spouses and children, worked alongside. They traveled within three wagons pulled by, perhaps unusually (but conveniently, considering their side-business), large runners. There is a surprising market for draft-type runners — expanding with every new farm-settlement. For a long time, their goods and entertainment was the 'mir clan's main source of income, but ever more over recent turns has the demand for good draft runners gotten stronger. The southern continent, fertile and seemingly boundless, was their domain — and a proud one at that, though to be certain there was quite an assortment of other traders.

Rhasmir was born to Alamir and Rhonila, a harper-trained man and a woman who had been of questionable background before she joined the caravan. She quickly took with the runners, who Alamir had never had any skill with. For a few years they were content like that — but when Rhonila gave birth to Rhasmir, four more brats followed at a startling pace; leaving no more than six years between Rhasmir and his youngest sister. He was also the only boy other than his younger brother, Alromir. A year seperated he and Nilamir, a little less before Arhiamir came along…then said only younger brother after two years, before two more passed and little Rholamir. He considers his six or seven cousins just as close as his siblings; he grew up with them as siblings and his only friends other than the seasonal companions at Weyr and Hold. He and his cousin Ikemir grew up wreaking havoc in their little group, the eternal torment of their elders even as they grew into young men — Ike mere sevendays younger than Rhas.

Their mischief was not curbed by their education; indeed, just as Rhas was learning the mechanics of singing, the art of playing the guitar, and the general idea of beyond-basic runnermanship (he was born on a runner, but there IS more to it than riding), and Ike was following suit, their mischief just got worse. They were never without some sort of ongoing prank, and the pranks only got more and more elaborate as the turns wore on. From dying the small herd of caprine green to tuning their fathers' guitars backwards…it only got better from childhood misadventures, when combined with the real adventures of young-adulthood. The pair of them became known for their habits of lingering at Weyrs when their elders left, keeping their runners and catching up to the caravan whenever they felt like it. They had always been gregarious lads, and it was semi-useful to have an ear in the Weyrs, so their parents never really said anything but "bring back the Runners safe". It was a good situation for Rhasmir!


Points of Interest

  • Rhas is somehow terrified of canines. He cannot stand them; his family's caravan had to sell their guard canines, as once he hit ten he refused to go near them. (He ecspecially hates the canine that Ontali dumped on he and Ikemir to care for while she was off being a Weyrling.)
  • He can play his guitar nicely, though he says he's still learning. He can also sing, but that's definitely not his best trait. (read: He really shouldn't sing.)
  • Rhas is a decent runnerman; he followed his grandfather in training and other than a pair of his cousins, he was the best of the younger generation with them. However, he cares nothing for teaching them how to drive — instead, he insists on training good draft runners to ride, and do silly tricks.
  • While his singing could use some work, it doesn't take much to convince him to sing. Usually, a few beers will do the trick.
  • Rhas can be difficult to understand from time to time. He can be somewhat mecurial; one moment the mischievous prat, the next angry and miffed at something that isn't obvious to anybody but himself. Thankfully, these moods only come around every now and then.
  • Ikemir, his eldest cousin, is only about half a turn younger than him, and is his best friend. Ike cheerfully admits that he has no skill with music, and has instead focused on the runners and other animals.
  • Rhas has an unholy affection for kids. He just melts around a baby, but unfortunately, they're not the most fond of him. There are exceptions, but until they hit an age that 'Uncle Rhasmir' who brings them candy is more noted for the candy than whatever it is that makes him scare babies, much of the time he just ends up making them cry.
  • Apparently, he's afraid of fish. Perhaps afraid isn't the right word, but — "they have buggy eyes that look like they see right through you". Who knew.
  • He is afraid of both heights and caves. Well, not so much heights as not being firmly planted on some form of earth. Top of a tree, top of a mountain, fine. But falling hurts, you know. And caves? Well, he can take the larger ones, but as they get smaller, he just gets more nervous. He's a lad of open plains or jungles at most. Enclosed spaces? Not so much.


Oh dear. I got OCD and had to list all of the ones close enough for him to care about. If you'd like to adopt one, feel free to contact me about them. :)

Name Age Relation Location Position PC/Adoptable
Calamir +43 Grandfather Trader Caravan Trader No/No
Kosandri +42 Grandmother Trader Caravan Trader No/No
Alamir +25 Father Trader Caravan Trader No/No
Rhonila +23 Mother Trader Caravan Trader No/No
Casanimir +21 Aunt Trader Caravan Trader No/No
Ikande +28 Uncle Trader Caravan Trader No/No
Nilamir -2 Sister Keroon Hold Journeyman Harper No/Yes
Arhiamir -3 Sister Trader Caravan Trader No/Yes
Alromir -5 Brother Trader Caravan Trader No/Yes
Rholamir -7 Sister Trader Caravan Trader Brat No/No
Ikemir -1/2 Cousin (M) Xanadu Weyr Trader Brat No/Yes
Caskmir -3 Cousin (M) Trader Caravan Trader Brat No/Yes
Kasimir -6 Cousin (F) Trader Caravan Trader Brat No/Yes
Nikanmir -9 Cousin (M) Harper Hall Apprentice Harper No/Yes
Declamir -10 Cousin (M) Harper Hall Apprentice Harper No/Yes
Seniamir -13 Cousin (F) Trader Caravan Trader Brat No/Yes


