Rubicon River: The End of the Day

This log takes place approximately 1 month after A Sudden Storm.

Rubicon River Hold - Lady Holder's Office
This room indeed bears the mark of the current Lady Holder. There is no artwork save for a simple mosaic of the hold's design into the floor as you enter. There are no distractions in here for her or those that have business here. One wall has bookshelves that are neatly stacked, with all books within reach as well as wooden boxes containing parchments. A large rosewood desk marks the centre of the room, simple, yet elegent. A highbacked chair cushioned in royal purple velvet sits behind the desk, while two simpler chairs sit before it. On the north wall towards the western corner of the room is a simple door leading to the private chamber of the Lord and Lady.

It is late at Rubicon Hall, but Ryeira is still up working on paperwork. The resident quarters, infirmary and even the living cavern have been turned into sleeping quarters for people displaced by the storm. The Lady Holder is currently working on how to feed and care for them all. Looking for places in the local cotholds they can move to to ease the burden on the mainhall, and aid to the areas to help them get back to their homes quicker. She has made her usual rounds amoung the people, even to those injured in the infirmary. Guard duty stepped up to maintain order with all the excess people.

Late, and the Warden has only now returned to the Hold proper, having spent a long day amongst the lower cotholds, negotiating with the Holders, and making various arrangements. In the end, he returned with a lighter mark pouch, but with enough herdbeasts and the promise of vegetables to help feed the refugees, and satisfied holders who had been appropriately compensated for their loss. After making his own rounds, he has retreated to the Lady's office, where he knocks gently before entering. "My Lady.."

Ryeira is setting another file in the 'finished' pile when she hears the knock and looks up to the door. "Come in my lord.." She calls out formally. She looks a bit on the tired side, though she has been trying to hide it. Still not a hair is out of place nor are her clothes disheveled. She rises from her seat as she looks to him, "How went the meetings with the Cotholders?"

The door quietly closed, and Gaerwyn offers a formal bow to Lady Ryeira for good measure, still a little stuff as he moves around the room. As she rises, his hands lift to her shoulders, gentle pressure, and he shakes his head. "Sit, my lady.." He says softly, even as he moves to lean against the edge of the desk. "They are happy, I am happy, and the refugees will be happy." He inclines his head, before glancing at the paperwork. "My apologies for leaving you alone, my lady.."

Ryeira settles back down in her seat, her hand comes to rest upon his thigh as he sits on the corner of her desk. "Good. We seem to be doing well. The storm did set in a good haul with the fish at least so if nothing else…there will be fish." She gives a half smile to that. At least most of these people are coastal and used to fish. "And now some meat. That should be a nice change for some." She shakes her head at the apology, "We needed to cover more ground today then two of us going the same place could have, though I would have rathered been at your side."

Gaerwyn gently rests his hand on top of hers, giving it the slightest squeeze, and a little bit of a smile that is hidden again. "Plenty of fish, and enough variety. Neither ours nor our guests will be hungry, my lady." He agrees with a nod, and another slight smile. "My lady, I worry, despite your guards." He admits, before changing the subject back to 'business'. "The stonemasons should return within the sevenday as well, from making what repairs they can."

"They have kept me safe this long and they will continue to do so Gaerwyn." Ryeira says with a cant of her head as she looks up to him, fingers twining with his as they lay over her delicate hands. She nods to the business at hand, "Sounds good, as much as I do not mind housing the people here, I am sure they will be much happier within their own homes and setting to recovery."

"Aye, it is easiest to recover when you've at least your own space. And, I must say, it will be a pleasant change for things to return to a more normal pace." Gaerwyn murmurs softly, before shaking his head. "I have tried to have the young Lord be visible, though I fear he is too young to do much more than that. We have much to teach him."

Rye nods to Gaerwyn, leaning back into her own seat with a sigh. It has been a long day for them both. Her no doubt eating here, him eating in the saddle. She nods slowly to the comment on her son. "He is nearing his seventh turnday…getting older turn by turn." She shakes her head, "And Ryna nearly 12…She will be a young woman before long. I will have to start thinking of marriage contracts…" She sighs as she raises a hand to her forehead, "It seems only yesterday they were born."

Gaerwyn slowly, a bit stiffly, rises from the edge of the desk and moves to stand behind Ryeira, hands slowly resting on her shoulders, rubbing gently. "Aye, I beleive that he is, if nothing else, listening, though at times I know he must wish he was merely another boy. I do believe he envies those refugee children." He comments softly, before nodding at the lady. "It is never too early to begin introducing her, my lady, to let her have some choice in the matter."

Her shoulders are indeed as stiff as she looks and there is a soft sigh as the fingers touch into her shoulders. At the words of her son, she reaches a hand to touch on his, "Can he not have that as well? At least with the hold children…he is but a boy. I think he needs to know who his people are by…being one of them. Oh sure…there is the training, but the boys do love their war games." There is a little smile upon her face as she drops her hand again. She nods slightly with regard to her daughter. "Yes, I will talk to her on that. It is still early yet."

Fingers gently rub her shoulders, discretely rubbing some of the stiffness out of her muscles, hand pausing at the gentle touch of her hand. "Perhaps, my lady, it would be best for both the young Lady and the young Lord if we were to arrange fostering with the other Lords and Ladies. Lord Lyerdes could use others of his age and station, both for his own enjoyment and his own training, and Lady Ryna may well form an important bond."

Ryeira stiffens at the mention of fostering, mistaking his words at first. "I could not bear to part with them Gaerwyn, they are all I have left of Leonidas." She says as she looks over her shoulder at him. The old grief striking over her gaze for a moment before passing. She may not seem the most affectionate of mothers in public but it is clear she does love them.

"My lady, I would never send them elsewhere, however, I know many Lords have younger sons and daughters who may benefit from an extended stay here at Rubicon." He says quickly as she stiffens, fingers trying to slowly smooth out her tenseness. "I feel that we could do well with a youthful group here, and we have much to offer."

His words immediately relax her once more, "That would be permissible…once we clear our halls I can look into making arrangements on the matter. Her eyes close as she lets him smooth the knots from her shoulders. "Any in mind particuarly?"

"If my lady wouldn't mind, the sons of my brothers Hekot and Nezein may benefit from seeing outside of Central hold, there are three near Lady Ryna's age, while the youngest are near to the young Lord's. And, perhaps your own ties in Bitra would have interest." He offers, his hands slowly rubbing her shoulders yet, watching her body language to judge her reactions.

Ryeira cants her head back at Gaerwyn, arching a brow at the suggestions. "Well I suppose that would be amenable…Going to take over the hold my lord?" She asks with a lilt of amusement in her voice before turning her head back around. A hand reaches to one of his, drawing it around her gently. "Yes, I do have a niece and nephew or two of the proper age."

"Hardly, my lady. I would rather it be my nephews that visit than my brothers, for fear that you would find them the more charming of the family." He offers lightly, leaning down to slowly wrap his arms around her, holding her gently. "It will be nice, my lady, for the hold to feel full again."

"I think that rather unlikely Gaerwyn.." Ryeira says softly, lifting one of his hands gently to her lips and kisses it softly. "Few men could thaw the ice as you have." She murmurs and leans her head back against his chest. "More children yes…they bring hope to a hold that has lost too much."

"I am no stranger to disappointment, my Lady, and I would wish no disappointment when it comes to you and I." He murmurs softly, leaning to kiss the top of her head as she leans back against him, a soft sigh. "We have come far, my lady, in the last turn and a half, though we have far to go yet. But, you, I, and Rubicon will succeed."

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