Maelona is of small stature, standing a slight height of around 5' and weighing somewhere around 110 pounds. She has very short black hair, and her eyes, that look out from her child-like face, are an unremarkable shade of pale green. Her arms and legs while thin, are well shaped and muscled, and her hands are marked with tell-tale redwort stains.

Functional and practical are the best descriptions for Maelona's clothing, as with all healers. A deep purple shirt hangs loosely on her frame, the sleeves ending just above her elbows and the bottom hem skimming her hips. Her legs are encased in the traditional white trousers, their upturned bottoms showing signs of bad hand-stitching in an attempt to make them the correct length so that she can walk without falling.

Adorning her shoulder in a single loop is a double corded purple and white healer apprentice knot.


Maelona was born in Fort Weyr, the daughter of a bronzerider and a humble kitchen worker, she found herself immersed in the hectic life of a weyr-resident. When she was ten, she was hurried off to a relative at the healer hall, being to much of a handful for her mother. There, her Journeyman Healer Aunt looked after her.

While there, Maelona developed an interest in the herb garden, while avoiding her Aunt and any sort of responsibility. Her admiration grew to love, and she found a desire to be a healer herself, or at the very least a herbalist. She was accepted after her thirteenth birthday, and happily went off to start her apprenticeship.

Though she can be somewhat scatterbrained, Maelona works hard. She truely loves her craft, and took the utmost pride and care in her little patch of garden.

As she grew in the craft, she proved to be a relatively fast learner when something caught her attention. She made a few friends here and there, and when her Aunt was posted to Rubicon River she was allowed to go with her to continue her studies.


Name Relation Location Position
Aliona Mother Fort Weyr Kitchen Worker
M'ren Father Fort Weyr Bronzerider
Raela Aunt Rubicon River Hold Journeyman Healer



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