Rubicon River: A Proposal

Rubicon River Hold - Widow's Walk
This place is the highest of the Hold affording a rather expansive view of the waters and lands surrounding the hold. There is a limestone platform with a railing on the cliff edge. It is unfortunate name for this area, but many a lady have stood on this platform waiting for their husband's ship to come home only for it to be lost to sea.

Morning comes much too early these days, with quarters tight and the hour for a quiet escape from the Lady's chambers forced to happen even earlier to avoid any wandering refugees. And, early escapes mean early mornings on the Widow's Walk, and that is where Gaerwyn lingers, Rukbat's rays barely touching the horizon, summer's warmth already dominating.

With all the refugees discretion was even more important. She even almost forbade him visit…but that lasted all of one night. Ryeira definitely is more relaxed in his presence now, at least when they are just alone. In public she is still the Ice Queen. Though the most observant of staff might have noticed some warming up. There are a pair of steps on the path, before finally one pair steps away from the other and heads up to the widow walk to Gaerwyn. "Good morning Mi'lord."

Gaerwyn turns from the edge at the sound of the footsteps, waiting for a moment, and when its Ryeira who walks into view, he's giving her the proper bow, reaching for her hand to plant a soft kiss on the back of it. Perhaps his attention lingers for a moment longer than is appropriate, but soon he's straightening up, and letting his hand drop. "Good morning, my lady.."

Ryeira inclines her head to Gaerwyn as he bows to her. Once under his 'protection' the guard heads back to the doorway to the hold. Far enough to give them 'privacy' but close enough to be of use should something happen. She cants her head at the kiss, a smile touching her lips meant for his eyes only before the hand drops to her side once more, "How does the waters look this day?" She asks as she turns to face the ocean, standing at his side.

As she turns to face the water, he lingers for only a moment before turning to stand next to her, one hand sliding sideways to gently rest on hers, discretly, as they look out over the harbor. "A good day for the short range boats." He murmurs softly, with a little bit of a smile lingering on his lips as he looks out, the lady by his side.

In that hidden space between them, her fingers do lace in with his as she looks out over the water. "Yes…I hear the shipfish report a storm later in the mid sea…" She responds as she leans forward toward the docks down below getting a view on the preperations. Already one ship is slipping out to take advantage of the early calm. "I perhaps should let Lyerdes ride on one of the short rangers one of these days." She says in a quiet tone, reluctant to let her child ride the ships since the father's death, other than the river boats.

"My lady, the young Lord has plenty of turns to prepare, but at such a young age, and so soon yet.. If something were to befall him, with no heir, even I would not be able to protect you from the Conclave." Gaerwyn offers softly, his gaze lingering on her nervously as she leans, ready to snag at her as soon as possible, should she lean too far.

The words do calm Ryeira and she looks back to the Lord, "Thank you…I would hope you would tell me if ever my fears seem unreasonable. I am but a mother where they are concerned and I will need to rely on you to remind me when I should be otherwise." Though she had no such difficulties before Leondidas's death. She has leaned to the overprotective side since.

"Of course, my lady. There are times when he must be allowed to behave as a boy, as they would expect. Times where you will not be able to protect him. However, when your fears are so great, at times there is merit." He murmurs softly, inclining his head. "And, with only one heir, my lady, I believe even the conclave will grant you that."

Ryeira looks up to Gaerwyn, a curious look upon her face at his words, "There is Ryna…there are ladies who have been chosen as holders in their own right. By rights she is first born and perhaps one day that will determine it over gender." Ryeira comments with an arched brow before her fingers tighten in his hand as his words trigger another thought, but she looks away before she voices it.

"Of course, my lady, but if she should marry, and marry well, it is possible that that hold will need her, even as Rubicon needs you." Gaerwyn murmurs with an inclination of his head. As her fingerst tighten, and she hurriedly looks away, it is a gently squeeze, a gentle touch of shoulder on shoulder that attempts to regain her attention. "What it is, my lady?"

Ryeira nods faintly to his words on Ryna. "Of course …" She responds with a faint flicker of her hand in the air, distracted by her thoughts at the moment. The lady looks out over the sea as her thoughts ruminate in her mind. When the touch of his shoulder catches her attention she finally looks up to him again, "Are suggesting I need to produce more heirs for the hold?"