Ignoring it All Green Eireysa
Chubby and round are the best words to describe this girl, as myrtle green settles heavily upon every inch of her hefty frame. Hunter green brushes against her stomach, lightening the hues of her hide as it stretches between each pudgy limb, drifting along the underside of her tail. Fern ridges meander down her back, and to the end of her tail, while wings are the only truly beautiful part of her body - kelly green sails stretching brightly between dark spars.
Kissed By a Witch Brown Cairbre
Falling leaves - russet, ochre, and brown - drift down this rotund little brown's sides, and dark brown streaks of rain decorate his wings and neck. Dappled spots of ochre sunlight dance along his back. The rest of his body is an uneven shade of brown much like the bark of a tree, with pale ochre lichen growing upon it. His muzzle almost appears bent somehow, giving him the effect of always frowning. His eyes whirl and dart as if he keeps looking for something. He's rather rounded and plump all over, with stumpy little legs and chocolate brown claws.


Rhas's family breeds a small band of good-quality draft runners. Rhas takes the lightest of these and trains them to be riding runners as well; sometimes even the heavier ones, though they're not too suited for riding. He only 'owns' one of their runners, though.

  • Bell: 17.3hh Draft Mare. Solid black but for a healthy star, strip, and snip on her face. Built lightly for a draft mare, high withers and medium-length back, long, clean legs. Decent amount of feathering from the knee down. Mane and tail kept long, not roached like most drafts. She is an exceptionally calm, kind runner — but for a few quirks. She does not accept a saddle or a bit, and seems to enjoy trotting far more than cantering. Which is understandably painful for a man. Rhas has trained Bell from a foal, and spent the five turns before he could ride her (draft runners grow very slowly and cannot be ridden until they are well-grown) teaching her all manner of odd little tricks. It doesn't take much to get him to show them off.
  • Tzaled: Large herding dog. Watching (with ample help from Ikemir as he cannot stand the sight of it) for Ontali while she's a Weyrling. Lean and lanky canine, built somewhere between the build of a Terran Border Collie and Saluki, with markings to match: dusty brown over most of his coat, with white markings. His coat is scruffy and long, a little more wiry than his sister's, a little less silky. He has, however, brilliant blue eyes that are somewhat of an anomaly, but are quite endearing. Or rabid, if you take it from Rhasmir. Never mind that Rhasmir's still living, with all of his limbs intact.



Rhasmir's Journal

Rhas isn't a little girl, but he's a relatively neat and tidy, and likes to keep a record of his thoughts — being as how his memory isn't too good. Or so he'll claim, were anybody to ever find it and ask him.



Title OOC Date Cast
Runaway Riding Lesson April 6, 2009 Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea, X'hil
Beach Picnic and Stargazing April 04, 2009 Cenlia, Eledri, Kire, Rhasmir, X'hil
Goading a Goldrider April 7, 2009 Enkavir, Kire, Rhasmir, Thea
Stranded on the Starstones April 8, 2009 Rhasmir, Thea, Zevida
A Half-hearted Investigation April 9, 2009 Enkavir, Rhasmir, Rogawani
Flowers, Firelizards, and Fainting Healers April 10, 2009 Jeffin, Karashi, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea
Scarier Than a Goldrider April 14, 2009 Rhasmir, Thea
Riyontali Arrives at Xanadu April 16, 2009 Enkavir, Jeffin, M'gan, Rhasmir, Riyontali, Taerah, Thea
Passing Conversation April 27, 2009 Enkavir, Jessamin, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea
Of Runners and Manicures April 27, 2009 Rhasmir, Vivian
Door Hit You on the Way Out April 30, 2009 Enkavir, Thea, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Morlanol
Enkavir Wakes May 1, 2009 Enkavir, Morlanol, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea
Overcoming Fears May 3, 2009 Keziah, Morlanol, Rhasmir
Firelizards on the Beach May 17, 2009 Jessamin, Keziah, L'ar, Morlanol, Rhasmir, Rogawani, Thea, Vivian, Vora, Vrizana, Xhaine
Kilts, booze, and Firelizards May 29, 2009 Jessamin, Mialee, M'ori, Rhasmir, Sigam, Thea


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