Rubicon River: Mounted Defense

Rubicon River Hold - Gather Square
The seeming inspiration for the Crafters Square, the Gather Square is similarly laid out to its northerly placed sister. A long, broad rectangular colonnade defines the vast majority of the area. Twenty five foot high fluted ionic columns hold apart the terra cotta tiled roof from the worn mosaic floor. Despite centuries of use, the area is well cared for. Velvety grass coats the centre of the rectangle, allowing for a cool, comfortable place for people to lounge, while venders areas are set up along the northerly, easterly, and westerly, sides of the of colonnade. The south has been reserved for a raised stage and a flagstone and mosaic paved dancing area. To the southwest of the stage, a path leads to the interior cotholds that wind up the face of the limestone bluff.

The last few days have progressed without incident - report given in the morning upon the cliff, work completed throughout the course of the day, a quiet dinner. Training in the evening, and its been nothing but professional - Gaerwyn doing his best to maintain his reputation. And so, this evening, it is just another evening of training in Gaerwyn's book, and he's standing waiting.

Ryeira changed after dinner. No doubt thinking of the day a sevenday ago compared with the last few days. So divided. Oh it was easier to be proper and such, but was it what she wanted? What He wanted? She walks with her bodyguard down to the training yard, before the guard takes her position with the others. All turned away from the square. In a sense they are alone. "Good even milord." She greets in a quiet voice as she approaches.

"My lady.." Gaerwyn offers as the lady approaches him, having watched her careful progress, across the courtyard. Only after the guards have repositioned themselves does he reach for his hand, bowing to plant a soft kiss on the back of her hand, holding it longer than necessary as he slowly straightens up.

As he takes her fingers, hers curl around his hand and Ryeira smiles up at him. "How fare you this evening? I did not have chance to talk with you at dinner." Indeed it was her children who did monopolize the conversations as they got to take a river cruise up and back and Lyerdes even got to man the wheel! He was most excited.

As her fingers remain curled around his, he smiles, making no move to pull his hand away. "It was a very busy day, my lady." He murmurs, inclining his head. "It is a much better day, my Lady, now that you are here." He says after a moment, squeezing her hand and meeting her gaze once more.

Ryeira can not help but smile at the reply of the man. Her heart quickening a bit at those words. Feeling like a foolish maid she finally releases the hand and drops her own to her side, with a faint shake of her head. "So what have we in store for lessons tonight?" She asks of her teacher and tormentor.

Gaerwyn drops his hand in turn, bowing to her again, before straightening. "I thought that I would allow my lady decide what she felt she needed to practice." He offers with a tilt of his head, swallowing a bit as he holds her gaze. "To perhaps determine what would be most useful for you to practice further.

At the response Ryeira looks thoughtful as to what to suggest. Her gaze shifts around the courtyard before falling upon a low wall. "Perhaps I should be taught how to fall or to defend myself from atop my runner. If I am out and about it will most likely be upon my runner like last time…" She starts before letting her voice quickly die away as she strides toward the wall.

"Of course, my lady.." Gaerwyn nods in agreement, turning to follow her towards the wall. "Shall I send for your runner, Lady Ryeira?" He offers, though as his gaze lingers on the wall, his question is retracted, a bit of a smile crossing his face. "You have your knife, do you not, my lady?"

Ryeira gives a laugh at the suggestion, "I think it might not be safe to do that, but would that wall serve as a suitable substitute. It is nearly of a proper height." Malfore is rather a bad tempered beast to just about anyone but Ryeira and one particular stablehand. He has caused more than a few broken bones in people. As much as a guard as any of Ryeira's human guards are, though Ryeira controls him well. "Yes Milord…I had my boots altered to contain one in each."

"Of course, my lady." Gaerwyn offers, still chuckling a little, very softly, to himself. As they approach the wall, he inclines his head, before moving to help hoist her up onto the low wall - there is, after all - no stirrup to step up into. "They will be helpful when you are a'runner back, just as your runner's hooves."

Ryeira places her hands upon Gaerwyn's shoulders as he boosts her up, then swings her leg naturally over the wall. For the proper lady, well runners are her passion. She gets comfortable seated upon the wall in her split skirt and looks down at Gaerwyn. "Now should someone get so close that Malfore cannot injure him, what can I do?"

Gaerwyn makes sure she's settled before he's glancing at the guards and then swinging up on the wall behind her, settling himself close, one hand reaching for hers, pulling it down as he leans towards her boot. "Should they get close enough, always hold the reins, yet you'll want to get your knife. Let him rear, let him fight, but keep your seat."

Ryeira looks over her shoulder as Gaerwyn comes in behind her. "Yes, I am fairly well adept at that, but even the calmest horse can be spooked unexpectantly." Ryeira speaks from memory before letting him guide her hand down to her boot. The silver of the hilt just visible from this angle. "I suppose the lesson learned was to always be vigilent."

"Of course, my lady. But, the odds fall in their favor once you are on the ground." He inclines his head to her, before his other hand rests on her side for his own balance, and he helps her pull her knife from the boot, fingers resting on the back of her hand. "Once the knife is free, you'll want to go for the face. Beware of your own runner, and your leg, but should there be a hand, a face, do not hesitate, simply do." And he guides her hand in a wide sweep.

Ryeira looks over her shoulder at him and nods. "Yes. If it were not for my guards…and Malfore…" She closes her eyes at that old memory, no smile evident on her face. "Perhaps he should have tried to train me then, though I think I would not have been open to it. My guards were replaced and doubled instead." Hence the troup she has around her. She lets his hand guide her in the wide sweep, leaning over yet still keeping her balance on the wall.

"I know, my lady." He comments solemnly, as his hand guides hers, keeping his seat upon the wall. And then he guides her hand across her body, as if someone were coming at the other side. "Stab, and slash both, my lady." He comments, helping put actions to words, his hand remaining on her side as he does so, even as the man leans a little closer to her, his professional demenor beginning to fade.

It is definately not like the first night where she fought his direction. She lets him move her hands in the mimic of a fight, balancing on the wall. "Go for the eyes and throat?" She asks as she turns her gaze over her shoulder to find her face to face with him, breaths intermingling in that moment. With his arms wrapped around her, well even her layer of ice does melt as she looks upon his face.

"Eyes, throat, fingers. Anything - you'll need to drive them off." He nods, but then she's turning, and he's freezing, his hands remaining on her arm and side, and he holds her gaze for a moment. Gently, he pulls her back against him, hand resting on her upper arm. "My lady, many of us would be lost, should something happen to you." He murmurs, even as he leans to kiss her, his hesitation disapating.

"Eyes, throat…fingers…" She murmurs in response as she looks up at him. Oh why must he talk about body parts. When she thinks of his eyes, his throat, his fingers upon her at night. Cursed hormones! But a curse she does not seem to mind with him here. His warmth against her back, his arms around her. Then lips upon her lips. Her eyes close as she leans against him, her lips hesitating only a moment before responding in kind. One hand raising up to wrap around his head, fingers touching to his hair.

Gaerwyn holds her gaze, and as she leans back, his arms shift to slide around her, body pressed against hers, arms holding her close as he kisses her soundly, pulling away only long enough for a breath before his face hides in her neck, kissing her firmly, desire outweighing logic and reason. "My lady.." He murmurs. And then, with a reluctant sigh, he's pulling away, swallowing. "I.. believe this is enough of a lesson for today." And the Warden is quickly sliding off the wall, excusing himself, even as the guards turn their attention to protectiving Ryeira once more.

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