Rubicon River: An Arrangement

Rubicon River Hold - Lady Holder's Office
This room indeed bears the mark of the current Lady Holder. There is no artwork save for a simple mosaic of the hold's design into the floor as you enter. There are no distractions in here for her or those that have business here. One wall has bookshelves that are neatly stacked, with all books within reach as well as wooden boxes containing parchments. A large rosewood desk marks the centre of the room, simple, yet elegent. A highbacked chair cushioned in royal purple velvet sits behind the desk, while two simpler chairs sit before it. On the north wall towards the western corner of the room is a simple door leading to the private chamber of the Lord and Lady.

It is late at Rubicon River Hold, they have just returned from the dealings down at the hold in which a resolution was reached on the matter that needed tending to down there. Ryeira makes her way up the stairs to her office, with Gaerwyn no doubt with her. She had unsaddled and curried Malfore herself before proceeding up the stairs. She received the reports of the day from her Headwoman before dismissing her and heading into her office.

While certainly no longer of a day than Gaerwyn is used to, the type of work was far different, and its clear that it took its toll on the Warden. However, his own beast was tended too before he in turn followed Ryeira up, taking silent note of the reports, nodding his own thanks and following the woman into her office. "My lady.." He offers slowly as he closes the door.

Ryeira removes her riding gloves and veil as she heads to her desk, setting them on the corner of her desk. "Well that went better than I expected, I hope the truce does hold." She responds as she starts to glance over the reports, already setting them into neat little stacks. Organized as always. His words cause her to look up to him, a faint smile on her lips which grows a bit more as she looks back to her reports,"I hope stallion's leg will be alright from that nip…"

"I'm certain that it will be well tended too. Though, I must say, I'm glad that it was not my own leg." He offers, lingering with the desk between them, glancing over the reports as she sorts through them. "Perhaps it is a good day, to reach agreements." He offers after a moment, gaze still lingering on the stacks of papers.

"Yes I believed it was close…Malfore was particulary ill behaved today." Ryeira responds as she looks across to him, trying to school her features. For some reason she is amused. Perhaps because her runner was being a jealous beast. "Ah yes agreements. Should we come to one ourselves then?" She finally sets the reports down on the desk as she moves around it, to remove that barrier.

"Perhaps he merely wished to prove that he is as much a weapon as anything else, my lady." Gaerwyn replies, mouth twitching into a grin for a moment. As she moves around the desk, he straightens up a little more, shoulders back as he watches her. "My lady, I.. I did not mean to suggest.."

Ryeira looks up at him, standing just a foot away. A brow arches at his response, "Then what did you suggest Lord Gaerwyn?" She asks in an arched tone. Running hot and cold is probably not helping him.

Gaerwyn pauses for a second, looking down at her as she stands close, swallowing. "I.. I did not mean to suggest that we need to. I.. cannot say I would be opposed, however, though I may fear what sort of arrangement that may be made." He inclines his head. "If you wish, I feel Malfore has proven that you are protected with him."

"Well perhaps we must come to some sort of arrangement or at least define the parameters of what we should do from here. I am a Lady and a Mother…our public face must be above reproach." Her words as proper as always, not quite meeting his eyes as he says them. At the words of Malfore she glances up at him, "Of course…though still I can be unseated."

"I would not wish to cause you any dishonor, nor wish to cause any strife with your children or the Lady Dowager." Gaerwyn says with a nod, watching her even as she doesn't watch him precisely. "Your honor and your role are most important, my lady. I will respond how you wish, to protect them."

Ryeira looks almost frustrated by his response and turns to walk away. "Stop that Gaerwyn…you are more tightly wound than even I." She accusses as she steps to the side of the desk, "I am asking you what would you like to do. How would you like to proceed…in private."

As she steps away, he looks a bit shocked, before he's stepping after her. Without pausing, without giving time for him to think about what he's doing, he lifts a hand to the back of her neck, leaning to kiss her soundly, as if letting his actions be his answer.

Yet again she is caught by surpirse by his actions, her hands hang down at her sides at first as her lips and neck are caught by his lips and hand. She submits willingly to the kiss and soon her own hands find a life to them. They rise to his chest, but not to push him away. They probably both smell like runners, though that is better than only one of them smelling of it.

Gaerwyn slides his hand around her waist, pulling the Lady close, before he finally breaks the kiss, leaning back only enough to meet her gaze. "My lady.. I fear you turning me away.." He begins, leaning for another soft kiss. "I fear you being handed to some other Lord, who would not respect you. I fear losing one who I've come to know, this past turn."

Ryeira raises a hand to his cheek as he breaks the kiss, listening to his words of fear. "There is freedom from being a Widow my lord. I do control my own destiny from henceforth, not my parents any longer. I can choose what lord I might give my hand to." She responds evenly, "For better or worse I am not sure there is another I would not toss over that cliff given provocation." Her lips twitch at the attempt of a joke on her own part.

"It is a very, very tall, and dangerous cliff." He agrees with a bit of a smile, his hand holding her waist as he leans to kiss her again. "My lady, I have not much to offer, no grand title, or open lands.." He begins slowly, watching her reaction.

"And I come with both if that does not overburden your sense of nobility to be reliant on my lands and title, though it is as you were assigned to do. To look after the interests of the hold for my son." Ryeira responds in a quiet voice as if surprised she is saying such.

"My lady.." Gaerwyn says, surprised, shaking his head. "They are your son's, and I will protect both as he deserves." He says quickly, dropping his gaze to her face, smiling a little. "As I would protect you, my lady, should you allow me to do so in private, and should it be so in the future, for all to see."

"Then we continue as we are in public for now, but you may court me in private should it be your wish to do so." Ryeira says in reply to him, her own gaze meeting his. "Not to hide my growing effection for you but to give us a chance to …have it for ourselves without the eyes of the world upon us."

"It is my wish, my lady." He agrees with an inclination of his head. "It is something for us, I agree, lady." He offers, leaning to kiss her softly. "I will leave you to your bath, this evening, and as always, I eagerly await the morning, Ryeira." He offers, squeezing her once more before backing away, smiling widely. A bow, and he's backing out the door, though he quickly schools his expression for the short walk to his own chambers.

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