Rubicon River: A Healer's Gift

Rubicon River Hold - Courtyard
Behind the imposing ivory limestone pillars of the great gates, beyond the red wall with its ivory towers, the courtyard of Rubicon River hold has been laid out on a grand scale. Unavoidably the first thing to come into the eyes is the imposing structure that has been carved out of the ivory limestone bluff. Perfectly plumb for a length of no less than one hundred weaverlengths, stone has been removed and recycled into nearly hundred foot high fluted ionic columns that hold up a wide roof, topped in waves of terra cotta roofing tiles. Above this, bronze shutters cover latticed windows in case of poor weather or attack. Below your feet, the expertly set red stone of the sweeping expanse this area is comprised of has been bordered in a simple geometric path pattern in the ivory stone as an accent. The stones are worn smooth with use and age, giving rise to the notion that this is indeed a bustling place. To the north and south of this, similarly laid paths lead away from the striking faade, to the west and up the stairs, lay the great bronze doors of the of the Hold Proper.

It is midmorning this autumn day, light clouds skim across a blue sky and there is a hint of the coming winter chill on the air mixed with the gentle sea breeze. Ryeira had gone down the Dolphincraft hall down the path this morning to have a bit of sonar. She has lived here next to dolphincraft long enough to not be hesitant about relying on such tools to aid her in this. Sure it took her several losses before she agreed to it, but that was many turns ago. So she returns with Gaerwyn at her side, damp hair coiled into a knot at her neck. She at least looks content, so the news must have been positive so far.

"I trust that look on your face means you enjoyed the tea," a voice rasps. Tenebrous all but melts out of the forest on the far side of the path, moving low across the ground. His coat is fully fastened and his hood is pulled low, concealing most of his presence. For once, his satchel is on the outside of his coat, rather than inside, and the tips of his fingers are tinged dark brown.

The soft conversation that was being held between Gaerwyn and Ryeira is suddenly suspended, the slight smile that had lingered on his face replaced by one of an entirely different sort, his hand already lifting to signal the guards to step in, though to merely hold their position, taking half a step forward to interpose himself between Tenebrous and the Lady Holder as the healer detaches himself from the shadows. A moment, and the Warden composes himself. "Healer." He says briefly.

At the sudden appearance of Tenebrous, Ryeira starts, automatically putting a protective hand to her abdomen. Her guards and her husband no well their part in their protection of the Lady, especially with such a young heir at the moment. Once the moment of shock passes, Ryeira steps half a step behind her husband and nods to the man, "Yes, I enjoyed the tea." She finally answers to the question as she looks to the man curiously.

Glints in the shadow of Tenebrous' hood mark the position of his eyes, focused squarely on Ryeira's face. "I thought you could use more," he continues, his voice still a shadow of itself. "Along with a few other things." He removes his satchel slowly, coiling its handle, and then very gingerly begins approaching Gaerwyn. "You'll probably want to search this." It's not an accusation. Just a statement of fact.

Gaerwyn glances back over his shoulder at Ryeira, the Warden's eyes lingering on his wife for a moment, before Tenebrous speaks again, and his attention is back. After a moment, he steps forward, holding out a hand to the Healer, eyes lingering on those glints in the Healer's hood. "What.. type of other things, Journeyman?" He asks evenly.

Ryeira nods to Gaerwyn with regard to the satchel, stepping forward herself finally to stand at his shoulder. The healer unnerves her, but he is a healer, surely he is harmless? She takes a deep breath and looks up to the Healer as she awaits the answer to Gaerwyn's question. The guard take a step forward in her wake as well.

Tenebrous tilts his head to the side when Gaerwyn speaks. "The kind of things for her. And her only," he rasps. "Guaranteed, as my master commanded." He levels a brown-tinged finger at Ryeira. "We should speak privately. You and I…" He makes no move to pull the satchel away, still holding it out to Gaerwyn.

"Guaranteed to do what?" Gaerwyn questions, even as he takes the satchel from the Healer, holding it now, rather than immediately searching through it. Eyes rest upon it, as it hangs from his hand, before eyes dart quickly to Tenebrous as that stained hand points a finger at his wife. "What you say can be said infront of I and her guard, or not at all." And the man straightens, as if to emphasize his words, even as his eyes continue to dart uneasily at that finger.

Ryeira places a light hand upon her husband's arm, "But perhaps not standing in the courtyard. Shall we adjourn somewhere a little more private?" The lady says with a hand indicating toward the Hall. "Though he speaks true, my personal guard are as responsible for my health as you are and know of my condition." She says in light words to the man as she steps around her husband to lead into the hall, as calm as anything. Well there is a certian amount of diplomacy in her role as Lady Holder.

Tenebrous rasps, "As you wish." As he moves further from the trees, his form changes, rising up to move at his full height, his steps becoming more normal. A different person. But other than those three words, he says nothing, simply following Ryeira.

It is a unamused look that lingers on Gaerwyn's face, frowning at Tenebrous, and then at his wife, before giving in, nodding and turning with her to move into the hall, "Of course, my lady." He mutters in agreement, though his step is slower, as to keep an eye on the Healer.

Rubicon River Hold - Infirmary
This is the hold and hall's infirmary, along the back wall is a row of cots, used when ever needed. On the right wall is a large cabinet that contains the medical supplies used by the holds healer.