"Your daughter will be a fine Lady Holder.." He murmurs with a smile, which flickers for a moment at her distraction. But then, as she turns and looks up, he meets her gaze, looking a bit shocked at her question. "My lady.. It.. was not my suggestion." He's normally sturdy demeaner thrown off by her question. "My lady.." He says again, unsure of what else to say.

"I would hope so…though hopefully not for a good many years to come and someone of her choosing." Though it turned out well in the end for her and Leonidas. Oh but it was a rough start, they were so different. "Then whose suggestion was it?" She asks as her fingers unwind from his as she turns to face it, "If you have wish to speak plainly to me, you have leave to do so."

Lady's Ryna's future goes uncommented on, as Gaerwyn continues to stammer a little bit, blinking and protesting a little as her hand unwinds from his. "No one, my lady. I.. merely meant that with one heir, you must be more protective, where as those with many may concern themselves less with the activities of their sons." He says, avoiding her gaze as he does so.

Ryeira looks directly to his face as he stammers out his response, her brows drawn tight together as he responds. She almost seems…disapointed by his answer and she looks quickly away to hide it. "Well any Lady should care on the health and well being of their children, their heirs."

As her brows draw together, and she hurriedly looks away, Gaerwyn blinks a few times, mouth opening and shutting, before he looks back over the water. "That is.. That is not to say, my lady that.." He pauses. "That I am.. opposed." He tries to find words, his hand moving to discretely take hers that is along the railing.

As her hand is covered by his, Ryeira does not move hers. She is quiet even after the words are spoken. "It would not be a true heir of Rubicon…we will have to rely on Lyerdes to provide that. It would be …a backup should the worse happen." To think in such terms she must. She had miscarried a number of times, infant death is nothing new to her. She gives a faint laugh,"What would the conclave think…they probably chose you cause they did not think we would get along."

Gaerwyn slowly squeezes her hand as it lingers, nodding slowly at her words. "In time, he will." He murmurs, and slowly lets her words sink in. Gaze flicks over to the guard, and then back to the lady. "My lady, t'would perhaps ease their worries, though, perhaps, t'will cause more questions. But, I am willing to face them, with you at my side." He murmurs, leaning towards her ear. Gaze flicks back to the guard before he takes a bold action, and leans, fingers under her chin, to kiss her firmly.

Her hand turns in his, palm to palm, fingers interlacing. Surprised at herself for her boldness in this matter. It has been nearly two turns. She has a definately fondness for this man at her side. She cants her head up to look at him. "We keep going as we are we might well raise those questions." Not everyone at the hall is oblivious. Her personal maids would know something had changed and have been discreet enough to hide the fact. Her personal guards do know, but they too are discreet. Then he leans down to kiss her and in the surprise she does not pull away from the public display, then after a moment…she does not care.

"Perhaps, my lady, something should be made.. official. Both for your own benefit, and for that of your Holders, to know that we hold them in trust as well.." He offers softly as he pulls away only enough to do so. "Nothing elaborate, nothing to draw unfair attention.." He murmurs, leaning to kiss her again, his own concerns on being seen far from his mind.

At his words Ryeira smiles a touch, "What is to be made official Gaerwyn? No question has been posed to me…" She suggests with a slight nervous teasing to her voice. It is a bit out of character for her, though he brings out this nature in her. She leans up to the kiss as he touches her lips once more, fingers of her free hand coming to rest behind his neck.

Gaerwyn straightens a little at her words, blushing a little at that teasing, before her hand at the back of his neck causes him to lean down once more. After a moment, he slowly pulls away, eyes holding hers. "My Lady.. Ryeira.." He starts slowly, even blushing a bit. "Would you.. Would you marry me?" He finally manages, hand squeezing hers nervously, eyes darting over her face as he waits for an answer.

As the request is made, Ryeira looks up at him with a canted look. She waits for the entire request is out and still there is silence, though her hands return the gentle squeezing. "I think I might have to grant this request Lord Gaerwyn. I can think of no more suitable match for either of us." Oh she would have to give a proper requestion. Then she smiles and nods, "Yes…" She finally says simply.

As the silence lingers, Gaerwyn begins to fidget ever so slightly, shifting from foot to foot, squeezing her hand, swallowing loudly. As she begins to talk, he slowly nods, but then, as she smiles, and gives a simple answer, and only then, does Gaerwyn relax, hands sliding around her waist, holding her close to twirl her even as he's giving her a kiss. "My lady…" He pauses, emphasis shifting. "-My- lady.." And then, with a grin on his face, the business of the day forgotten as he turns to escort the Lady Ryeira inside.

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