Rubicon River: Following Footsteps

Rubicon River Hold - Cotholds
Clustered along the long, steep bluff south of Rubicon River Hold Proper, the irregular, square shapes of numerous cotholds wend their way up to the high cliff top. Constructed from the very mountain upon which the buildings grow out of, they are striped with lines of red and ivory colored limestone. A narrow road twists and twines between them, allowing for precarious movement from the highest of all buildings, down to the Gather Square below.

It is early morning at the hold and of the morning report upon the cliff, it is Ryeira's scheduled Progress to the cotholds. There was a minor dispute that needed being dealt with and as such Malfore was saddled up as well as her guard and they stand at the exit of the hold. Malfore is definately a beautiful creature, sable coat with long well brushed mane and Tail. His foot stamps in readiness to get going.

It seems that the report was enough to encourage Gaerwyn to have his own mount saddled, a golden-stallion who is now cantering across the bricks of the courtyards, Gaerwyn settled comfortably upon the runner's back with a certain ease, moving with the gait. The stallion - a surprisingly well-tempered beast - is reined in and settles next to Malfore as his rider inclines his head. "My lady."

As the stallion comes along side him, Malfore stamps his foot and moves his head to nip to the beast. Ryeira is quick to check him and side step him just out of reach. "Malfore stand down." She says in a low curt voice to her runner and the creature seems to settle. After a few moments she finally sidesteps Malfore back beside the other runner. Two stallions side by side, this should be fun. "My Lord, I am sorry…He is not used to another beast as yet."

Gaerwyn quickly sidesteps his own runner in turn, keeping the space between them, shortening the reins as his own mount looks to retaliate with a nip of his own. "My lady, he is only doing as he is meant to do." He offers, keeping an eye on his own runner, even as it forces him to keep his gaze from the Lady Ryeira. "With tensions short, I thought another guard would not be amiss, my lady." He offers as explanation, inclining his head.

Ryeira laughs lightly, "I rather think perhaps he thinks of me as his mate and does often challenge any stallions that come near." She does seem amused by that, leaning forward to stroke the neck of Malfore, who arches his neck proudly at the attention. She too looks rather comfortable astride her beast in her riding habit, riding side saddle for this particular excursion. She is the Lady of Rubicon today, not out for a pleasure ride. "It is much appreciated and it would do the people well to see us in harmony together."

"One might hope that it is only the stallions that he will challenge for that right." Gaerwyn replies with a straight face, his own attention on the ears of his mount, offering him a bit of affection of his own, before he nods in agreement to Ryeira. "Of course, my lady. It will be best for all." And an inclination of his head, and he waves a hand. "After you, my lady."

Ryeira's lips twitch at his response, turning her head forward a smile upon her features. "Well he has not broken anyone this sevenday." She responds with a touch of humour in her voice. At the direction, she looks back to her guard with a serious face and taps the side of her stallion and he steps forward. Her guard slowly take their own runners into position, a flank on the nobles in the middle. Though they leave them at the head, there are two close at hand to close the circle and surround the pair if need be.

Gaerwyn's runner settles into an easy gait at Malfore's side, out of range of teeth and hooves, Gaerwyn settled quickly, nodding to the guards as they fall into formation, watching them, and the lady, as they descend into the lower hold. "My lady, I, at least, have not ventured this close to him this past sevenday." He offers, trying to joke a little.

The lady rides easily down this familiar path, even in side saddle riding as one born to it. There are occasional moments of affection she shows upon Malfore, that not many people in the hold would think her capable of save her guards. At the joke, Ryeira tilts her head to him and can't help but smile in response. "Even Leonidas could not approach him, I fear he does have a preference for the ladies."

"Perhaps I will follow in the late Lord's footsteps, and let him have his space." Gaerwyn offers with an inclination of his head, before there's a bit of a cough as he clears his voice. "Not to imply anything, of course, my lady.." He says hurriedly, his own runner moving comfortably enough, leaving the Warden free to think about other things.

