Rubicon River: Picking a Date

Rubicon River Hold - Lord Holder's Office
All together, the room is rather unremarkable - the majority of extra furniture has been moved off into storage, leaving only a pair of leather chairs near a small table, and a large desk with a few chairs arranged around it. On the walls are various charts, graphs and maps, while a large bookshelf holds a variety of bound volumes.

With summer nearing its end, even in this more tropical than not hold, people are busy, trying to get crops in, trying to get food stores augmented and settled, and generally attempting to provide for the leaner seasons. However, while Lyerdes is working with his other tutors, Gaerwyn has settled himself behind his desk, a large calendar spread before him, upon which - in small, blocky handwriting - notes are being added.

Much of the holds storm guests have either returned to rebuilding their own lands, taken up residence in nearby cotholds or have decided to remain here and become residents themselves. Those applications being seen to by steward and headwoman. There is a faint knock on the door before it admits to enter the Lady Ryeira. Proper in her greeting as always, "Good Day Lord Gaerwyn.."

Certainly those applications are one thing that Gaerwyn is quite relieved to get to avoid, and certainly he's made no offer to help with them. At the knock at the door, Gaerwyn offers a absent come in, focused closely on his neat writing, before at the voice he's glancing up, smiling, and hurriedly getting to his feet to bow to her. "My lady.." He offers properly, moving to escort her to a chair.

There is a faint weariness to Ryeira, that perhaps only he and her closest companions might recognize. As he extends a hand to her, she takes his in turn, sliding her fingers through his. "My it has been a long day…though perhaps it might repleat the losses we suffered at least for a time." She looks over to the calender with a nod of her head, "It looks as if you are keeping yourself no less busy."

Gaerwyn gently folds his fingers aroudn hers as she takes his hand, a gentle tug to pull her against him, an arm wrapped supportively around her back. "It will take time, my lady, but we will rebuild." He reassures her, before he glances to the calendar, with a nod of his head. "If it has been announced, my lady, it is there. Tentative dates for training tests as well. It is only you, my lady, who has a date not yet written upon it." He offers a bit quietly, turning to look at her questioningly.

With the absence of others here, Ryeira allows the intimacy of Gaerwyn's embrace. Her own arms sliding around his neck as she looks up at him. "Then we must remedy that. I would have it all the sooner if you are amenable. I would wish to hold your hand in public, not sneak away in the night like a hold maid with a stablehand."

"As soon as you would like, my lady. I would simply say we need find the Harper, if your station did not deserve a certain amount of celebration, and our people could not use a bit of fun so badly." For indeed, over the last turn and more, Rubicon's holders have indeed become 'their' people, not merely Ryeira's. Her arms around his neck, and he leans gently to kiss her, letting it linger, arms holding her close, thankful for the respite from prying eyes.

"Perhaps for Harvest Festival…it could be added to the celebrations where in. A new hold Lord to watch over things while Lyerdes grows. They have accepted you as Warden for the most part, I think they would accept you as Lord…" Lips are upon hers and she is now quick to respond when perhaps once she was not.

"Then, the Harvest Festival it is, my lady…" He agrees with a smile, gaze holding hers. "I would hope that they will, though I'm certain that with an official announcement, we will know for certain." His smile twitches for amoment, contemplating the logistics of announcing such a move, before with a glance at the door, he's moving away long long enough to lock it, moving back to her side for another kiss, and a bit of private celebration before anyone gets it into their mind to interrupt the Lady Holder in her meeting.

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