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Politics to the Rubiconii are a poisoned thorny knot that one simply cant avoid. In the hold, they speak plainly to each other, not having the time for the flowery sorts of speech one finds in their poetry, song or stories. There's a level of respect to this, to the Rubiconii, to speak in a twisted manner is considered rude. You are honest with your people, and you confuse your enemy. Power struggles are rare, as the hold is generally governed in the manner of a meritocracy. Those who pursue their work the most fully are the ones who are promoted or rewarded most readily.

Outside of the hold, the reputation of the Rubiconii as warriors often supersedes any of their other achievements. They are seen as uneducated warmongering barbarians (that eat children for breakfast you know), and several of the Southern Lords consider them to be a constant threat on the scale and defiance of the self proclaimed Lord Fax, though at no time in their history have they moved against their neighbors in a military fashion. Granted, this has never stopped the self same Lords from asking for the help of the Rubiconii in case of a Renegade problem.

An assumption that the Rubiconii are simplistic and poorly educated comes from their normally blunt method of speech. However, the literacy rates amongst common holders is better than ninety percent.

Proud and defiant Lord Orlen did little during his life to discourage most of these assumptions, thinking that it was to his advantage to be underestimated. Yet somehow, he was perceived as being arrogant and contentious because he argued openly (and loudly and often) with his Neratian born Lady Deisia. His son Leonidas seems to have inherited some of this reputation as well, though how well it fits him has yet to be seen.

There are also ties to Bitra with the Lady holder Ryeira, being the eldest daughter of the Lord Bitra's Sister.

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