The words unfortunately do touch a nerve, and Ryeira taps Malfore's side to pull ahead of Gaerwyn and ride in the lead of the group. Quiet moves over her as well as she rides ahead distracted by the words and the feelings they did bring up. Noting her distraction her chief guard does push her mount a bit closer in and further up, mindful of such shifts.

Gaerwyn's face falls as Ryeira moves ahead, nodding as the guards move up to surround her a bit more closely, the Warden remaining the short distance behind her, giving her her space. However, this distance doesn't last long, as he urges his runner to close the distance once more. "My lady.." He starts slowly.

Ryeira rides in silence for some time, her own thoughts turning inward until she hears his voice again. She hears the hoofbeats nearing and she gives a gesture to the guard to back away once more. Many of this guard have served her for at least five turns or more. Some since her arrival at the hold. Though there does not seem a special effection for them, there is at understanding between them. "I am sorry My Lord, your words caught me off guard."

Gaerwyn siddles his runner as close as he dares, to better keep his voice low, even as the guards slowly back off. He remains quiet for a moment, listening to her words, nodding in understanding, his gaze remaining on his mount's rather interesting ears as he finally *does* speak. "I did not mean to surprise you, my lady." He pauses, "I do not wish to be too forward, my lady.." He prefaces whatever he wants to say..

Ryeira listens quietly to the words of the Lord, before pausing her mount and motioning her guard to fall back before they strike ahead. Though two do tank up positions in the fore, but a well enough distance away to let them have a private conversation. "That will do…" She murmurs under her breath before canting her head and tapping Malfore to go forward again, "It is alright…my problem is that I do not mind it as much as I should."

Gaerwyn falls silent as the guards shift and move, and its only after she speaks that he nods slowly. "My lady, my actions as of late.." He pauses. "I do not wish to put you in an uncomfortable position, nor force anything upon you. I have been loathed to approach it, less I merely be taking advantage of a woman in need."

Ryeira looks up to Gaerwyn as he starts to give his apologies and raises a hand to forestall them. "Your actions have been well received." Ryeira replies with a touch of colour to her cheeks as she looks across to him. "I am a turn a widow of a man who I never could bury…there are at times I am reminded of such. Then now…I am reminded…I am a woman, a grown woman who knows on which path I walk and it is a path I have followed you down on my own."

"My lady, I would not have anything more than you wish to pursue, not anymore than you wish to give." He says quickly, before her words catch up with him, and he nods. "Of course, my lady.." He begins, a litle bit of a smile lingering on his face. "I do not wish to bring you sadness, either, Lady Ryeira."

"I think you would know be now that I would not give you more than I am willing to." Ryeira responds as she moves her stallion a bit closer to his. She leans slightly and extends her hand to him, only to be drawn apart by her jealous beast who nips at the other and side steps. Ryeira smirks and smacks her beast on the side of the neck. "Malfore leave it." She hisses before she looks back to Ryeira with faint smile, a touch a sadness there, but hope as well. "No My Lord, it is not you who brings me sadness…but mine own memories. It is a credit to you that I am reminded to them."

"And how much is my lady willing to give?" He asks after a moment, a bit hesitant to hear her answers. As her hand draws close, his reaches for hers, dropping as Malfore steps out of range. "If you say so, my lady." He offers with a tilt of his head. "If my lady would, one would wish there are new memories to be made."

"That I would wish to speak upon on our return." Ryeira replies with a touch of a smile on her lips as she looks to him, only nodding slightly to the last words as the cothold comes into view. The guards tighten their formation, coming in on either side of the Nobles though in defense of them

"As you wish, my lady." He offers with an inclination of his head, nodding at the indication to the cothold, straightening up in his saddle and taking note of the guards. "May luck be with us, today.." He says quickly, before he is at the Lady's side - or rather as close as he dares - showing solidarity in leadership.

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