Lord Heir Lyerdes


Lyerdes is tall for his age, already ~4 feet at 6 Turns, 11 months, and 14 days. He has an average skinny little boy build, but still retains a bit of baby fat around the cheeks and a few other places. On his head is a crop of very dark brown curly hair, always looking a bit tousled no matter how many times he's fussed at to comb it. His blue eyes have a soulful look about them, even if they're planted in a very young face.
Lyerdes is normally dressed in fine linen shirts and trousers when he is out making a public appearance, clothes befitting the son of a Lord and Lady Holder. He has fine polished shoes and a wool overcoat for cooler occasions. When he gets to choose his own wear, he prefers a pair of long shorts and collared shirt with few buttons. He also has a favorite pair of shoes; old riding boots that are likely starting to get a bit small on him now.


Lyerdes is the only son and male heir to Lord Leonidis and Lady Ryeira of Rubicon River Hold. Being a healthy boy brought much relief to the couple and likely to the hold at large, considering the recent attack on his father and grandfather.

Lyerdes has had a quiet and sheltered childhood. Already he has been set to learning the ins and outs of the hold business on top of a usual education. Despite the added pressures on him, he maintains a cheerful outlook, and is good natured and well mannered, if a bit quiet.

Being constantly surrounded by older people has caused Lyerdes to grow up a bit faster than he should have. He finds it easy to converse and befriend those outside his peer group, though lacks the experience to know who he should and shouldn't be talking with. It has made for a somewhat lonely childhood though, since there were never many other children around and even his elder sister is five turns his senior.


Name Relation Location Position
Leonidas Father Deceased Former Lord Holder
Ryeira Mother Rubicon River Hold Lady Holder
Ryna Sister Rubicon River Hold Lady
Gaerwyn Mentor Rubicon River Hold Warden


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