Ryeira enters into the hall and heads into the infirmary. It is there she bids her guards to wait as she heads into the office attached, though she leaves the door open as she takes a seat in the room. She settles gracefully into her seat, though she sits straight, nearly on the edge of her seat. Poised now that she has taken control of things, or at least she thinks she has. She motions for her husband to take the seat beside her, leaving the Healer's seat for Tenebrous if he should take it. "So what have you to say now that we are in private."

Tenebrous merely stands, but in an odd impression of his master, he leans forward slightly, much as she did on her staff, resting one of his hands on the chair's back. "Only instructions," he says quietly. One red-brown tinged hand reaches up to pull his hood away, revealing his face. It's haggard and worn, dark circles under his eyes, and there are savage-looking claw-marks on his throat, as if he were attached recently. "For the tea, and the salves in the bag," he finishes.

Gaerwyn waits for Ryeira to settle, gaze lingering on Tenebrous. As the man remains standing, so does Gaerwyn,hands resting on Ryeira's shoulders, still physically and mentally on his toes. As the hood comes back, the Warden doesn't even flinch, though there is a look of acknowledgement that briefly crosses his face at the man's wounds. "Then instruct." Gaerwyn says a bit curtly.

Ryeira looks up to the Healer, eyes widening as she notes the scratches upon his throat. "Journeyman have you been seen to yourself?" She asks of his wounds before settling once more. Her hand reaches to the one upon her shoulder, glancing up to her husband before she looks back to Tenebrous, "Yes, please give us your instruction. Your advice has served me well so far and of that I am most grateful."

To the question of his own wounds, Tenebrous' reply is simple. "No." Then he nods towards that satchel. "There are enough slips of tea in the satchel to see you through to term, though my research suggests that it may perform with lessening efficacy as you grow closer to tern." As he talks, his eyes unfocus slightly. "You'll find a jar of salve to aid with delivery…among other things, it has fresnly powdered numbweed essence. Apply it liberally to your loins and lumbar spinal section if you wish. Another jar has treatment for hemmoraged flesh, something that, if I am not mistake, you are familiar with." Then those eyes narrow, focusing on Gaerwyn's face. "There is also a dark pouch of tea. Do not touch it with your bare hands. Merely soak it in water for a sixty count and remove. The resulting drink will…assist with sleep, if it becomes necessary," he finishes. If it becomes necessary…

Gaerwyn takes a step forward to open the satchel, positioning himself between Ryeira and the Healer, albeit in no manner to prevent easy conversation between the two. Eyes constantly dart to Tenebrous as he talks, even as he pulls the various teas and salves from the bag, nodding slowly. The dark pouch is set aside, carefully with a glance at Ryeira.

Ryeira listens quietly to the instructions, her face tightening at his words and she looks down at her lap for a moment before her gaze lifts up to look at the items being examined. She is silent for a moment before she looks up to Tenebrous, "You speak as if I will have noone to aid him…We are a hold and have right and privalage to a healer within our walls." She says as she sits up a little prouder.

Tenebrous shrugs once. "As you wish," he murmurs, reaching back to pull his hood up again. "Consider only that you asked for our assistance in this matter." When that hood is fully settled, he straightens. "Proud though you may be, there is a reason why you asked…" He bows a little to both of the Holders before taking a step back, clearly intending to leave.

Gaerwyn remains quiet as he carefully sets the herbal medicines aside, stepping back to Ryeira's side, his hand returning to the lady's shoulder. Glancing from one to the other, Gaerwyn inclines his head. "I assume you will be in touch, Healer." She says simply, nodding, still not entirely at ease.

Ryeira takes a deep breath and rises from her seat, "I will be truthful and say that you have an unsettling way about you, but…that matters not if this child inside me grows to be born hale and whole. You have taken away my sickness, the dolphins report the child is strong. You seem to know well your craft. I would ask you stay." Ryeira says though perhaps the words are harder to come out than they should be."

Tenebrous looks back over his shoulder at Ryeira. "Be at peace, Ryeira of Rubicon. I will be here when it is necessary for me to be. For now, however…" he turns away again. "I have my own wounds to consider." And for some reason, it doesn't sound like he's talking about the ones on his neck.

As Ryeira stands, Gaerwyn remains at his wife's side, nodding in echo to her words. However, as the Healer turns away again, the Warden does speak up. "Should Rubicon help you heal, do not hesitate to remain." Its a look at his wife that has him offering it, though he makes no move to stop Tenebrous.

She will suffer this 'mystical healer' if it means this child is born hale. Yes it matters that much to Ryeira, no matter that the man unnerves her. Ryeira's hand slips into Gaerwyn's and she nods to Tenebrous, "One of the cavern ladies is quite good with wounds of that nature, I have seen her tend people after hunts."

Tenebrous looks back at the two of them over his shoulder, stopping at the door. His eyes eventually settle on Gaerwyn. " is within Rubicon's power to care for my wounds…I may yet stay." He turns back to the two HOlders, and bows a little lower. "The offer extended is generous…perhaps more generous than I deserve. Know that it is appreciated." Then he turns again, and paces out of the room. You can clearly hear his footfalls as he grows farther away, speeding up to a ground-eating lope.

As Tenebrous is disappearing, Gaerwyn turns to Ryeira, gaze resting for a moment before turning to escort her to their offices and chambers, likely to discuss in total privacy the occurrences of the last hour.

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