Rubicon River: A Private Ceremony

Rubicon River Hold - Feasting Hall
Dug entirely by the forces of nature, this long, high cavern has been left as natural as possible. Crystals of quartz and calcite glitter in the nubbly-rough walls, reflecting the soft electrical light that has been masked to appear to be glows. Stalactites of reach magnificently down towards the waiting stalagmites below, trying with their patient might to make curtains and partitions. The floor is one of the few areas touched by man. Made to be seemingly level, a new mosaic has just been laid down within the last few turns. The variegated tiles hold in succession the heraldries of all the holds in Xanadu's Domain: Black Rock, Hannista, Ressac and Rubicon River, as well as the Dolphincraft Hall. The pattern carries itself around the long, not so tall dais. Constructed of hearty skybroom wood, it's quite likely that this is an original feature to the room. Naturally, on the dais sits the long high table, finely carved of matching skybroom with inlay of various exotic woods. Less ornate tables lie in rows perpendicular to the dais, their comfortable but simple chairs pushed in and awaiting use.

It is but a little ceremony as promised. A harper as needed, witnesses in the form of the Lady's personal maids and her chief guards and no doubt what gentleman Gaerwyn has to his attander and her children. Ryna looking very much a young lady herself in a long dress, her hair piled in the latest adult fashion. She could almost forget she was not completely pleased with this union. But she could see her mother's happiness, such she has not seen since the loss of her father and so she is here. Ryeira herself dressed in a gown of the more local fashion, lower in neck than her usual in a pale blue silk that matches her eyes. Her hair though always held up in some severe fashion is loose about about her shoulders, ribbons twined through a delicate crown of braided hair.

Dress tunic is tugged, settled more squarely on Gaerwyn's shoulders, the Warden tugging at the neckline now and again, before he forces himself to stand still, shoulders back, looking every bit a important person. His eyes however, continue to roam - first giving Ryna a nod, thanking her for her presence, before eyes are on Ryeira along. The slightest nod of his head to his wife-to-be, and he smiles. "My lady.." He offers, turning to offer her an arm, gaze shifting past the small group to the Harper beyond.

Lyerdes conversely, couldn't be more pleased. To him it was only natural that the man who had taken over most of his fatherly care be married to his mother. Of course the boy's recollection of his father wasn't as clear as Ryna's was, either. Lye is dressed in his best clothes, suited for a young lord holder. He's got his nice shiney new shoes on and his hair has been freshly cut and combed. He's standing next to his sister trying to be on his best behavior, lest he not get cake when the ceremony was over.

Ryeira looks a fair few years younger with her hair down like this, one might even pretend she were a maid at her first wedding, save the few lines about her eyes, the maturity of her features. She looks relaxed and happy, two words nary a person could ever apply to this Lady Holder. Even those that bare witness here today may not be believed that the rigid Ice queen has perhaps found another to thaw her. She looks to her children with a warm smile before motioning them forward as she places a hand on Gaerwyn's arm. She motions to her daughter to take her free hand and nods Lyerdes toward Gaerwyn.

Gaerwyn continues to watch Ryeira, and as she settles at his side, his other hand rests lightly on top of hers for a moment, smiling at her, before they begin to move forward and the Warden holds his arm out to allow Lyerdes to fall in next to him. A nod to the Harper, and Gaerwyn stops precisely infront of him, turning to look at the Lady with another smile.

Lyerdes looks happy, too. Though he's maintained a positive outlook throughout most of his life, even after the death of his father. When his mother motions to him, he runs up to take Gaerwyn's hand, grinning up at him for a second. "You look funny." He whispers to the warden, then looks up at the harper to get things going.

A simple ceremony, traditional as time. The bands are read and Ryeira repeats them as a cloth is laid over their conjoined hands. Words memorized, words she had not thought she would speak again, words she speaks with desire in her heart unlike the young girl sent here betrothed to some 'brute' she had never met. There is feeling to her words. She squeezes her daughter's hand and smiles to her son once her words are spoken.

When it is Gaerwyn's turn, words are said quickly, but with meaning, as if eager to say them for those who listen. Though having never said them before, there's no mistakes, and Gaerwyn's hand rests on Lyerdes's shoulder as his eyes remain on Ryeira with a smile.
Lyerdes watches up as his mother and warden recite the wedding vows and as the harper leads them through the ceremony. He fidgets a bit, as younger kids tend to do when they have to stand up for a long period of time in one place. He gets more fidgety around the finale, working hard to control the question that keeps popping up in his little brain: 'can he kiss the bride?'.

The inevitable question of impediments is asked and silence touches the hall, and then those words are indeed spoken as the ribbon is tied about their conjoined hands. "Let the bride and groom kiss each other to seal the marriage and show before all their love for one another." It is only hear that Ryeira faulters, her cheeks colouring as she releases her daughter's hand to look up to Gaerwyn. Never one for public displays of affection, that even this small crowd has her edgy.

Gaerwyn gently squeezes Lyerdes's shoulder as the boy begins to fidget, glancing down at him with a smile, and a pat. He glances over his shoulder, and as no arguements are put up, he relaxes, his hand moving to her shoulder. He, at least, has no hesitation as he's leaning to kiss her, her hand pulling her closer for their 'first' kiss. Perhaps he lets it linger a bit longer than necessary, but soon he's straightening, grinning despite a red tone to his skin, glancing down to wink at the young Lord, mouthing 'Cake soon'.

Lyerdes grins up at the two of them as they're told to they can kiss to finish up the ceremony. He's seen little displays of affection before, but never a proper kiss between the two, and it makes him giggle. Lyerdes is first to join in the clapping. "Yay! Let's go have cake now!"

