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Rubicon River Hold is a fairly well to do place, with many goods exported traded far and wide in the constant tropical weather. Its often said that the marks flow like the River itself, broad and swift. This alone makes them a target for the less than scrupulous sort of person.

There are three routes into the Rubicon River Hold, overland being the most obvious. However the terrain provides ample challenges, its hot, fairly dry with scrubby vegetation and rocky soil. The Rubicon River is broad and swift in movement from the Sea of Azov in a mainly northerly route to the open ocean, and passes directly to the Holds harbor. The open sea to the north of the Hold allows for attack by water on the harbor or the Dolphincraft Hall.

Having been attacked many times in the past by all three routes, a hard culture has grown up here. Many of the people of the Rubiconii train in defense for both attack and defense on land and on shipboard. The women are specially trained, as they are the very last line of defense for the Hold and are often more fierce in the heat of a struggle than the men of the Rubiconii. If so inclined, those who are will also receive training in combat from runner back.

Though the Hold would appear to be a jewel, easy and ready for the taking to the untrained Renegade, this is the Hold that tests the mettle and metal of those brave or foolish enough to challenge the Rubiconii.

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