Rubicon River: Game of Love

Rubicon River Hold - Lord and Lady's Private Quarters
This room is definately a combination of both the late Leonidas's and Ryeira's flavours. Colourful draperies and gauze curtainings in a room so precisely set out and neat. Everthing has a place in this room and it is rarely out of it. There are several doors off this room; Two leading to their respective offices, one leading to a bathing chamber and one leading to a small bedroom of their children. The furniture in the room is a dark stained wood providing contrast to the colourful draperies.

Since the private announcement to Lyerdes and Ryna, rumors have begun to slip through the hold, though formal invitations have yet to be distributed to the Halls, Holds, and Weyrs of Pern announcing the intention and the date - though with tongues waggling, its likely many already know. As summer fades and autumn picks up steam, careful plans have been made - including talking to a Harper - though its all been put on hold with Ryeira's recent revelation.

Gaerwyn has retreated from his office, and into the private suite of the Lady Holder where currently he's pacing at the open window, looking out it to the harbor below, deep in thought as his feet hit the ground in a dull, steady rhythm.

Ryeira is sitting on her dressing table, brushing out her hair from the day when She notes the entrance of Gaerwyn. She watches him for a moment in the reflection of the mirror as he paces and she continues to brush out her hair. "I say we continue on, mayhaps have a small private ceremony before hand so that…well people need not need to get to worrisome with the maths. I may not even carry to term and that hole you are wearing into the floorboards will be quite unnessecary." Perhaps misreading his anxiety, perhaps not.

Gaerwyn continues to pace near the window, having completely missed Ryeira's presence upon his entrance, and as she speaks, he starts a bit, turning around quickly, precisely, instictively standing straight, hands behind his back. However, he relaxes slightly after a moment, pacing put to an end as instead to moves to her side, hands resting gentle upon her shoulders, looking at her in the mirror. "I worry about losing you, Ryeira, far more than losing the favor of the Conclave." He counters, squeezing her shoulders lightly.

"Ryna and Lyerdes were both easy births Gaerwyn, when I have taken to term I have always done so easily." Ryeira assures him, drawing a hand to rest upon one of the ones on her shoulder. She looks to his reflection in the mirror, "I was even able to ride with Lyerdes." She says assuringly before she tilts her head and looks up to him, "I am sorry on the timing, I should have managed my herbs better…if you would rather we could deal with this and try another time, I would not bring shame to you."

Eyes linger on her face in the mirror, slowly nodding after a moment with a soft sigh which he tries to conceal. "I hope this is no different, my lady." He murmurs, before eyes actually drop to hers, giving her a small but genuine smile, leaning down to kiss her. "Never, Ryeira. It will be good for the Hold, and good for you, I think." His smile widens a bit. "And, Lyerdes will be happy, I am sure."

Ryeira swivels in her chair and looks up at him, her face serious as she looks to him, "You speak of everyone's happiness but your own. What of you Gaerwyn?" She takes his hands and rises to her feet, her hair falling down her back in a cascade as she rises. She looks a little younger, less severe with her hair down like this. Her fingers reach up to his cheeks, her gaze never leaving his.

Gaerwyn lets his hands slowly shift from her shoulders as she swivels, gaze holding hers. As she stands his hand drops to her side, the curve of her hip, the other curling in her freed locks of hair at the back of her neck. "Ryeira.. There are no words for how happy I am." He says softly, eyes holding hers to show the truth in his statement. "But, I know my own happiness, its that of everyone else I need to assume."

"You have made me happier than I ever expected to be again…though untimely as it is, I think this accident is an good omen. It was never easy for me to become with child and those I did, most I did lose. That we should match up, perhaps even in one of our first couplings…it is a good omen indeed." No doubt the matter of her fertility or lack thereof was much remarked upon by the old biddy of the Hold, the grand mistress, Faranth bless her departed soul.

"It is, my lady, and it will be good news for the people, too, that their lady is with child." He smiles at her with a soft sigh. "Though, I fear the Conclave's assumptions, they will be dealt with then." He shakes his head a little, his fingers curling as he leans to rest his forehead against hers lightly. At least, however, he doesn't make any wise remark about being better than Leonidas - he knows *that* would be a poor choice.

"The conclave already ruled me unfit to be Lady Holder in my own right, I hold in the stead of my son, you are his Warden for his future. Is there little difference between father and Warden? Husband and aid? Should I live alone, never to take another husband until my son takes the hold?" Ryeira's face brightens with each spirited question, "They have already declared him heir, our marriage does not dispute that, it could only make his learning all the more easy."

"There are those who will simply think that it is a woman's game, a woman's trick, and a Bitran woman's trick at that." He shakes his head with a wrinkle of his nose, before her brightened face has him relaxing and even grinning at her. "You'll not be alone, you saucy woman." His voice is light as he smirks at her.

"Surely they know you better than that…" Ryeira replies to him as she slips her hands down his chest and around his waist. "Though in truth I can not say who wooed who. We seemed to fall into allignment." Ryeira says in a thoughtful tone, as she tilts her head slightly at him. She arches a brow at his comment, "Saucy? Noone would believe you…" She replies with a grin.

"Surely, my lady, you know of the Bitran tricks and games.." He teases her as that hand moves around his waist. "Though, I certainly did not mind playing straight into them." At her grin, he smirks at her, hands tightening. "It is, clearly, a time of surprises, then.." And surprising her, perhaps, he's moving to pick her up, the saucy woman.

"Only in the council hall, I never learned the tricks of the war of the heart." Ryeira replies with an innocence to her expression. She tilts her head to rest upon his shoulder, "I would not think you would fall for a silly game. "Then suddely she is off her feet in his arms and her arms are quickly around his neck with a gasp of surprise, "Now who is being saucy?"

"So you say. You certainly won this hand, however, as inexperienced as you may claim to be." Gaerwyn counters, arching an eyebrow. "Not for a silly game, though this has hardly proved to be a trivial game of chance." As her arms settle around his neck, he just glances up at her with a chuckle. "Can a man -be- saucy?" He dares ask, before he's carting her towards the bed despite the still early hour.

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