"So go forth Lord and Lady Rubicon in the eyes of Harper hall." THe Harper resounds as he releases the ribbon from their hands to pass to Ryna to hold. She takes the silk reverendly. Even Ryna has softened by the end of the ceremony. To see her mother so. Ryeira's eyes brighten at Lyerdes's declaration, "Yes, let us eat cake." With that they move up to their seats at the high table and the doors are opened to the residents of the hold permitted to attend. Those of rank for this celebration, not all can fit here at any one time. The Master crafters in residence, local cot holders, and the like. And a cake the likes Lyerdes has not yet seen before, splendor in its decoration.

Gaerwyn smiles at the Harper's declaration, bowing thankfully to him, before turning, switching hands to continue a hold on Ryeira's as the newlywed couple are presented to the small gathering. Only once Ryeira and Ryna are settled does Gaerwyn settle in his own seat, smiling brightly to those guests as they enter, and the cake appears as well. "My Lady.." He murmurs as he leans slightly towards Ryeira. "You look quite stunning." He offers, straightening to look to Lyerdes. "Does the cake meet your expectations, my Lord?"

Lyerdes takes a seat next to his mother, leaving Ryna to sit next to the warden. Such a small group meant that Lyerdes was more likely to be relaxed and silly during the little reception they were having. When the cake appears his eyes light up with delight. "Cake! Wow! That's an amazing cake! It almost looks too pretty to eat!" Almost being the key word.

Ryeira smiles to Gaerwyn's compliment, a finger sliding up to her loosened tresses. "I fear my ladies are to receive the credit for my appearance today. I had very little choice in the matter." She says with a nod to the ladies, her hand coming up to cover the decollage she is not quite used to showing in so public a manner. Ryna smiles at her mother, nodding to Gaerwyn , "Yes mother you do look lovely, you should wear your hair down more." She suggests before leaning forward to look at her brother's reaction to the cake. Ryeira can not help but laugh softly at her son's excitement, "Then I think you should take the first piece." She says as she lays a hand upon his shoulder and carefully passes him a silk ribboned cake cutting knife.

Gaerwyn chuckles softly at Ryeira's modesty, shaking his head just a little. "Your ladies would not allow you to look anything other than perfect." He says with a nod to his wife, nodding agreement to Ryna, even as he watches Lyerdes with the knife. "Tis good luck for the Lord Holder to have the first piece." The Warden suggests, no matter how true or false it may be.

Lyerdes blinks a bit as Ryeira offers him to take the first piece, and even hands him the knife to cut it! "Er… are you sure? This party is for you and Gaerwyn…" There's a curious look given to the warden as he says it's good luck for the Lord Holder to take the first peice. "Well, if you say so!" Ryeira should know better than to let a kid cut his own peice. Lye chops up a nice big slab of cake, and then flops it onto his plate to start digging in. "Mmm, it is good!"

There is a faint grimace from Ryeira as she watches Lyerdes cut his slice and she just raises a hand to her lips to hide it. She will let him have his large slice this once. Then to her daughter does she give the next slice, leaving Gaerwyn to take care of theirs. "Use your fork Lyerdes…" She at least does remind him as he settles next to her to dig into the cake.

Gaerwyn meanwhile has to hide a grin at Lyerdes's actions, though a brief chuckle does escape him at Ryeira's reaction. Only once the young lady Ryna has her own piece does he settle down to take cut a piece for them to share, carefully handing the knife to the servers who move the cake to the side to finish divying it up for the guests. A fork is offered to Ryeira as he takes his own, glancing at her older children, relaxing as they seem to have, and offering Ryeira the first bite of cake.

Lyerdes is seven turns! Lord Holder or not, he still loves cake. And is inclined to do what kids will do. He at least is gentleman enough to use his fork, though there ends up with a bit of cake on his face. "So," Lyredes mentions idly, "When are you two having some babies? I want a baby brother or sister!"

At least her stomach is settled for now and she takes her bite of wedding cake. It is a curious day for her, oh in the end she did love Leonidas, but her wedding to him was not a happy one on her part. This is her first happy wedding day she has ever experienced and the part of her that still loves Leonidas does mourn for it, and yet she can only smile for she knows what he would say to her right now. A secret smile touches her lips at those thoughs as fork cuts into the cake and very nearly chokes on the bite at Lyerdes inopportune question.

Throwing up one's wedding cake would probably *not* be good luck, so settled stomachs are a good thing. Lyerdes's question has Gaerwyn caught off guard as well, sparing the boy a long, surprised look. "Manners, Lord Lyerdes. You must always remember your manners." He says formally, the slice of cake quickly split between himself and Ryeira, before he's rising from his seat to offer his wife a hand, to escort her off, as they get knowing looks from many of the adults. "Lord Lyerdes, Lady Ryna.." He bows to each of them in turn as he lingers. "Enjoy the celebration."

There is such relief as Gaerwyn takes her hand to escort her from the hall, "You are Lord and Lady of the hall for the evening, use that privalage well." Ryeira says in a serious tone, though amusement traces her eyes. She glances to their nannies to ensure they are in residence before following Gaerwyn out of the hall to their 'marriage bed'.

Lyerdes blinks a bit and pats his mother's back as she starts to cough a bit on her cake. "Don't choke, mother!" Then he's looking confusedly at the two as they head off for their post-maritals. Lye looks at his sister, then around at their company. "Where are they going?"

"You'll understand when you're older, Lord Lyerdes." One of the nannies comments with a smile, before a bit of light music starts up, the rest of the hold more than willing to continue their celebration.

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