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Dowager Lady Deisia

Born in Nerat, Deisia is the younger sister of the formidable Lord Mezuch. Shes fiery and opinionated, having grown up in constant competition with Mezuch and never giving him an inch she hadnt already taken from him. Shell snip at just about anyone, but she only really argues with the people she loves. Her relationship with her husband was once described as oil on water lit on fire and half frozen all at once. Her relationship with her three sons can be defined like this, Leonidas was her Honour, Rothurn is her Favourite, and Odelenes is her Baby.

Physically, she looks very much like her brother, nearly six feet in height with small dark eyes and long, curly brown hair. She has taken to the fashions of the Rubiconii, prefering a pale blue floor length, four button chiton with a long peplos, a red linen palla.


The youngest child of Orlen and Deisia, Odie as he is often called was something of a surprise. Somewhat spoiled, Odie has a habit of exploiting his position as the youngest child. Fortunately, there isn't really much more in the world that he wants than what he's already got. A dolphineer, he spends most of his time in the water with his partner Balti. That is, when he isn't flirting with the ladies on the various beaches his work takes him to, or harrying his older siblings. Free from the heavy burdens of Hold Management, Odie has as happy-go-lucky look on life and rarely thinks of the future.
Like his brother Rothurn, Odelenes is tall, even for the standards of the Rubiconii at seven feet one and one half inch. Burnt umber is the tone of his dark eyes, and his hair is paler than that of his brothers, actually brown like his mothers, though its kept short enough that it doesn't have the chance to curl. He rarely if ever wears wrap pants, and not often remembers to put on sandals or the men's chiton when not in his diving gear, preferring to cover himself in just a sarong.

Lady Ryna

Lady Ryna is the daughter to of the deceased Lord Holder Leonidas and his wife, Lady Ryeira of Bitra. She is the older of the couple's children, born when her mother was 23, and she is quickly approaching the teenage years. Growing up, she was the apple of her father's eye, often seen here and there around the Hold. However, she, like her mother, remains in mourning for the loss of her father at sea.

She is a pretty child, even at her young age - possessing black curls and brown eyes - a legacy of her father. Many Lord Holders have eyed her, as a means of alliance with the Southern Hold through their own sons.

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